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When new symptoms pop up or your health takes a turn, a doctor may order lab work to help identify a potential cause for your issues. With that said, lab works is rarely done within a doctor’s office, but rather at a separate testing site.

Finding a great testing laboratory is easy. More often than not, your doctor can point you in the right direction. If not, you can start by browsing testing laboratories near me on the map below. You’ll find a list of all testing laboratories in your area. From there, you can find the best lab for you and one that fits your insurance plan. You’ll be on your way to picture perfect health in no time!

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What is the most common type of laboratory testing?

If you’ve never had much done in the way of laboratory testing before, odds are, your first go around will include what is known as a CBC. A CBC (complete blood count) is the most common type of blood or laboratory test performed. In fact, if you’re searching testing laboratories near me, you’ll likely need one with this round of testing or a test in the future. What does a CBC measure? In a nutshell, the CBC test measures the types and numbers of cells in the blood. This includes red and white blood cells as well as platelets. A CBC is used to determine your overall general health status, as well as screening for potential disorders and evaluating your overall nutritional status. It can also help to evaluate symptoms of fatigue, bruising, and weakness and diagnose conditions such as anemia, leukemia, malaria, and infection.

testing laboratories near me

Blood work is an easy way to pinpoint a variety of health issues and concerns.

True or false: Everyone needs a basic metabolic panel test.

If you’re searching testing laboratories near me, odds are you’re either new to getting lab testing or you haven’t had testing done in awhile. Many people who do not undergo regular testing can be confused as to what many of the tests are and what kind of tests they require. Keep in mind, your doctor will always order the tests they see fit. If you don’t need a given test, it won’t be ordered for you. With that said, if you are on certain medications, you may benefit from having a basic metabolic panel test performed every now and then. A basic metabolic panel test measures glucose, sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, carbon dioxide, blood urea nitrogen and creatinine. These things can all help determine your overall blood sugar level, kidney function, and electrolyte and fluid balance. Additionally, this test can help your doctor to effectively monitor the effects of any medications you’re taking, especially blood pressure medications. Many doctors will also use this test as a part of routine health screenings. Do you need one? Maybe, but consult with your doctor first.

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Do you need to fast before a lab test?

Keep in mind as you’re searching testing laboratories near me that some tests will require you to fast in the hours preceding the test. In these instances, your doctor will almost always instruct you on what not to eat or drink anything, save for water, in the hours leading up to the test. What is the point of fasting before a lab test? Fasting before certain Blood tests can help to ensure that your results are accurate. Foods and beverages can impact blood-level readings which can effectively cloud the results of your test. With that said, not every blood test will require you to fast beforehand.

Blood tests you will have to fast for include: blood glucose test, liver function test, cholesterol test, triglyceride level test, high density lipoprotein level test, LDL test, basic metabolic panel, renal function panel, lipoprotein pane.
If your doctor has prescribed a blood test for you but doesn’t directly instruct you on weather or not to fast, simply ask them if fasting is required. Some tests don’t require fasting, but do limit you on certain foods. Items such as broccoli or red meat can create false positive tests.

Can you drink coffee if fasting for a blood test?

Many of us require coffee to simply get our day started. Unfortunately, some tests will require you to skip your morning cup of Joe until after the test has been completed. Even if you drink your coffee black, the chemical composition of coffee can still interfere with your blood test results. Coffee contains caffeine and soluble plant matter. Both of these things can skew test results and give doctors an unreliable reading. Additionally, coffee is a known diuretic. Diuretics can increase how much you pee and have a dehydrating effect on the body. The less hydrated you are, the more difficult it is for the nurse or medical professional to pull blood and find a vein. This makes the blood test harder on them and more stressful for you. In fact, many lab techs recommend drinking at least 8 oz of water before a blood test and even eating salty foods the night before if fasting is not required. If you’re not sure if you can drink coffee, call up your local lab or doctor while searching testing laboratories near me.

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