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Founded in Minot, North Dakota in 1939, Tractor Supply Co. has been helping the hard working American to keep their home and fields on a budget. Whether you’re looking for lawn and garden supply, pet/animal food, pet care items, work apparel, and even hardware; Tractor Supply has the blue collar American’s needs covered.

Are you interested in finding a tractor supply in your area? Simply browse Tractor Supply near me on the map below and find a list of Tractor Supply locations in your proximity. Need a bit more insight on this brand? Read on for facts and trivia on what makes Tractor Supply so special.

Tractor Supply Near Me – Find it on the Map

Tractor Supply Near Me – Tractor Supply Trivia

True or false: Tractor Supply began as a mail order parts business.

True! In the past, searching Tractor Supply near me wasn’t even an option. The brand didn’t begin with stand alone stores or brick and mortar establishments, instead Tractor Supply found its footing as a mail order tractor parts business in 1938. The first retail location wasn’t founded until 1939 in Minot, North Dakota. Nowadays, Tractor Supply’s headquarters are located in Brentwood, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville.

tractor supply near me

All tractor supply stores feature a large spacious warehouse feel.

How big is the typical Tractor Supply store?

If you’ve walked into a Tractor Supply location recently, then you know that this chain is known for its bright and airy digs. The typical Tractor Supply store has about 15,500 square feet of indoor selling space, with most locations boasting a similar amount of space outside for recreational vehicles, tractors, and lawn supply items. Every store boasts itself on supplying unique products to support customers who lead a rural lifestyle, from animal care products to workwear items for both men and women, this brand is all about helping the hard working American keep going on a day to day basis. Aside from workwear and equipment, Tractor Supply is also known for selling animal feed for cows and horses, power tools, riding mowers, snow blowers, and medical supplies for pets. Each store employees a team of knowledgable blue collar workers that includes livestock owners, farmers, and even welders. Because of this, Tractor Supply employees can prove an invaluable source of knowledge on a variety of topics.

True or false: Tractor Supply is the largest supplier of rural lifestyle items in the United States.

If you’re searching Tractor Supply near me, then you know that this fact is definitely true. Tractor Supply is unquestionably the largest supplier or rural lifestyle goods in the United States. With 1,500 retail stores in 49 states, this brand employs more than 23,000 team members across the nation. Annually, the brand rakes in about $6.2 billion in revenue.

Tractor Supply Near Me – Tractor Supply Facts

An Amazon Proof Business

For many retail stores, the biggest competition that they face is web retailers such as Amazon who can sell items at a slightly lower cost than their brick and mortar counterparts. While Amazon may take from stores such as Target and Walmart, Tractor Supply seems to be an Amazon proof business. According to Forbes Financial Magazine, what makes Tractor Supply so iron clad is the fact that they tailor each of their stores to the customer base they are serving. Roughly 15% of all merchandise sold at a Tractor Supply location is tailored to fit a “hyper localized” market. This means that while one Kentucky location may cater to equestrians, another one just miles away may cater to life in coal country or welders. Because of this, customers not only feel as if they have place in their hometown to buy goods that aren’t available anywhere else, they feel content in shopping at a store that knows their lifestyle and values. That’s something the internet simply cannot do. While searching Tractor Supply near me, think about the local area you live in and imagine just what kind of lifestyle your local Tractor Supply might be hearkening to.
Tractor Supply Mission and Values

While searching any business it’s good to have an idea of the values behind the brand. In searching Tractor Supply near me, you’ll find a mission and values statement worth rooting for. Find below a list of the values Tractor Supply holds in high esteem.

1. Ethics

Tractor Supply believes that true success can only be found when practicing good ethics. Doing the right thing leads to more good.

2. Respect

This company believes that one should always treat others they way they would want to be treated. This mean every customer is treated with kindness, consideration and respect.

3. Winning Attitude

All Tractor Supply employees from the bottom to the top are asked to have a can-do attitude.

4. Communication

Tractor Supply wants its employees to communicate with customers. Not only do they revel in helping consumers answer questions and find the right products, but the brand seeks to create a narrative between employees and the customers who regularly shop at a particular location.

5. Development

When searching Tractor Supply near me, you’ll likely find a lot of information on how this brand has developed. Employees believe that this chain won’t slow down anytime soon because they learn from one another and customers on a daily basis.

6. Teamwork

Teamwork is truly the cornerstone to Tractor Supply’s success.

7. Change

Tractor Supply believes that change is not something to be feared, it is to be embraced and leaned into at every moment.

8. Accountability

Always stand by your commitments and stay true to your word, that’s the Tractor Supply way of life.

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