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If it’s bar food and delicious appetizers you crave, look no further than TGI Fridays! With a laid back atmosphere, endless drink specials, and well priced menu items, it’s no wonder TGI Fridays has only grown in popularity since emerging in the 1960s. Though TGI Fridays wasn’t exactly family friendly from the get go, it’s now known as a spot for individuals of all ages and from every walk of life.

Are you interested in finding a TGI Fridays near you? Simply browse TGI Fridays near me on the map below and find a list of TGI Friday’s restaurants in your area. Need a bit more to chew on when it comes to TGI Fridays? Find facts, trivia, and interesting insights below. You might just learn something new to share on your next Friday’s outing!

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TGI Fridays Near Me – TGI Fridays Trivia

True or false: TGI Friday’s was originally a co-ed cocktail bar.

In the present day, TGI Friday’s is known as a pretty family friendly joint, with offerings to suit individuals of all ages. What you might be surprised to learn is that TGI Friday’s was once originally a co-ed cocktail bar geared towards young singles. In the 1960s, Manhattan’s ritzy Upper East Side was filled with young singles looking to mingle and meet up at in home cocktail parties. Sure, many bars were present in Manhattan, but it was rumored that respectable women would never frequent them, making them pretty useless in finding someone to take home to Mom and Dad. In 1965, a young perfume salesman by the name of Alan Stillman wanted to rectify this problem and meet some quality girls. He decided to open up an establishment that was designed for both men and women, not just geared to the more masculine sect. He took some money from his sales and bought out a bar on 63rd street dubbed The Good Tavern. He immediately renamed the restaurant, T.G.I. Fridays and redecorated the whole bar to appear more female friendly. The restaurant was such a success that traffic often had to be rerouted away from the bar on Friday nights for several hours until midnight. As you search TGI Fridays near me, consider how one man’s quest to meet women lead to one of America’s most popular food chains.

tgi fridays near me

It’s always Friday at this great chain!

What is TGI Friday’s flair?

Have you ever heard of the infamous TGI Friday’s flair? If you haven’t you’re not alone. In fact, many younger people only know TGI Fridays as it is today, pretty flair free. However, the 80’s were a different story. In 1985 at the Marina del Rey location, a bar manager noticed that one of his bartenders John Mescall was adding tricks and juggles to his drink prep and decided that he should make bartending a little more fun by holding in-store competitions. As a reward, bartenders earned “flair,” little buttons and eccentric pins that could be worn on their uniform to denote their overall charm and skill. Flair was even mocked in the 1990s movie “Office Space” for being a bit on the ridiculous side. You won’t see much flair in the modern day, but it was once a common part of every TGI Friday’s location. Maybe you’ll wear some flair while searching TGI Fridays near me!

TGI Fridays Near Me – TGI Fridays Facts

A Happier Birthday

Anyone who has eaten at a chain restaurant knows that the staff and crew will often come out and sing a happy birthday tune to anyone who informs them it’s your birthday. Just how did this tradition come to be? Much to the chagrin of many attention haters, TGI Fridays invented the act of having serves come to a table during dessert time with a piece of cake to sing a birthday song. It’s now a tradition at TGI Fridays and many restaurants all around the globe. Though it’s not known exactly when the brand started implementing the cheery routine, it’s only grown in popularity in recent decades, despite the humiliation some feel when sitting in the spotlight at a TGI Fridays. As you search TGI Fridays near me, consider if you would want them to sing you a song on your birthday. Embarrassing or fun?

A Great Invention

TGI Friday’s has always been known for their killer appetizers, but none are more popular than their loaded potato skins topped with bacon, sour cream, cheddar, and scallions. While you might think this dish was a bar staple long before TGI Fridays rolled around, you’d be mistaken. TGI Friday’s actually invented the potato skin and introduced them to America in the early 1970s. The chain is also credited as being the first to add guacamole and quesadillas as grill staples. Up until that point they’d never been on a non-Mexican restaurant menu. Nowadays, you’ll find similar appetizers in a variety of restaurants serving up bar friendly cuisine. As you search TGI Fridays near me, consider how this chain definitely upped the ante in terms of appetizers and starters.

Loved By London

It goes without saying that TGI Friday’s is one of the most popular chains in The United States, but what you might not know is where the brand is actually most popular. Consider this as you search TGI Fridays near me. According to brand insiders, upon opening in 1987, the location in London’s popular Covent Garden became the highest grossing location. Though this location is still highly popular, a second London location in Leicester Square has stolen the top stop. Obviously this chain is truly loved by London!

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