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Tattoo shops have come a long way in the US. Once a symbol of non-conformity and taboo, it has no become a form of expression, a symbol of love for a family member that’s passed, or even something your proud of, like heritage.

Tattoos have a rich cultural history in other cultures, and in some, can be considered a symbol of racism and oppression. Some look at tattoos as a link between tribes, like many Samoans once did. Want to get yourself inked? Check out “Tattoo shops near me” and find one that suits your needs!

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Tattooing was once illegal in New York city. The concerns over sanitation trumped art, as Hepatitis B had become a severe outbreak. The tattoo ban was finally lifted in 1999, making New York city a tattoo mecca!

tattoo shops near me

A typical Polynesian warrior tattoo shown on a male.

In a specific group of Japanese women, the Ainu, Lip liner was tattooed on their mouths to scare away spirit and make their lips appear fuller to make them seem more mature.

Mattel came out with a pretty controversial Barbie in the 90s. Why was she getting parents so fired up? Butterfly art Barbie had a butterfly tattoo on her tummy and came with temporary tattoos for the lucky little girl that got to play with her.

Should you cover up for an interview?

If you ever have second thoughts about covering up that dolphin tattoo you got during spring break, here’s a tip: 61% of hiring managers in different companies consider tattoos a con for a prospective employee.

Do sailor tattoos have many different meanings?

Tattoos are like badges earned on the high seas. If a sailor went to China, he would get a dragon, if he made it home from his voyage across the Atlantic, he would get an anchor. Sailors would commonly get tats that represented where they went during their travels.

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Because of the way that black tattoo ink is made, many vegans could not really get tattoos. It’s a good thing Vegan tattoo sops are opening around the US!

The action movie star Vin Diesel actually had fake tattoos during the filming of the “xXx” movie.

Tattoos are a pretty big deal in prison culture. Many tattoos are associated with gangs, but some are about length of sentence, or the tear drop tattoos that are synonymous with murdering in prison.

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Tattoos are used in cosmetic procedures. Some people get eyebrows permanently tattooed on them, lip liner, or in some cases, breast cancer patients get nipples tattooed on them after mastectomies.

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Some members of the indigenous Maoris still may have the tribal face tattoos that they highly value in their warrior culture. Looking for a tattoo that means something to you? Go to “Tattoo shops near me!”

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Western culture has often plastered the stereotypical tattooed person as someone from a biker gang, crime mob, or a prison gang, but in recent years it’s become much more commonplace for anyone to have tattoos. More females now have tattoos than males in today’s culture as well. Perhaps the image of tattoos will change even more because of this.

There are several styles in the tattoo industry, as well as subjects. The Black and Gray style is very popular in large scale art pieces, Chinese Calligraphy has always been popular, and of course the tribal styles are popular as well, mostly in males. Sometimes people get tattoos to represent medical conditions in the chance that they will have an emergency. This could be anything from blood type to diabetes.

Tattoos didn’t always represent culture in a good way in some countries, Nazi Germany is one of these examples. Many concentration camp victims had numbers and letters tattooed on them to represent their Jewish status or if they were gay, Romanian, or criminals. In Roman times, tattoos were often given to slaves or criminals as well. The Yakuza, a type crime organization in Japan were so notorious with tattoo use, that some parts of Japan still won’t hire people for work if they have tats.

Polynesian tattooing is an incredible ordeal. In Samoan culture, the men would often have tattoos “tapped” into them, and this would go on for days, weeks, or often times, months. The pain and inflammation will also last for several months, but the whole village or family of the man will throw a big party to celebrate what he has endured in honor of respecting his culture.

Hawaiians lost a lot of their tattoo culture during the European invasions, but they are trying to bring what they remember back. The Maori stayed tough out of most of the Polynesian cultures and kept a lot of their carving skills and tattooing alive.

Watercolor tattoos have become very popular in recent years. The inks become mixed in water before added into the skin, giving them a watercolor painting effect.

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