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Ready to make a Target run? With over 1,800 stores located within the US your quest to find a Target should be easy. Held in the esteem of many as a slightly more upscale version of Walmart, Target has become the second largest retailer in all of North America. With clean spacious shopping areas, low prices, and amazing one of a kind products; one would be hard pressed to leave a Target empty handed.

Interested in finding a Target in your area? You’ve come to the right place. See the map below and browse Target near me. You’ll find a Target in close proximity to your exact location. Interested in finding out a bit more information on one of Fortune Magazine’s most admired companies of the year? Read on and find out how Target invests in both the well being of communities and its team members world wide.

Target Near Me – Find it on the Map

Target Near Me – Target Trivia

True or False: Target started with a church fire.

This is a true fact. While searching Target near me, you might be surprised to discover that a real estate developer named George Dayton saw opportunity in the ashes of a scorched property that had once been the home of the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

target near me

Many multi-level Targets exist to give customers a full experience. From groceries to house hold goods, super Target’s are a one stop shop.

When the church tragically burned down in 1865, Dayton used the abandoned grounds to build a large six story commercial building. Convinced that it needed a stand alone store, Dayton convinced local business Good Fellows Dry Goods to relocate to the property. The fledgling business later lead the family to start the Target franchise in 1961. The rest is retail history as they say.

True or False: Target operates its very own test kitchen.

In searching Target near me, you might be looking to go on a quick Target run for some snacks and provisions. When buying Market Pantry or Archer Farms brand foods from Target, you can rest assured in knowing each product went through a series of rigorous tests in the Target Test Kitchen. Not only does the kitchen test and develop foods for quality, but they host a cake week five times per year. During cake week more than 100 cake designs are evaluated and critiqued.

What common shopping mechanism did Target reinvent?

Target didn’t reinvent the wheel, just the cart. In their pursuit of customer satisfaction and innovation in retail, Target sought to reinvent the shopping cart. You won’t find a metal cart in a Target any time soon. In 2006, the company enlisted the help of engineering brand Design Continuum to reverse engineer the classic shopping cart.

The goal was to create a cart that was more comfortable for the customer maneuver and lighter. The engineers succeed in creating a plastic version that is 20 pounds lighter than a conventional steel shopping cart. Not only is this plastic cart easier to push around, but it is less likely to damage the shelves and the legs of the shoppers in front of you.

Target Near Me – Target Facts

Target = Community

In searching Target near me, you can have peace of mind that you’re about to shop at a company that is community centric. Every Target store, distribution center, and regional office gives back to their local communities through volunteer service, monetary donations, and time.

Target dubs the leaders of these teams Community Captains. They organize programs to help make communities stronger and better. They also have localized grant giving programs such as the Target Books For Schools Award. This award allows Target teams to give a monetary book award to the local school of their choice. When everyone works together, the world is that much better.

The Bullseye Dog Flies First Class

Yes, the iconic Target bullseye dog flies first class. Introduced in 1999, the lovable mascot has been a constant in Target ad campaigns ever since. This bull terrier doesn’t just travel like the working class though, she’s been spotted in first class on numerous occasions. Ah, the life of a dog model is truly amazing!

Target Price Tags Are More Than What Meets The Eye

After finding a Target near me, make sure on your next shopping excursion to keep a keen eye on the Target price tags. If a price tag at Target ends in $0.06 or $0.08 the item will likely be marked down again (or marked down at some point in the future). If the price ends in $0.04, then the price is final and will not be marked down again. For savvy shoppers, a quick glance at the small printed number in the upper right hand corner of the tag can give a glimpse into the percentage off for the markdown.

Target Once Opened 11 Stores In One City In One Day

Back in 1993, Target did a marathon opening session, opening 11 stores in Chicago, IL in the span of one day. This is more than Starbucks has ever attempted to open in a single day. This risky launch was an act of retail war on competitors such as Walmart and Kmart, as it was the verst time that all three stores went head to head in a major retail market. The launch was successful and Target has enjoyed rapid growth at its Chicago area stores ever since.

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