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Having the right tires can make a major difference in how your vehicle handles on a day to day basis and in inclement weather. Tire tread, tire type, and balding can all affect your driving experience, especially in the winter months. This means that finding the right tires for your car and your driving needs is as important as having the right car insurance.

Are you interested in finding tire stores near you? Simply browse tire stores near me on the map below and find a list of tire stores located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on tires and tire stores? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Tire Stores Near Me – Tire Stores Trivia

Who invented the rubber used on tires?

Rubber has a lot of uses in the modern world, but none are more important than car tires. Strangely enough, rubber was not always quite as useful as it is today. In fact, early rubber had difficulty holding shape, became very sticky to the touch in hot weather and became rather inflexible in the colder months. This meant that rubber was pretty much useless as a proper material for tires. After all, if a tire can’t hold its round shape, it’s not even really a tire. So who made it possible for rubber to be used on tires? Consider this as you search tire stores near me. Historians credit Charles Goodyear with the discovery of vulcanizing rubber. In 1839, Goodyear perfected the vulcanization process by heating rubber with sulfur. This transformed the sticky raw and seemingly useful rubber into a firm material that is perfect for use as a tire. Though the Goodyear name is still synonymous with quality tires, the story of Charles Goodyear isn’t exactly a happy one. Although Goodyear dedicated his entire life to perfecting rubber and the rubber tire, he never profited from his work. Sadly, Charles Goodyear died bankrupt without a penny to his name. If only Goodyear could see what his inventions have inspired and the brand that uses his namesake today.

tire stores near me

A tire store can offer the widest selection of both name brand and off brand tires.

True or false: The natural color of rubber is white.

When you think of car tires or even bicycle tires, what color tends to come to mind? For most of us, black is the first color that we’re ingrained to associate with tires. However, you may be surprised that this is not the natural color of rubber. Consider this as you search tire stores near me. According to scientists, the natural color of rubber is actually white. This is why tires were white for the first 25 years of their existence due to the byproduct of Zinc Oxide being added into the mix to give the rubber strength and form. It wasn’t until researchers began adding carbon black to tires for longevity that car tires were seen in their now iconic black color.

Tire Stores Near Me – Tire Stores Facts

Tech and Tires

It might not be apparent right off the bat, but technology has a huge hand in the development of better and more effective tires. In fact, it is due to new advances in tech that tire makers are able to develop longer lasting and more predictive tires. As you search tire stores near me, consider the beautiful marriage between tires and tech. For decades, computer systems have been playing a major role in tire design. New advances in analysis software can act on years of data, which allows for engineers to simulate the performance of tread design and focus on other design parameters. The software helps to create a three dimensional image of a possible tire design. It then calculates the effects of certain stresses on the proposed design and how this could lead to tire breakdown or effectiveness over time. This predictive technology can help engineers to design tires based on real life driving conditions, weather, and even particular types of drivers. These simulations then typically lead to prototype designs, which are tested rigorously for safety and efficiency.

A Tire that Never Goes Flat?

One gripe most of us have when it comes to tires or searching tire stores near me, is the fact that tires can go flat for a number of reasons. Whether you’ve run over something in the road or are just low on tread, there are many reasons why a tire can deflate or lose air. Luckily, science has our backs! Engineers are currently experimenting with non-pneumatic tires that can never go flat because they don’t actually contain any air pressure. One such pneumatic tire is a slab of thick plastic attached to a wheel rim. The plastic then curves out from the rim to a point where a rubber tread is secured to the plastic for efficient contact on the road. Not only will these tires offer lower rolling resistance and peace of mind, but they’ll help drivers to achieve better fuel economy and superior handling due to a greater area of contact between the tread of the tire and the road itself.

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