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So you have a craving for some Thai Food? Well, who can blame you? With their wide range of delicious dishes, there is a lot of variety for everyone to enjoy. Below, you will find the Thai Food Near You Map. All you have to do is select a location, it will tell you the name of the location, the address, phone number and hours of operation. If the place has a website, it will also give you a link so you can check out their menu.

You can also find reviews from previous guests to help you make your choice about the best Thai place to go to. Also, with a few clicks, you will be able to get directions to get you there as quickly as possible to feed your craving. Enjoy!

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A Thai Fast Food Restaurant in America

If you live in, or are visiting the Washington, DC area, you may be interested in visiting Mango Tree. Mango Tree is the first American branch of a fast food restaurant that started in Bangkok, Thailand back in 1994. The founder of the restaurant chain, Pitaya Phanphensophon, started the company after returning home to Thailand after his father died. His family had been in the restaurant industry for years, owning a successful Chinese-Thai restaurant called Coca.

thai food near me

Pad Thai is one of the most famous and distinctive Thai Foods. This is the vegetarian version of the delicious dish.

Shortly after taking over Coca, a mansion opened up across the street and Pitaya Phanphensophon had an idea of opening up another restaurant, with a different theme in this 100-year-old historical house. After some planning, he created the first branch of Mango Tree. This successful chain of restaurants has over 70 locations in 16 countries. The restaurant has a large lunch and dinner menu, and offers a weekend brunch. If you are Vegetarian, they have a dedicated vegetarian menu as well.

The building for the Washington, DC location was custom built by Lázaro rosa-violán, who has mixed design aspects from Thailand and Europe to create something new, sophisticated and sleek looking.

Mango Tree Recommendations

If you are thinking of visiting Mango Tree, here are some recommended dishes.

  • Breakfast Brunch: You have to try out the Omelet Pad Tai
  • Lunch/Dinner: They have a catch of the day for fish, if you enjoy your sea food. Another nice seafood choice is the crab fried rice. If you want more of a meat dish, try out the Beef Curry. If you are a chicken person, the chicken satay is a nice, and delicious choice.
  • Dessert: If you enjoy your rice dishes, I would suggest the sticky brown rice and mango.

Whatever your choice for eating, be sure to enjoy a nice enjoyable meal. While Mango Tree is advertised as a fast food location, the prices, which generally run you around $20 – 30 per person for a good meal, and the design of the Washington, DC location, place this restaurant in a fancier bracket than most fast food places. The website for Mango Tree also advertises it as more of a place to entertain guests or for business meetings.

Also, with only one branch currently in the United States, it will not be available for everyone. Be sure to search Thai Food Near Me for choices closer to home. Below, you will also find recommendations for other well regarded Thai Restaurants that are worth visiting from all over America.

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The Best Thai Food Restaurants in America

The popularity of Thai Food has exploded recently, adding with the increased number of visitors and the diversity of the number of food choices in general in America. We can thank the Thai for this glorious dish, as they have some amazing foods to offer us.

There are some of the best Thai Restaurants available from around the country. If you get the chance, be sure to visit one or all of them. Your taste buds will thank you for it.

Lers Ros, San Francisco

Lers Ros is a small chain of Thai Restaurants in San Francisco. There are 3 locations and all open around 11am and close between 10pm and midnight. The menu choices vary from very reasonable, below even $10 to more moderately priced. The menu even has some less common choices like rabbit, frog, boar and alligator. So, be sure to try something new.

Khong River House, Miami

Khong River House, which is currently moving locations, and should be open shortly, is an upscale Thai Restaurant to those in the Miami Beach area. The prices are generally a bit higher, with a wrap running you $15; however, the food is excellent and the atmosphere, at least of the previous location, was pleasant and very comfortable.

Phat Thai, Carbondale, CO

Phat Thai is a Thai Restaurant that is strictly open for dinner time. It opens at 5PM and generally closes around 9PM, but 10PM on Friday nights and 9:30PM on Saturday. It is well regarded for its fast food, relaxed and friendly atmosphere and good drinks. It may not be traditional Thailand cuisine but falls under the Asian Fusion category of restaurants. The spice duck, coconut rice and edamame are a great way to start your Phat Thai adventure.

Ayada, Queens, NY

Ayanda in Elmhurst, Queens, is a small and cozy Thai Restaurant. The portions are large and the food is tasty. It offers deli style sandwiches as well as regular Thai cuisine. The Drunken Noodles are a great meal if you are hungry. You should also try out the Massaman Curry Avocado or Crispy Calamari. No matter your preference there is something for you. Don’t worry, they also deliver!

Lotus of Siam, Las Vegas

We couldn’t do a list of the best Thai Restaurant without recognizing the Lotus of Siam, which Gourmet Magazine previously ranked as the best Thai Restaurant in America. This gem is located just off of the Strip in Las Vegas. You can get your coconut rice, garlic prawns and good old crispy duck. The menu is solid and the location is generally busy. They do take reservations if you are not wanting to wait long.

While this is only 5 of many amazing Thai Restaurants, be sure to search Thai Food Near Me to see what amazing locations are near you.

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