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If you’re looking to kick back and have a little fun while getting your dinner fix, Texas Roadhouse is just the ticket. Not only does Texas Roadhouse boast a fun boisterous atmosphere that’s great for individuals and families, but their Texas themed selections will always have you coming back for more.

Are you interested in finding a Texas Roadhouse in your area? Simply browse Texas Roadhouse near me on the map below and find a list of Texas Roadhouse locations near you. Need a bit more information on Texas Roadhouse? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on this beloved chain!

Texas Roadhouse Near Me – Find it on the Map

Texas Roadhouse Near Me – Texas Roadhouse Trivia

What year did Texas Roadhouse open?

The first Texas Roadhouse was opened on February 17, 1993, when Kent Taylor sought to bring his passion for food into the industry. After facing a few personal setbacks, Taylor was determined to open a family restaurant that would be enjoyable for both kids and adults, something that many restaurants had found difficulty in achieving. The first Texas Roadhouse was located in Clarksville, Indiana and not Texas, to the surprise of many. Despite the name Texas Roadhouse, Kent found most of his inspiration from the state of Colorado, where he indulged in the ski bum lifestyle and worked managing a variety of restaurants and eating establishments. Taylor originally set out to open a Colorado themed restaurant, but found the state wouldn’t bolster as a big of a following or offer the potential for fun that a Texas themed restaurant potentially could. Consider this while searching Texas Roadhouse near me!

texas roadhouse near me

Every Texas Roadhouse is spacious, fun, and full of life!

True or false: Texas Roadhouse endorses the throwing of peanut shells on to the floor.

True! If you’re searching Texas Roadhouse near me, or have visited Texas Roadhouse in the past, then you likely know that it’s totally okay to go ahead and chuck your peanut shells onto the floor. Sure, you may feel slightly guilty for the mess, but the folks at Texas Roadhouse encourage this kind of renegade action. They encourage you to have a messy good time at their restaurant without worrying about cleaning up. They realize that you work hard and deserve a night of not caring about the mess. So leave the broom at home and feel free to go nuts. This time, cleaning is on someone else!

How many different cuts of steak does Texas Roadhouse offer?

While searching Texas Roadhouse near me, you’re likely on the hunt for a truly delicious steak. Texas Roadhouse currently offers 9 different cuts of steak to choose from. Cuts offered include New York Strip, Bone in Ribeye, Porterhouse T-Bone, Dallas Fillet, Filet Medallions, Road Kill , Fort Worth, Ribeye, USDA sirloins, Steak Kabob, and prime rib. With these many choices, it’s doubtful you’ll go hungry at Texas Roadhouse. Of course if steak isn’t your thing , Texas Roadhouse also offers a bevy of chicken dishes including: the portobello mushroom chicken, smothered chicken, bbq half roasted chicken, oven roasted half chicken, grilled barbecue chicken, country fried steak, and the always popular chicken critters. Texas Roadhouse also offers a kids menu full of delicious child friendly meals options.

Texas Roadhouse Near Me – Texas Roadhouse Facts

Prominent Locations

If you’re searching Texas Roadhouse near me, you should be in luck in a few states, where the company has the largest number of franchise locations. According to the company, Texas is the company’s largest market with a total of 56 freestanding restaurants.Pennsylvania comes in second with a total of 26 restaurants, followed by Ohio at 27, and Indiana at 23. Texas Roadhouse headquarters are currently based in Louisville, Kentucky near the company’s first restaurant that was located right across the river in Indiana.

Murals Murals Everywhere

If you’ve been to a Texas Roadhouse location before or are simply searching Texas Roadhouse near me, you may be aware of the murals painted on the walls of every Texas Roadhouse location. The murals that adorn the walls of each Texas roadhouse are created specifically for that location. The paintings are designed to reflect the local community that each restaurant is a part of. Each mural is still approved by founder Kent Taylor, who still serves as the chairman to this day. The only mural provided to each restaurant is of an older distinguished native American that was created by a Texas Roadhouse artist. There are several versions of the painting which are designed to honor and what they’ve contributed. This means that you’ll never see more than one kind of mural if you visit several different Texas Roadhouse locations.

Dinner Only

IF you’ve attempted to visit a Texas Roadhouse for lunch only to find the doors still locked, you’re not alone. Texas Roadhouse is a dinner only concept during the week. The restaurant is only open for lunch during the weekends. The dinner only philosophy is designed to ensure that management and waitstaff has a better lifestyle and helps to reduce real estate costs since, they do not have to be located in high traffic business districts that offer lunch to hungry workers. While the establishment does offer lunch on weekends, they keep costs low by offering dinner as an option every other night of the week.

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