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Coffee chain Tim Hortons is known for its delicious brew, tasty doughnuts, and cult like following. Few who have sampled Tim Horton’s have been able to resist going back for more. In fact, this business is practically a Canadian national treasure.

Are you interested in finding a Tim Horton’s location near you? Simply browse Tim Hortons near me on the map below and find a list of Tim Hortons locations in a close proximity to your current locale. Need a bit more information on Tim Hortons. Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history on this revered brand!

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Tim Hortons Near Me – Tim Hortons Trivia

True or false: Prior to selling doughnuts, Tim Hortons sold burgers.

Odds are if you’re searching Tim Hortons near me, you’re not on the hunt for a cheeseburger or fries. Weirdly enough, prior to selling its beloved doughnuts, Tim Hortons actually tried its hands at selling burgers. It was Jim Charade, a man who is often passed over when considering the history of Tim Hortons, that actually convinced Stanley Cup winning hockey star Tim Horton to go into the restaurant business. Charade had been attempting to open up a successful coffee and doughnut shop for several years without luck. In fact, he kept losing money. He believed that having a celebrity name behind him might just give him the boost that his business needed. Unfortunately, at the time, the former Toronto Maple Leafs star was more interested in burgers than doughnuts. Together they formed Tim and Jim LTD, and opened a burger and hot dog restaurant in the North Bay of Ontario. Lucky for all of us doughnut and coffee lovers, the duo quickly got back back on the doughnut train to bring us the excellent Tim Horton’s doughnuts we know and love today.

tim hortons near me

Tim Hortons is now a major part of Canadian culture.

True or false: Tim Hortons initially only offered two doughnut flavors.

When you walk into a Tim Horton’s today or search Tim Hortons near me, you’re hit with a bevy of doughnut flavor options. This was not always the case. When hamburgers and hot dogs didn’t sell quite as well as Tim and Jim had hoped, they bowed out of the business and opened the first Tim Hortons in 1964. The very first establishment was on the site of an old Esso Gas Station in Hamilton, Ontario. The humble location sold 69 cent doughnuts and 10 cent cups of coffee (if only the prices had stayed!). Their doughnut offerings were limited to just two flavors: Apple fritter and dutchie. That’s right, there was no double chocolate or chocolate frosted. Forget about sprinkles and adornments. Tim Horton’s was initially very simplistic in its pursuit of doughnut glory.

When did the real Tim Horton die?

Sadly, the real Tim Horton passed away just ten years into the chains existence. On the morning of February 21, 1974, Horton who was 44 years old at the time, lost his life in a single vehicle crash. He was reportedly on his way home from playing a losing hockey game. At this time Tim Horton’s was the third largest chain in Canada. Jim Charade was no longer in the picture. His half had been given to Ron Joyce. The year after Horton’s death, Joyce paid Horton’s family $1 million for their share in the company.

Tim Hortons Near Me – Tim Hortons Facts

The Infamous Missing Apostrophe

Grammar lovers have long hated the missing apostrophe in the Tim Horton’s name. Though Tim Hortons was originally Tim Horton’s- as grammar says it should be, the apostrophe did not stick. Even though the shop was owned by Tim Horton and not a gathering of several Tim Hortons, a revolution was at hand. In 1977, after years of tense and often violent demonstrations by Pro-French citizens of Quebec, the powerful PArti Quebecois passed, Bill 101. This made French the sole official language in Quebec. After the bill passed, it became illegal for business to advertise English names. If a business were to advertise solely in English, they would be hit with very large fines. Since the apostrophe in Tim Hortons is an English punctuation mark, the company had no real choice except to drop the mark. Rather than adopt separate branding, the company changed their name worldwide to Tim Hortons.Consider this strange fact while searching Tim Hortons near me!

The Classic Order

If you’re searching Tim Hortons near me, you’re going to need to know the classic order. What’s the classic order at Tim Hortons? A double-double-coffee with two creams and two sugars. Foreigners are often accused of getting it very wrong. Allegedly when former US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice visited a Tim Horton’s in 2006, she ordered a coffee black with sweetener, an act that many Tim Hortons purists found truly despicable. In 2004, “double-double” was officially added to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary along with more than 5000 new words. In order to add the word, they were tasked with discovering if the term was only used at Tim Hortons or if it were used more widely. The book’s editor found that patrons in Canada began using the term to order at coffee shops all over the place and not just Tim Hortons, though the trend belongs to this iconic brand.

Canadian Identity

Tim Hortons is so popular in Canada, that the country attributes a great deal of its culture to the chain, considering it to be one of the most quintessentially Canadian things there is. In fact, when Tim Horton’s went public in 2000, Adrian Mastraccis, president of KCM wealth management described his desire to invest as a show of patriotism.

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