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When our cars are less than reliable, a tow truck can prove a saving grace. Whether you’ve got a flat tire, a broken axle, or even an overheating car: a tow truck can safely move your car off of the road and to the nearest garage for repairs. Often tow trucks come at a low cost with friendly drivers willing to assist in any way that they can. Are you interested in finding a tow truck in your area? Simply browse tow truck near me and find a list of tow truck drivers operating in your area. Need a bit more information on tow trucks? Read on for facts, trivia, and information on tow trucks in the US!

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Tow Truck Near Me – Tow Truck Trivia

Who is credited with inventing the tow truck?

The history of the tow truck is one that is often overlooked by modern history buffs. As many stories go, this one is steeped in legend. According to some historians, the tow truck industry was born in 1916 after a driver suddenly lost control of his Tin Lizzie- A Ford Model T. The car ended up in Chickamauga Creek, which winds through the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. Ernest Holmes Senior, who was a devoted member of the local auto club and whose brother owned a service station, heard of the mishap and quickly went to aide in recovery efforts. The task took ten men around eight hours to complete. This left Holmes with a bitter taste in his mouth and he vowed to find a better way. With that, Holmes returned to his garage and began formulating a plan to build a wrecker. With the help of friends L.C. Decker and Elmer Gross, Holmes did just that. Consider this while searching tow truck near me!

tow truck near me

Calling a tow truck is easier and more convenient than ever.

What year did Ernest Holmes receive a patent for his tow truck design? ‘

Though Holmes, faced many failures on his quest to build the first tow truck and ease the burden of many stranded and wrecked car owners, he eventually made enough improvements to his design that he secured a patent in 1919. By the end of that year, Holmes was selling branded wreckers. The wreckers were mounted on the backs of used cars. His first successful model was the Holmes which is currently on display in a museum. Coupled with a 1913 Locomobile, the car sold new for around $6,000 (a hefty price tag at the time). The model on exhibit is currently worth around $250,000.

How much does a modern tow truck weigh?

If you’re searching tow truck near me, you may be wondering just how much a modern tow truck actually weighs. According to many statistics, tow trucks tend to weigh over 6,000 pounds empty and tend to have a payload max of 3,000 to 4,000 pounds. The average tow truck is capable of towing around 13,000 pounds. Since tow trucks are much stiffer than half-ton trucks, someone in the market for a tow truck needs to think long and hard about whether they actually need extra towing capabilities.

Tow Truck Near Me – Tow Truck Facts

Types of Tow Trucks

On your quest to find tow truck near me, consider how many types of tow trucks there really are. When driving on the road, it is difficult to decipher more than one style of tow truck. While at first, there was only one type of truck, the car industry has evolved rapidly. The original tow truck is known as the traditional tow truck, but there are 5 additional types. The five additional types of tow trucks are: the Boom; Hook and Chain; the Wheel-lift; the Flatbed (the most common vehicle carrier currently for sale) and the integrated tow truck.

Operating a Tow Truck

If you think it’s easy to operate a tow truck or a job that anyone could do, think again. Like many blue collar professions, this one requires a skill and logic. Operating a tow truck is not something that anyone can just start doing tomorrow. The entire tow truck industry is regulated by several acts and laws. To actually drive the tow truck, you’ll have to obtain a license after passing a series of tests. Many individuals who take the test will not pass. Only those who are very proficient in operating a vehicle of that caliber and size will go on to obtain jobs in the industry. Some countries even have a tow truck acts that regulate towing and requires special plates.

Different Types of Towing

If you’re searching tow truck near me and are in need of a tow, consider the different kinds of towing so you can select the service that’s right for you. There are currently five different types of towing. The first is flatbed towing. This type of towing allows for the safe and reliable transport of your vehicle. It is suitable for both short and long distances and is adequate for vehicles including SUVS, cars, mini-trucks, utility trucks and antique cars. The second type of towing is wheel lift towing. For a vehicle that weighs less than 10,000 pounds, this option is not only cheaper and more efficient, but it can be a bit safer as well. The third is medium duty towing. This is another reliable option for vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds, including larger trucks. The fourth type is heavy duty towing. Heavy duty towing provides a versatile solution for towing large vehicles and work style trucks. The fifth option is motorcycle towing. In the US, motorcycles are considered a luxury item. Finding the right company to tow your motorcycle is of the utmost importance. Calling up a company that specializes in towing motorcycles will likely be your best bet.

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