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Thai food is as flavorful and fun to eat as it is to learn about. As one of America’s favorite cuisines, Thai food restaurants are quickly popping up in both urban and rural areas in abundance. Whether you’re looking to dine on some coconut shrimp or some tasty pad thai, finding a Thai restaurant near you is a breeze.

Are you interested in finding Thai food in your area? Simply browse Thai near me on the map below and discover great new Thai restaurants in your area. Need a bit more information on Thai food? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more. You might just discover something new to share over your next Thai meal.

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Thai Near Me – Thai Trivia

True or false: In Thai culture, eating alone is considered to be bad luck.

Eating alone is becoming more and more common, especially as many individuals take to restaurants on their lunch break. For some people, dining alone can be a peaceful and reflective time, a chance to get to savor their food without having to engage in conversation. While it’s not uncommon to enjoy a meal on your own in America, Thai culture generally regards eating alone in a very different way. In fact, the way Thai people dine and eat food at restaurants tends to be very different than how it is done in America. For starts, Thai culture tends to treat eating alone as a bad luck gesture. It’s frowned upon and considered to be in a harbinger of negativity. Food is to be shared and enjoyed amongst good company. Another thing you might not know is that individuals generally tend to order the same number of dishes as there are people present at the table. Typically families will share dishes rather than only eating their own. As you search Thai near me, make sure you have a group to dine with!

thai near me

Thai food is a true treat for the senses in every way!

What is Thai cuisine a perfect blend of?

Thai cuisine is exciting to the palette and to the senses. What you might not know is that Thai food seeks to be a perfect blend of all four seasonings- salty, sweet, sour, and spicy. Unlike traditional American foods which can be bland or lacking in flavor, Thai dishes combine all four tastes. In fact, Thai cuisine lays a lot of importance on fresh fruits and vegetables, which is clearly evident in their delicious curries and one of a kind desserts. As you search Thai near me, consider how the combination of these four flavors can really make this cuisine stand out above all other ethnic foods.

What do Thai people never waste at dinner?

In many countries, wasting food at dinner is common. If someone is full or simply not enjoying their meal, it’s not uncommon for that food to get thrown out or go to waste. In Thailand, waste is highly uncommon, especially when it comes to rice. Thai people never waste rice on the plate or even step on rice because they consider it to be sacred. According to Thai culture, every single grain of rice is believed to have a divine element in it. Because of this, wasting rice is frowned upon and highly unusual. Another food fact that might surprise you about Thailand is that baking is not a thing in this country. While searching Thai near me, you may have noticed that none of the food is baked. Believe it or not, most Thai households don’t even have an oven.

Thai Near Me – Thai Facts

A Formal Presentation

As you search Thai near me, you’ll quickly come to realize that when it comes to Thai cuisine, formal presentation is a big part of enjoying a meal. In fact, the formal presentation of food is considered to be one of the most important aspects of Thai food culture. When did this custom first develop? According to historians, the classic and formal presentation of food was first developed primarily for the King of Siam. Those who prepared the food at the palace were eager to please the King and impress him by bringing food in non-traditional ways. Thai food presentation is considered to be among the most exquisite in the world. Dinners often include elaborate cutlery, custom wares, and fine dishes or plates. Thai cutlery generally consists of a fork and a large spoon (or tablespoon). Chopsticks are generally only used when eating noodles and are not provided for meals that are better eaten with a fork and spoon. As you eat your next Thai meal, take some time to truly enjoy the presentation of your food. Take stock in the history of serving meals that are extraordinary in every way. It might just elevate your next Thai experience.

Thai Noodles

Thai noodles are one of the most popular dishes ordered at an American Thai restaurant. Not only are Thai noodles delicious, but they’re typically very affordable and filling. Unlike many Thai dishes, which tend to be served family style, most Thai noodle dishes are only intended to be eaten by one individual. Though some Thai restaurants will serve noodle dishes, particularly Pad Thai, noodles tend to be more common at street stalls that specialize in Thai noodle dishes. As you search Thai near me, you’ll find that Thai noodles come in an eclectic variety of shapes and sizes, including “small” (sen lek”), “large (sen yai), angel hair (sen mee), and x-large (gway tiow). What type of noodles you get with your order will largely depend on the individual dish ordered. You most likely won’t be able to choose which noodles are included with your particular dish. Almost every Thai noodle is made of rice, though egg noodles and mungbean based noodles are also very common in Thai restaurants both abroad and in the United States.

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