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Since 1948, Toys R Us has proved a haven for kids big and small to have the freedom to just be a kid. Unlike many big box stores, Toys R Us focuses on just toys. Meaning that a trip to Toys R Us is as much an experience as it is a necessity. For children, this a quite different experience than just browsing the toy aisle at Target or Walmart.

Are you interested in finding a Toys R Us location near you? Simply browse Toys R Us near me on the map below and find a list of Toys R Us locations in your area. Need a bit more information on Toys R Us? Read on for facts and trivia on America’s favorite toy store!

Toys R Us Near Me – Find it on the Map

Toys R Us Near Me – Toys R Us Trivia

Who founded Toys R Us?

Often a company is only as great as the person who founded it. This is no exception when it comes to Toys R Us. This toy store giant was founded by Charles P. Lazarus in 1948 during the post war baby boom. What is now Toys R Us was originally dubbed the Children’s Supermart, a baby furniture retailer. It’s first location was in Washington D.C. After Lazarus began receiving nagging requests from his loyal customers to sell baby toys, he had no choice but to add a selection of toys to his successful furniture store. Upon adding the baby toys, customer’s requested toys for older children and adolescents. This is where Lazrus’ focus changed from furniture to toys. In 1957, Toys R Us was officially formed in Rockville, Maryland. Who knew that without customer input, one would have never been able to search Toys R Us near me?

toys r us near me

With bright colors and fun displays, Toys R Us is truly a haven for kids everywhere!

When was the Toys R Us mascot Geoffrey first created?

If you’re searching Toys R Us near me, then you’re likely at least a little familiar with the famous Toys R US mascot, Geoffrey the giraffe. What you might not know is when Geoffrey was first created. This famous giraffe was first created in 1965. At that point in time, Geoffrey was known as Dr. G. Raffe. It wasn’t until the artist created a more lifelike and vivid picture of the character that he adopted the name Geoffrey. Since then, Geoffrey has become so popular with customers and children that he often makes appearances at events. In 1973, Toys R Us even adopted an entire line of Geoffrey products in order to keep up with the fanfare of the world’s most famous cartoon giraffe.

True or false: Kids R Us is an extension of Toys R Us.

As you might already know if searching Toys R Us near me, the brand once had an offshoot called Kids R Us. Hoping to capitalize on the success of the “R Us” brand, Toys R Us sought to expand their audience and product line. In the 1980,s Kids R US was officially introduced to shoppers everywhere. The store sold children’s clothing and accessories for kid’s ages 5 to 12. Today the two major players in the “R Us” family are Toys R Us and Babies R Us. Proving that more often than not, it’s important to stick to your roots.

Toys R Us Near Me – Toys R Us Facts

A New Era

When did Toys R Us officially attempt to usher in a new era in their toy store? 1999. It was during this year that Toys R Us produced a number of radical changes, including changes in the role of Geoffrey the giraffe and his family. During this time Geoffrey’s family were cut from the roster of mascots in an attempt to personify the true customer of Toys R Us: kids. Since kids aren’t married or having children, Toys R Us wanted Geoffrey to be light hearted and free of responsibility. It was also during this time that Geoffrey was no longer used to promote the toy store or attend events, instead he was hailed as a beloved mascot and nothing else.

The Toys R Us Flagship Store

In July of 2001, Toys R Us opened their first flagship store in New York City’s Times Square. This quickly established the store as the “Toy store center of the universe.” Not only was Toys R US Times Square the biggest Toys R Us in the US, but it boasted a 60 foot ferris wheel, a 20 foot animatronic T-Rex, a life size Barbie doll house, and a New York City skyline composed entirely of Lego bricks. Toys R US Times Square became one of the top tourist destinations in New York City and was even Zagat rated as one of the best destinations for families in the Big Apple. Sadly, if you’re searching Toys R Us near me now, you’ll no longer be able to take an adventurous wander through the world’s biggest toy store. The flagship store closed its doors in December of 2015.

Express Pop Up Stores

Good news, if you’re searching Toys R Us near me, you might stumble upon a Toys R Us express location even if you can’t find a stand alone Toys R Us store. Toys R Us Express was first introduced in 2007 as a way to help time strapped parents purchase toys in nationwide malls and shopping centers. They also included Toys R Us Express stores in select Babies R Us locations to further help parents to secure quality toys without hitting separate shops or centers. Aside from Express pop up stores, Toys R Us now also features toys by acclaimed toy retailer FAO Schwarz. Today a highly coveted selection of collectible toys from FAO Schwarz can be found at most Toys R Us and Express locations.

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