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For those dealing with mental illness or a trauma, visiting a therapist can prove an effective addition to any treatment plan. Not only can a therapist help one to recognize patterns and behaviors, but they can provide coping mechanisms to keep patients on the path to wellness. Whether you’re suffering after the death of a loved one or diagnosed depression, therapy can be a vital component to you getting back to feeling like your true self.

Interested in finding a therapist near you? Simply browse therapist near me on the map below and find a list of qualified therapists in your local area. Looking for a bit more information on therapy? Read on for facts, trivia, and more. You’ll find all of the tools necessary for health and wellness!

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True or false: Therapy is only for people with serious issues.

If you’re looking to find a therapist, you may encounter some myths concerning who therapy is for and what kind of patients a therapist is willing to take on. Some people truly believe that an individual must be diagnosed with a psychological disorder or be experiencing profound trauma in order to seek therapy. This is simply not the case. Consider this as you search therapist near me. No therapist will turn away a patient to who believes their services are required, even if you’re suffering from anxiety or depression for the very first time. Therapy is beneficial to most people, even those who are largely considered to be mentally well. Sometimes, just having a non-judgmental third party to vent your frustrations to can take a huge load off of your shoulders. Research has shown that some people will wait as long as six years before reaching out for helping. Waiting won’t help you to fix your problems, in fact, it will typically exacerbate your issues and make them much harder to resolve. If you’re having a hard time or have recently experienced some major setbacks, consult a therapist today. You won’t regret the help!

therapist near me

Never be afraid to seek the help you deserve!

True or false: Therapists are all about the money, not your well being.

Though therapists do make a nice living doing what they do, therapy is not all about the money. In fact, if therapists were really only in the practice for the money, many would have likely chosen easier careers. For example, law school or business school could have offered the same way of life, without the complications of helping individuals to untangle their lives. Therapists choose their profession because they have a respect for humanity and a strong sense of empathy. They are active listeners who strive to make individuals who are suffering to feel heard, understood, and seen for the very first time. Therapy may be a bit costly without the help of insurance, but it is well worth your time. As you search therapist near me, consider how regular trips to therapy could potentially lead you to a better quality of life.

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You Are Not Flawed Or Crazy

Somewhere along the line, therapy earned a reputation of being reserved for those who were flawed or needing to be fixed. While ignorant folks might hold this view of therapy practices, most people see therapy as a step in the right direction. If you’re searching therapist near me, know that you are not flawed, crazy, or unfixable. The truth is, most people who seek the help of a therapist are ordinary people dealing with ordinary problems. Having to adjust to new life changes, processing anger, working on self esteem, and experiencing grief are just a few examples of why people seek the help of a therapist. While some who week therapy may be experiencing deeper issues (one quarter of all US adults have a diagnosable mental health condition), a majority of folks who visit a therapist regularly are just trying to make it through the ups and downs of life in a healthy and positive way. By seeking help, you are proving just how strong and self aware you really are. There is no weakness in reaching out when you are struggling, that is the very definition of strength and resiliency.

Therapists Are People Too

Many people like to put therapists up on a pedestal as if they have hold all of the answers or the wisdom of the universe. While many therapists are very wise, they are people too. They don’t have special powers and some may not have their “stuff” together. It is this strange idea that therapists are somehow beyond the average person that can be intimidating to the average man or woman looking to seek help. Like anyone in the world, therapists don’t usually start out by having their lives together. They’ve simply developed the skills and coping mechanisms necessary to deal with life in a healthy and responsible way. Through their own struggles, many have developed great insight and empathy. All things that can help them to connect with you during your therapy sessions. While searching therapist near me, remember that therapists can help you to achieve great mental well being, but you have to put in the hard work on your end as well!

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