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TGI Fridays is arguably one of the most fun chain restaurants to eat at in the world! From the famous appetizers to the apparent flair, TGI Fridays has been serving up folks from all ages since the 1960s. Known for their killer bar food, great drink selection, and fair prices, everyone can find something to love at a TGI Fridays!

Are you interested in finding a Friday’s location near you? Simply browse TGIF near me on the map below and find a list of Friday’s locations in a close proximity to your current locale. Need a bit more information on Fridays? Read on for facts, trivia, information and more!

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Was Friday’s the first true singles bar?

Back in the 1960s, singles bars were not a thing. Instead urban singles who wanted to meet new people would have to attend apartment parties or get an invite to an exclusive club or meeting point. This lack of options lead a young Alan Stillman to create the first singles barn in New York, TGI Fridays. In 1965, he opened the very first Friday’s location at 1152 1st Avenue in New York. Stillman’s major goal was to provide a public and open meeting place for singles to mingle and find someone new. He also hoped to meet a few Pan Am stewardesses! Within a few weeks of opening its doors, Fridays had lines down the block. Nowadays, Friday’s isn’t so much a singles bar as it is a family friendly restaurant that folks of all ages can enjoy. As you search TGIF near me, consider how this restaurant somehow blossomed from a place to pick up a date to a place to get an iconic appetizer platter.

tgif near me

TGI Friday’s is a great restaurant option for folks of all ages!

How did Friday’s play a role in easing tensions with Russia?

Tensions have always been a bit high between the US and Russia. Since the days of the Cold War, there has been a chilly disposition between the two world powers and the people who call these countries home. So how did a TGI Friday’s help to ease tensions, if only for a moment? Consider this as you search TGIF near me. Back in 1997, Friday’s officially became the very first American casual restaurant to open its doors in Moscow, Russia. The restaurant took up residence on Tverskaya Street and quickly found an audience. The street had served to be the home of many of Russia’s finest hotels and shops before quickly being decaying into something else entirely. Though Russians did frequent the joint, many agreed that on that particular street, it never really felt like Friday.

How has Friday’s always been on the forefront of innovation?

Keeping a restaurant open and popular for decades isn’t easy, but somehow TGI Friday’s has made it work. Despite changes in the American palette and an overall disdain that many millennials and younger folks feel towards chain restaurants, Friday’s has remained a long standing tradition in many communities. How has Friday’s always been on the forefront of innovation? Consider this as you search TGIF near me. From their famous Jack Daniels sauce to the potato skins that call many appetizer plates home, Friday’s has always sought to bring delicious and new innovations to food. They play on food trends, fads, and long standing American favorites. For example, when the truffle trend started sweeping the nation, Fridays introduced a truffle stacked burger to get in on the action. As long as Friday’s continues to challenge themselves to grow, it will always be Friday somewhere!

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At Friday’s It’s All About The People!

Many chain restaurants claim the customer is always first, but for many that’s not always the experience they enjoy. Cold food, bad service, and high prices can leave even the most docile customer feeling a bit jilted. Of course, a restaurant will only run as good as its team members. If employees are feeling downtrodden or unenthused, it will reflect in their service and the overall quality of the food. As you search TGIF near me, you’ll quickly find that Friday’s is most passionate about the people they employ and those who choose to frequent their locations. One of the ways that Friday’s aims to show it is there for its employee is by being there from them no matter what’s going on in their lives. Friday’s even created a non-profit organization that aims to help Fridays employees financially should they experience any sort of tragedy or set back in their lives. The program is 100% employee funded, which means Fridays employees always have one another’s backs and the backs of their customers.

Flair For Days

One thing that has always set Friday’s apart from the generic chain restaurant crowd is their true sense of fun and enthusiasm. The decor at every Friday’s restaurant has always been focused on being interesting and a bit on the eccentric side. From the beginning, this was all a part of the plan. The very first New York location boasted walls covered in all kinds of unique flair. Eventually that flair spread to other parts of the restaurant, most prominently, the bar. In 1985 at the Marina del Rey location, the bartending staff decided to get in on the flair fad. A manager noticed that an eager young bartender named John Mescall was attempting to make bartending a bit more interesting to watch. He would juggle, do tricks, and generally aim to stun those he was making drinks for. Impressed by the ingenuity, the management team decided to hold in store competitions based on bartending flair. In 1991, they began hosting the World Bartender Championship, an event that is still going strong in the modern day. In a world of crowded restaurants and long waits, having a bit of flair added to your meal or drink can only improve the overall dining experience. It’s not easy and it can be hard on the bartenders, but most find their jobs to be rather fun and fulfilling.

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