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Since 1955, TD Bank has been helping individuals to get their financial assets in order. With amazing customer service, comprehensive account management services, and convenient hours; it’s no wonder that TD Bank has held such a long and storied history in the banking industry.

Are you interested in finding a TD Bank location near you? Simply browse TD Bank near me on the map below for a list of TD Bank locations in your area. Need a bit more information on this bank? Read on for facts and trivia on TD Bank!

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TD Bank Near Me – TD Bank Trivia

Where was TD Bank Founded?

While searching TD Bank near me, consider the rich history of this financial institution. The Toronto-Dominion bank (TD Bank) was first chartered on February 1, 1955 when a merger took place between the Bank of Toronto and the Dominion Bank. Both banks held long histories prior to the merger. The Bank of Toronto was first founded in 1855 and the Dominion bank was first established in 1869. Throughout the years, TD has grown substantially and has evolved to include a wealth management division. With the acquisition of Canada Trust in 2000, and the acquisition of Banknorth and Commerce Bancorp, TD Bank found its footing in the United States and moved outside of the Canadian market.

td bank near me

TD Banks are clean, open, and accommodating. With convenient hours and amazing customer service, TD Bank is one of the fastest growing bank chains in the US.

True or false: TD bank is the 20th largest bank in the United States.

False! TD Bank is actually the 14th largest bank in the United States. According to the National Information Center at the Federal Reserve, TD Bank is the 14th largest bank holding company in the United States, that’s farther up on the list than the likes of long time American financial pioneers such as American Express and SunTrust. TD Bank has a large American operation with 1,315 branches running from Maine to Florida. That’s as many TD locations as Sun Trust locations in that area.

True or false: TD Bank has the best hours of any bank in the US.

This fact is true! No matter what time of day you’re searching TD Bank near me, you’ll likely find a branch that it is still open and operating. Most TD Bank locations are open seven days a week and pride themselves on opening an hour earlier and closing an hour later than almost every traditional bank branch in the United States. This means that most TD Bank locations open at 8:00 AM rather than 9:00 AM and close at 7:00 PM rather than 6:00 PM. This gives working americans the chance to get to TD Bank without moving their schedule around. That’s just the kind of convenience that many American banks simply can’t promise in today’s busy world.

TD Bank Near Me – TD Bank Facts

Environmentally Conscious

Not only does TD Bank boast some of the best customer service and hours in the business, but they’re also one of the most environmentally conscious banks out there. In fact, TD Bank was the first Canadian bank to ever appoint an environmental officer to lead the bank’s environmental portfolio and environmental initiatives. That’s a green business, doing their best to make life better for everyone!

Eye Popping Profit Margins

If you’re searching TD Bank near me, you can take stock in the fact that TD Bank has one of the greatest management styles of any bank in the United States. According to financial experts, TD Bank has excellent management efficiency, converting revenue into profit with immaculate ease. TD Bank currently has a profit margin of 30.64% TTM. JP Morgan and Wells only manage around 24.90% and 24.82% respectively.

A Reasonable Minimum Balance

While searching TD Bank near me, you may be seeking a low fee checking account to help you organize your finances. Though many big banks will charge fees for going below a certain balance threshold or using the ATM too often, TD Bank has done away with these fees to give customers the freedom to manage their own financial assets without worrying about additional money being taken out each month. In fact, TD Bank only requires that individuals keep a minimum of $100 in the bank. This is in stark contrast to the typical $500-$1,000 minimum balance that many banks require.

24/7 Online Banking

One of the features that many TD Bank customers love most is TD’s easy to use and comprehensive online banking platform. Available 24/7 the online banking platform allows individuals to transfer money, organize person to person payments, schedule bill payments, receive email and threshold alerts, organize/budget their personal spending habits, and access Quicken and Quickbook accounts. With so much information available at a customer’s fingertips, TD Bank patrons find that they’re always in the know when it comes to their financial standing.

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