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A taxi, also known as a taxi cab, or simply a cab, is a type of vehicle that is for hire with a driver. The service is typically used by a single passenger or a small group of passengers at a rate fare that is either calculated by the mile or by the amount of time spent in the cab. Taxis differ from rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft, with rich histories that date well back into the 1600s.

Are you interested in finding taxis near you? Simply browse taxis near me on the map below and find a list of taxi services located in close proximity to your current location. Looking for a bit more info on cabs? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more!

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What did people hail before the iconic yellow cab?

Go to any major city or urban area and you’ll likely find yourself quickly swarmed in a sea of fast paced yellow cabs. At times, it can quickly seem as if there are more yellow cabs in a given area than there are people! But what exactly did individuals hail before the birth of the automobile and the advent of the now iconic yellow cabs we all know and love today? Consider this as you search taxis near me. Prior to the invention of the car and mass production of vehicles, the practice of vehicles for public hire was already well established and commonplace. According to some historians, horse drawn carriages were offered up for hire in as early as 1640 in Paris, when driver Nicolas Sauvage offered his services to a public eager to get to and from their points of interest without having to walk miles in uncomfortable garb. In 1635, it is believed that the Hackney Carriage Act was proposed, which passed legislation allowing for the hire of horse drawn carriages in England. These Hackney Carriages are believed to be the true model for the taxi cab services that came about hundreds of years later when the automobile was first invented. Obviously, if you’re searching taxis near me, you realize that humans have always had deep desire to utilize these paid for rides about town. Hoofing it clearly hasn’t always been the preferred method of transportation around town!

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Taxis are abundant on most city streets in the US!

How did the taxi earn its name?

One thing that stands to vex most individuals searching taxis near me is the origin of the name taxi. To most, taxi seems a strange name that’s rather random in its etymology. After all, there aren’t many other words in the English language that seem to share a prefix. According to historians, the name taxicab was actually derived from the word “taximeter.” The taximeter was the original instrument used to measure both the distance and the time a vehicle travels. This allows for accurate fare rates to be determined. The taximeter was originally developed by a German man named Wilhelm Bruhn in 1891. This is around the same time that taxis first earned their name and the common term began to catch on amongst all those using early ride services.

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The World’s First Dedicated Taxi

Now that you know a bit about these early taxis, you’re probably wondering who created the world’s very first dedicated taxi. Though there were always vehicles geared towards offering rides for a fare, there weren’t many that were solely geared towards being only a taxi. So when did the world’s first dedicated taxi emerge? Consider this as you search taxis near me! According to some historians, Gottlieb Daimler is credited with building the world’s very first dedicated taxi in 1897. Known as the Daimler Victoria, this early taxi cab came equipped with the first inception of the taximeter. Not only did this change the way individuals were charged for their taxi rides, but it gave drivers a more accurate idea of average mileage and time each individual was spending in the taxi. On June 16, 1897, the Daimler Victoria taxi was first delivered to Friedrich Geiner, an entrepreneur who went on to start the world’s very first motorized taxi company. Of course, the history of the taxi wasn’t always a smooth one. On September 13, 1899, the very first American died in a car accident. That car was reportedly a taxi. At this time, there were about 100 taxis successfully operating on the streets of New York City. When the accident occurred, sixty eight year old Henry Bliss was helping a friend out of a street car when a rogue taxi driver lost control of his vehicle and hit Bliss. It’s an unfortunate part of the taxi’s history, but one worth mentioning.

The Yellow Taxi

Seeing a yellow taxi on a city street is as common as seeing someone wearing a pair of shoes on their feet. It’s so common that most individuals don’t even regard cars that aren’t painted yellow as taxis. The question is, who first brought the yellow taxi to the public? Taxi company owner, Harry Allen was reportedly the first person to own a yellow taxi. In attempt to stand out from other taxi drivers, Allen had his taxi cabs painted yellow. The paint job proved successful and Allen was enjoying more revenue and a great amount of rides per day than a majority of his competitors. Nowadays, most taxi cabs are painted yellow or bright green depending on where you live. As you search taxis near me you’ll also find a sudden popularity in eco-friendly taxis or hybrid taxis. These taxis bear less environmental impact than their non-hybrid counterparts and are often deemed more economical on several fronts.

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