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The modern supermarket is often a tedious affair: rows of the same brands of chips, soda, cereal, and snacks abound everywhere you look. Luckily, Trader Joe’s exists to break up the monotony and offer you something much richer than the typical grocery store experience. From cookie butter and horseradish chips, to ganache bacon chocolate- Trader Joe’s prides itself on it’s wacky offerings and great deals. No wonder the brand has earned legions of loyal fans who not only appreciate Trader Joe’s food, but their overall business model as well.

Are you interested in finding a Trader Joe’s location in your area? Simply browse Trader Joe’s near me on the map below and find a list of Trader Joe’s locations near you. Need a bit more information on Trader Joe’s? Read on for facts, trivia, and some history on this cheerful brand!

Trader Joe’s Near Me – Find it on the Map

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Trader Joe’s Near Me – Trader Joe’s Trivia

True or false: Trader Joe’s initially wanted to target overeducated but underpaid shoppers.

True! If you’ve been too a Trader Joe’s or are searching Trader Joe’s near me you’ve likely noticed one thing about this brand-the epic prices. There’s a reason for this. Aside from saving you money, Trader Joe’s initially sought to cater to the overeducated but underpaid crowd. Back in the 60’s Founder Joe Coulombe was a Stanford Business School grade who made some very savvy decisions when beginning the brand early on. Coulombe noticed a trend in the early 60’s that he couldn’t ignore: salaries for college grads were dropping significantly. He began slashing prices on products through the stores, hoping to garner some loyal shoppers looking to save a quick buck. He also loaded up on something else that well educated and savvy customers would certainly appreciate: booze! Essentially, Coulombe married a health food store to a liquor store and dubbed it Trader Joe’s. By cutting out the middleman early on, Coulombe had no issue in keeping prices low while still offering high quality products. This lead to loyalty few grocery stores have ever been able to create amongst their customer base.

trader joe's near me

Trader Joe’s may just be America’s favorite grocery store!

True or false: National brands make Trader Joe’s products.

This fact is surprisingly true! Trader Joe’s has always been known for their well priced and high quality products, but just where do their products come from? It’s a secret that Trader Joe’s doesn’t really want you to know, but well-known manufacturers do make their products and then sell them under the company’s name at a very significant discount. Why do these big brands manufacture Trader Joe’s grub? They want to be in Trader Joe’s and they want to make money. While Trader joe’s doesn’t publicize their vendor relationships and has made manufacturers swear to secrecy, many food journalists have managed to connect the dots on their own accord. For example, it’s believed that Annie’s Homegrown currently produces the Trader Joe’s white cheddar mac and cheese. Consider these facts while searching Trader Joe’s near me!

Trader Joe’s Near Me – Trader Joe’s Facts

Pirate Joe’s

If you’re searching Trader Joe’s near me in Canada, you’re out of luck. The store currently does not operate there. However, you may have some luck in visiting Pirate Joe’s. Canadian’s have a thing for Trader Joe’s which has head many of the good people of Vancouver no option but to bootleg products. How is this possible? Enter Pirate Joe’s. Pirate Joe’s is in no way affiliated with Trader Joe’s. It does however sell Trader Joe’s goods that have been trucked up from stores in Washington State. The owner of Pirate Joe’s, Mike Hallatt, has been thrown out of multiple Trader Joe’s for attempting to buy items in bulk. Because of this, he now employs a team of shoppers who visit the Trader Joe’s in Washington state, buy products and bulk, and load them all into a big van headed for the great White North. It may sound a bit illegal, but when Trader Joe’s sued Hallatt they actually lost, leaving Hallatt to keep running Pirate Joe’s for hungry Canadian citizens.

Keeping it Real

One aspect of business that Trader Joe’s has always prided themselves in is offering wholesome food that’s full of good for you ingredients. Every product offered in Trader Joe’s (excluding any potential off brand items such as booze) are free of all artificial flavors, preservatives, synthetic colors, genetically modified ingredients, and artificial trans fats. This brand knows that even people on a budget don’t want to consume harsh ingredients that could carry potential health ailments down the line. While these items are often much more expensive in a regular grocery store due to their organic or natural label, every item in Trader Joe’s bears real ingredients that you can actually pronounce without the high mark up. That’s literally keeping it real!

Committed to the Community

Every time you shop at Trader Joe’s or search Trader Joe’s near me, you’re supporting a brand that does a lot of good. Every Trader Joe’s store donates a significant portion of its products to local food banks and homeless shelters serving the communities they are located in. In 2013, over $260,000,000 worth of food products were given away to help fight hunger and supplement communities.

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