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There’s no quicker or more convenient way to get from point A to point B than using a local taxi service. With an abundance of drivers and fair prices, taxis cabs have historically been a reliable form of transportation, specifically in more urban areas of the United States.

Are you interested in finding a taxi cab service near you? Simply browse taxi cab near me on the map below and find a list of taxi services located in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on taxi cabs? Read on for facts, trivia, and information on taxi cabs.

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True or false: Taxi cabs in one form or another have been around for centuries.

As you search taxi cab near me, it may seem pretty unbelievable to consider that some form or a taxicab or another has been around for more than three centuries. Sure, those ancient cabs didn’t look anything like the yellow taxis we hail today, but they served a major purpose in helping citizens of the past get around town. The history of taxi cabs is very long and varied. At nearly every point in history, the rich had themselves “taxied” from one location to another using servants and drivers. In ancient times, the rich and royalty had themselves taxied and transported on the backs of those in lower classes in order to get from city to city. Archaic and cruel, but a part of our world history. The services that most resemble the modern cabs we know today emerged in the 17th century as horse drawn for hire hackney carriage services. These services started out in both Paris and London. Royal proclamations in both cities were charged with regulating the number of carriages, which is the first ever example of cab regulation. In the 19th century, Hansom cabs officially replaced these older designs due to their improved speed and safety. After Hackney carriages, came the battery powered vehicles which enjoyed brief success in Paris, London, and New York in the 1890s. The first modern and meter equipped taxicab was the Daimler Victoria, built by Gottlieb Daimler in 1897. The very first motorized taxi company began operating in Stuttgart the very same year.

taxi cab near me

There’s no shortage of taxi cabs in New York City!

Why are cabs called cabs?

Here’s something you may not know while searching taxi cab near me. Cabs are referred to as cabs because the earliest form of a horse drawn vehicle available immediately for hire was known as a ‘cab.’ This was of course short for cabriolet. The name stuck with drivers and patrons, as cab firms upgraded to motorized vehicles. Eventually these vehicles were fitted with a ‘taximeter,’ a device which measured just how far you’d gone. This was done to help estimate proper cost. From there, people began dubbing these services as ‘taxi-cabs.’ The name has stuck for more than a century.

Taxi Cab Near Me – Taxi Cab Facts

The First New York City Taxi Company

If you’re searching taxi cab near me, then you know that few cities are known for their cabs more than New York. The very first taxi cab company in New York City was the electric carriage and wagon company, which began running with 12 electric hansom cabs all the way back in 1897. Though these cabs were far from luxurious, they certainly got the job done. After the emergence of the hansom cab, the company then built the Elcctrobat electric car which allowed the company to have more than 100 taxi cabs running in total by the close of 1899. Unfortunately, a fire in 1907 destroyed more than 300 of the company’s vehicles, which caused it to shut down for a short period of time. This meant that horse drawn cabs were once again the primary means of transportation around the New York City area. The same year that this company suffered major losses, Harry Allen imported 65 gasoline powered cars from France and officially started the New York Taxicab Company. These cabs were initially painted red and green, but Allen soon took to repainting them all yellow in order to be visible from a distance. By 1908, the New York Taxicab company was running more than 700 taxi cabs throughout New York City.

Odd Ideas On Customer Service

In searching taxi cab near me, you already know that taxi cab services operate 24/7 all around the world in order to aid individuals in getting around town. What you might not know is that different countries and taxi companies have some pretty odd ideas on what constitutes good customer service. In Madagascar, cab drivers commonly stop for gas during your trip, often requiring the rider to pay for the gas at the pump. This is entirely unheard of in the United States, where a rider would never pay for a taxi cab’s gasoline or travel expenses. That is supposed to be built into the cost itself. In Rome, cabbies double their fares on riders whenever it rains, which means many individuals often take weather into account before even dreaming of hailing a cab. In the US, people commonly hail taxis in the rain as they don’t want to walk. In Cairo, cab drivers often stalk pedestrians on the sidewalk in order to solicit fairs. That wouldn’t fly in most countries where privacy and personal space are of the utmost importance!

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