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People love their tires. We use them all the time to get around. They bring us here and there and we rely on them for so much. Everything from your car to your skateboard to the shopping cart. They all need a good set of tires, and when you are looking for a new set of tires for your vehicle, you can check out the Tires Near Me Map below.

It will show you the locations of all of the different tire suppliers in your area. Just click on a location and you will get the company name, address and phone number. You will also find their hours of operation and if they have one, a company website. You can also find reviews from past customers and with a few clicks get your directions. After you are done checking out the map, if you are interested in some tire purchasing tips, facts and tire trivia, keep reading below.

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Tires Near Me – Tires Trivia

Tire Purchasing Tips

Have you ever purchased tires before? There can be a lot of difficult choices that you need to make in selecting the right tires and knowing the approximate costs for the tires you are purchasing. Before you purchase, it is important to be ready. So, here are some important tips to help you on your journey.

tires near me

The tweel is an airless tire being made by Michelin.

1. Do you need new tires?

While it might seem really like a silly question, it is the first thing to make sure. While tires may just be, in theory, simply rubber bags that hold air. They are complex creations, twenty or more components making them up. They are the creation of millions of dollars and man hours being put into research and design to ensure that they provide the best support, grip and toughness to get the job done. They support the weight of your vehicle and everything inside of it. They maintain the grip while the car turns and stops. They reduce the amount of discomfort from uneven roads and protect the car from debris on the road. So, they are important and complex. All that said, you need to check to make sure that they do need replacing.

When checking your tires, a basic visual check will help you decide if your tires are ready to be replaced. Some important things to check on are the following: cracking, wear, bulging and being flat. Cracking can occur along the sidewalls of the tire. If this is happening, it is important to get your tires changed. Wearing happens normally, but if it starts to become excessive, it is time for replacement. If you can’t see the tread in some areas, the tires can’t grip properly and your car will skid and slide. If it is just uneven wear, you may be able to get away with a tire rotation, ask your tire expert if this is possible. Bulging happens when damage and weakening happens to part of the tire and causes almost like a bump on the tire. This both makes the tire weaker but it also prevents it from going its job. So, replacement is needed. Finally, if your tire is flat, it may be able to get it replaced. Driving on it will damage the inside walls and prevent that from happening, so if you have a temporary fix like a spray you may be able to help it. Towing will protect the tire and be able to give you the best chance for replacement if you don’t have a spare.

2. Check your owners manual.

The owners manual should have instructions on what type and size of tire is designed for. Making sure that the tires that are on your car are the right size and type will help the car perform better and preserve the life of the tire. Also, if your car was not purchased new, check that the tires you have on it are correct.

3. Did you like the tires or do you want something new?

Okay, we have decided that you need new tires. You have checked your owner manual and know what kind you need. If the tires you are replacing were good and you liked them, why not try and get the same type? If they aren’t available or aren’t wanted, you will need to decide one what kind of tire you want. Knowing what the code for the tires does is helpful in making this choice. For example, “P” stands for passenger vehicles and “LT” stands for light truck. The “R” is for radial construction (the standard). Once you have selected, make sure that you have a matching set. If your tires are pretty new and only one went out, you could get away with just replacing that one, as long as it was matching, but having matching tires is important for performance.

While you are there looking at the tires, be sure to check the prices of the various types and choices you have. If you aren’t sure, take out your phone and check the prices at a few different major dealers to price compare. If you are stuck in one place, you might not have a choice but going with what that dealer had to offer. If it sounds outrageous, don’t be afraid of negotiating. Most small shops might be able to cut you a deal, at least on the labour costs.

4. Don’t forget about your spare

When you replace your tires, make sure your spare is in good shape. It is better to walk away with everything done and a bit more money spent than being stuck somewhere because you forgot about it.

5. Be nice to your new tires

Take it easy for the first few hundred miles. It will take awhile for the tires to form properly and get used to the weight of your vehicle. So, don’t push your car hard fore a couple of weeks, or more depending on your driving habits. Don’t forget to take care of the new tires and when you are ready for replacing one, search up Tires Near Me or go back to the place you went if you liked them.

Tires Near Me – Tires Facts

Tire Facts and Trivia

Read for some fun and wacky facts about tires? Here we go.

1. Tires start off white. Well, not exactly. The majority of tires is rubber, which by default is a white color; however, when they add carbon which is used for various reasons to increase things like the toughness of the tire, it turns it black. If something is ever found better than carbon, we may get another color for our tires.

2. The largest tire in the world was made in the 1960s. It is currently held in Allen Park, Michigan, but before was used as a Farris Wheel at the World Fair in New York in 1964/1965. The tire is 80 feet tall and weights 12 tons. The tire is capable of withstanding a hurricane and would need an amazingly large truck to be able to actually be used for everything. It also doesn’t come in a set as it is one of a kind at this time.

3. Never want to change a tire again? Well, not coming soon, but if you don’t want to have to worry about getting a flat, you will want to cheer on Michelin. They are working on creating an airless tire called a “tweel”. It will be a one piece tire with no air in it. Where the air normally is are going to be high strength poly-resin spokes that connect to the sturdy outer wall. The tires are designed to reduce the overall mass on the tires and increase the comfort of the passengers in the car.

4. What happens to recycled tires? With more than 250 million tires being discarded each year, the tires need to go somewhere. Most of them get melted down and re-purposed. One of the biggest uses of recycled tires is creating asphalt, for creating roads. Some are also used for creating garden mulch, by shredding the tires into tiny pieces. They are also used to create padding for playground areas.

5. Do you always rely on your spare tire when you get a flat? Well, you better be sure to check in your trunk whenever you purchase a new car. It seems that most manufacturers have stopped selling cars with spare tires as the default. They have been removing them for a number of reasons, but the biggest culprit is vehicle mass for care efficiency tests. Instead, they normally provide an emergency kit which includes a patch spray and an air compressor that can be powered by the vehicle; however, if it is a big hole or an exploded tire, a patch kit wont help. If you really want the comfort of the spare, be sure to ask for it when you purchase your new car.

6. Lego Group is the world’s largest tire maker in the world. They produces more tires than any other company, though only for toys. You wont find them when you search Tires Near Me; however, after you do fix your tire you can enjoy building some Lego cars.

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