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Whether you’re in between jobs, looking to get a foot in the door, or just in need of some part time work, taking a job at a temp agency can be an excellent resource for employment. With more temp agencies now than ever, it’s easy to find the perfect temp job for your unique skill set.

Are you interested in finding a temp agency near you? Simply browse temp agencies near me on the map below and find a list of temp agencies in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on temp agencies? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on temp agencies and temp work.

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When did the temp industry first begin?

The shift towards temporary employment in the United States began after World War II with small temp agencies in urban areas. It gave housewives the opportunity to work part time as office workers while their husbands were away at war or tending to more pressing issues. Over the next few years, the advantages of having workers who could be hired and relieved on fairly short notice (all without the paperwork and regulatory requirements), resulted in a great increase in the use of temporary workers and temp agencies. More than 3.5 million temporary workers were employed in the United States by the year 2000. Since the 1940s, there has been a great shift in the way temp workers were utilized. Throughout the Fordist era in history, temp workers made up a rather small portion of the total labor force in the US. Typically, temporary workers were women in pink collar clerical positions who provided companies with a type of stop-gap solution for permanent workers who needed to take a leave of absences for vacation, illness, or other personal reasons. In contrast, in the Post Fordist area,the idea of temporary employment became a normative employment alternative to offering workers permanent work.

temp agencies near me

Temp agencies can quickly find the perfect position for you!

What do temp agencies do?

If you’re searching temp agencies near me, then you’re likely looking for a temp agency to help you find a job. The role of a temp agency is to work as a third party client between client employer and client employee. Temp agencies work at handling remuneration, work scheduling, complaints, and taxes that are created by the relationship that exists between clients and employees. These firms can request that a type of job be done and line individuals with the best skills to do it. Work schedules are often determined by an assignment and are matched up with the individual how has the best skill set and availability. Because the assignments are temporary, there is a lot of flexibility in the jobs you can possess. Temp agencies are a great tool to utilize if you’re just getting back into the workforce or need a bit of help in securing a job.

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Finding the Right Temp Agency

While searching temp agencies near me, you’ll find that not all staffing agencies are created equal. One bad experience can drive someone away from other temp agencies that can provide you with many benefits. When attempting to find the right temp agency, start by taking a look at your own qualifications, certifications, licensing, and experience. If you’re a registered nurse or certified medical assistant, you won’t want to pick a company that typically places individuals in a technology field or in doing secretarial work. Most likely, you’ll want a job that truly suits your unique set of qualifications. What you really need to consider, is the type of jobs the temp agency you find specialize in. Finding a temp agency that specializes in your field will get you placed in a job quickly and without the headaches that can come if you go through a temp agency that typically specializes in other fields.

Temp Agencies Aren’t Just for Temporary Work

Though you may be searching temp agencies near me in hopes of finding a temporary position, temp agencies no longer just staff individuals in temporary jobs. Since the recession of 2008, many temp agencies have taken on the roll of staffing companies as well. This means that they not only place individuals in temp positions, they work to fill permanent positions in companies as well. A staffing company that does both typically aligns themselves towards personalized staffing and specializations in certain fields. There is a huge need amongst companies both large and small to find qualified staff members in as little time as possible. Businesses can sink a lot of time and money into the vetting process, which can often result in the wrong types of employees for the job. When utilizing a temp or staffing agency, businesses aren’t tasked with finding the perfect person on their own. Rather, they staffing agency finds the perfect candidate for the position. This often results in happy employers and happy employees. That’s a match made in heaven! Even you’re only looking for a temporary position, keep in mind that a temp position can lead to a full time role if you’re interested.

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