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TGI Friday’s has long been a meeting place for folks who want everyday to feel like Friday. Whether you’re hitting up the Friday’s bar for some drinks with friends or want to enjoy a good burger with the family, this restaurant chain has a little bit of something for everyone. With locations all across the US and abroad, finding a TGI Friday’s to eat at is a breeze!

Are you interested in finding a TGI Friday’s near you? Simply browse TGI Friday’s near me on the map below and find a list of locations in your region. Need a bit more information on this iconic restaurant chain? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

TGI Friday’s Near Me – Find it on the Map

TGI Friday’s Near Me – TGI Friday’s Trivia

True or false: TGI Friday’s was the first true Singles bar.

On the Upper East Side of New York in the late 1960s, there really wasn’t anywhere for groups of singles to meet up for a night of dinner and drinks. Alan Stillman, the founder of TGI Friday’s , believed that there could be real potential in a bar geared towards the single crowd. Not only was Stillman looking to meet women himself, but he saw dollar signs when he realized just how popular a restaurant of this nature could be. Thus, TGI Friday’s was born as the first true singles bar in New York City. As a relaxed place where groups of younger women and men could gather together on a Friday night, TGI Friday’s immediately found a revolutionary type of popularity. In fact, the first location was so popular that it brought in $1 million in revenue in its first year. That’s the equivalent of around $7.5 million today. As you search TGI Friday’s near me, consider how one of the first American singles bars quickly morphed into a family friendly restaurant as time went on.

tgi friday's near me now

It’s always Friday at this popular chain restaurant!

True or False: TGI Friday’s was the first restaurant to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to guests.

Go to any restaurant on your birthday and odds are one of your friend’s may have sneakily informed the server of your big day, resulting in the entire waitstaff belting out a birthday song loud enough for the entire restaurant to hear. No matter how you feel about birthday songs at restaurants, there’s no denying that the tradition is firmly a part of American culture. But which restaurant was the first to start singing birthday songs to guests? Consider this as you search TGI Friday’s near me. Though once a singles bar, TGI Friday’s quickly became a place where people from all walks of life could gather for a casual meal. This meant that everyone from your older neighbor next door to the saucy single down the street could convene at Friday’s with friends or family. This made the establishment a popular choice for Birthday dinners. Friday’s was in fact the first chain restaurant to sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song to guests. In the early days, if a person told the server that it was their birthday or the birthday of someone at the table, come dessert time, the entire waitstaff would visit your table with cake in hand. Now the tradition is a chain restaurant staple!

TGI Friday’s Near Me – TGI Friday’s Facts

An Appetizer Upheaval

Despite the many merits of a chain restaurant such as TGI Friday’s, many folks still love to hit up these establishments for drinks and appetizers. Not only is it cheaper than a full blown meal, but come happy hour, it’s a nice way to take the edge off and relax after a long day. This has made appetizers a big selling point at every chain restaurant in America, though few have had as much success as TGI Friday’s in creating a bevy of options that appeal to a wide range of folks. How did TGI Friday’s first shake up the appetizer game? Consider this on your quest to find a TGI Friday’s near me. Go to any TGI Friday’s in America and the menu will prominently feature the brands best selling appetizer: loaded potato skins. This savory concoction is popular for many reasons, but it’s most associated with TGI Friday’s because they actually invented the loaded potato skin. The hollowed out baked potatoes topped with bacon, sour cream, cheddar, and scallions are the brainchild of a TGI Friday’s worker who first introduced them to America in the early 1970s. Though many restaurants now try to copy this iconic appetizer, few can get the taste just right.

The London Location Reigns Supreme

As you search TGI Friday’s near me, you’ll quickly find that the chain boasts locations in many countries of the world and is prominently featured throughout America. The brand prides itself on offering convenient locations that are accessible to the average American, not just those who live in bustling urban areas. Despite the popularity of every Friday’s chain, one location reigns supreme: London. Upon first opening its doors in 1987, the location in London’s famed Covent Garden quickly grew to become the brand’s highest grossing locale. TGI Friday’s is arguably far more popular in this region of the world than in any other, including the United States. Though the Covent Garden location still brings in the big bucks, the title for most popular location in the world now belongs to London’s’ Leicester Square location. It might have something to do with its proximity to a local university. As one knows, University students love a good meal at Friday’s with a pint!

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