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Since the invention of the pneumatic tire in 1888 by John Boyd Dunlap of Belfast, tire shops have been a necessity both in the US and abroad. While the tire wasn’t initially a smashing success with the advent of automobiles, tires soon reached amazing heights.

Are you interested in finding a tire shop near you? Simply browse tire shops near me on the map below and find a list of tire shops located in your area. Need a bit more information on tire shops? Read on for facts, trivia, and information on tires and shops in the US!

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Tire Shops Near Me – Tire Shops Trivia

True or false: For the first 25 years of the car, tires were white.

While searching tire shops near me, you likely won’t find any white tires in this day age, but for the first 25 years of the automobile it was a highly different story. Due to the zinc oxide that was added to the rubber for strength, tires were white instead of the opaque black we know today.

tire shops near me

A typical tire shop not only offers tires, they offer wheel rotation, balance, and wheel alignment.

What year was the Goodyear Tire Company established?

One can’t talk about tires or tire shops without at least mentioning Goodyear tires. The company was established in 1898 by Frank Sieberling who started the goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in Akron, Ohio. Named for Charles Goodyear, the developer of vulcanized rubber, Seiberling borrowed a whopping (for the time) 3,500 dollars from his brother in law to develop and purchase the company’s very first factory. The factory originally employed just thirteen workers, but the company quickly grew to become the largest producer of rubber items in the world, including bicycle tires, pneumatic carriage and automobile tires, horseshoes and hoses.

When was the first tubeless tire created?

While searching tire shop near me, consider that the first tubeless automobile tire wasn’t created until 1903 by the Goodyear company. In 1909, following the invention, Goodyear branched out and found a good home in the aviation industry, producing the very first airplane tires ever. Until this point in time, pilots were forced to utilize bicycle tires on their planes. Just three years after creating the first airplane tire, Goodyear created the very first blimp.

What do run flat tires do?

Many people searching tire shop near me are interested in knowing more about run flat tires. Run flat tires are designed to temporarily drive without air should your tire go flat. These tires boast a thicker sidewall which can support the vehicle’s weight for up to 100 miles. Despite their being some noticeable disadvantages in terms of performance, luxury carmakers such as BMW often fit most of their vehicles with run flat tires as consumers truly enjoy the peace of mind.’

Tire Shops Near Me – Tire Shops Facts

An Important Rule in Buying Tires

If you’re searching tire shops near me then you’re likely in the market for some new tires. The number one rule in buying tires is to do your research first! Know what you want as far as performance goes and what your needs are. Do you need snow tires for bad winters? Are you concerned with the overall handling of your car? Another thing to keep in mind is what you liked about your current tires and what you didn’t like.Experts cite that knowing your own driving preferences and how your car operates under different conditions is highly important in making a tire purchase.

Tires Discarded Per Year

Ever wonder what tire shops do with all of the tires that are no longer needed or in good enough shape to reuse? Well, for the most part those tires head straight to recycling. With more than 250 million tires discarded every year, recycling programs have popped up to utilize old tires for asphalt and to shred them for garden mulch. Several companies have even been established to make new tires out of old ones. The moral of the story is that your tire’s life doesn’t end when the treads get too worn to drive, they continue on and on as other products for years to come.

The Worlds Largest Manufacturer of Tires

Sure, while searching tire shops near me, you’d likely think that the world’s largest producer of tires would be top brands such as Goodyear or Michelin. Surprisingly enough, the world’s largest manufacturer of tires is none other than toy company Lego. The company reportedly produces an astonishing 306 million tiny tires every year for it’s Lego play sets. That’s a lot of little tires!

The Future of Tires

Like any product that receives everyday use, innovators are searching for ways to make the things we use everyday even better. Right now tire giant Michelin is working on what it calls the “Tweel.” What is the “Tweel?” It is a one piece airless wheel and tire. The tweel offers the possibility of a life free of flat tires. It would also include replaceable treads so that the tire itself would never have to be discarded. Only time will tell where the future will take us!

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