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Though cars are reliable more often than not, sometimes circumstances require one to call a tow truck for a lift. Whether your car won’t start or you’ve been in an accident, a tow truck can help you to get on your way quickly and professionally.

Are you interested in finding towing near you? Simply browse towing near me on the map below and find a list of towing services located in your area. Need a bit more information on towing? Read on for facts, trivia, and tips on having your car towed. You might just learn something new!

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Towing Near Me – Towing Trivia

What year was the tow truck invented?

Tow trucks are a pretty important part of the automotive industry. Without them, many drivers would find themselves stranded on the side of the road without a way to move their vehicles into a shop for repairs. Who invented this modern necessity? Consider this as you search towing near me. The tow truck was first invented and conceptualized in 1916 by Sr. Ernest Holmes. Holmes once stumbled upon an issue in which he had to pull a car out of a creek. At the time, he had to use blocks, ropes, and a team of six men to free the car. After the incident, Holmes came up with the design for a tow truck. The early design featured a flat surface attached behind the truck which served as a means to carry the car easily and efficiently without damaging any part of the undercarriage. Homes invention was an immediate success and one that was long overdue. At first there was only one true type of tow truck, which is now known as the traditional tow truck. As the industry progressed and evolved, the tow truck also changed. Today, one can choose from a total of five types of tow trucks, including: the boom; the hook and chain; the wheel lift; the flatbed and the integrated tow truck.

towing near me

Having your car towed is often an unfortunate part of life.

Where is there a museum dedicated to tow trucks?

Interested in the storied history of the tow truck? There’s a museum for that! If you ever find yourself in Chattanooga, Tennessee after searching towing near me, you might want to stop by the tow truck museum! Located in the hometown of Sr. Ernest Sherlock, the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum displays resorted tow trucks, early mechanics tools, equipment, and even pictorial history of the industry that Holmes single handedly helped to create.

Can anyone operate a tow truck?

You might think that anyone who can drive a tow truck can operate a tow truck, but that’s simply not true. If you’re searching towing near me, then you’ll need to know that operating a tow truck is not something that just anyone can start doing tomorrow. In fact, the entire towing industry is heavily regulated by acts and laws. In order to actually drive a tow truck, you’ll have to procure a license for it. Only licensed and trained drivers can operate a tow truck on a professional level.

Towing Near Me – Towing Facts

The Best Type of Towing Service

Having to call a tow truck is a chore that most people hope to never encounter, but unfortunately, car problems are a part of life. What is the best type of towing service to call if you’re searching towing near me? According to experts, your best bet when it comes to towing will always be a flatbed. Flatbed towing is a safe and reliable option that is often very cost effective. Companies who specialize in flatbed towing are equipped with the resources necessary to lift your car, strap it appropriately, and take it off to the garage without incident. Most companies will offer long distance and short distance towing services for vehicles including; sports cars, mini trucks, antique cars, SUVs, utility trucks, and many more vehicle options. Flatbed trucks include a 4 wheel tie down system that has been proven to be the safest and best way to transport your car from your initial breakdown point to its final destination. Another great option is wheel lift towing. If your vehicle is small and weighs less than 10,000 pounds, wheel lift towing can be a cheaper and more efficient option. The flatbed is always there, but wheel lift towing can be far cheaper and save you some dough. Unfortunately, wheel lift towing isn’t recommended for long distance towing and your car must be under the 10,000 pound weight limit in order to qualify.

How To Choose The Right Towing Company

More often than not, if you’re searching towing near me, you don’t have a lot of time to debate the merits of one towing company over another. So how can one choose the right towing company quickly and with ease. Start by calling your insurance agent. They can furnish details on which companies they prefer to work with and who is currently available in your area. The nice thing about going with a company that works with your insurance is that pricing and coverage is often more transparent and simple. Most auto insurance companies will even cover the cost of a tow under a certain number of miles. The second thing to check out is whether the company has current licenses and insurance coverage. Look for services that they offer and if they can preferom some emergency repairs on the spot should you ask. Read through reviews if you have time, but remember that online reviews can be a bit biased. Finally, choose a company that meets your distance requirements and time frame. If it’s midnight, you’re not going to find much luck with a service that doesn’t operate 24/7.

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