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For the outdoor enthusiast, there are few things more rewarding than a long day hitting your favorite trail. From the challenges a proper trail can present, to the breathtaking scenery, the right trail can instantly improve any hiking experience.

Are you interested in finding a trail near you? Simply browse Trails near me on the map below and find a list of Trails located in your area. Need a bit more information on trails? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and information on trails! You may just find your perfect hiking spot once and for all.

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Trails Near Me – Trails Trivia

When was the National Trails System established?

If you’re searching trails near me, you are likely a hiking enthusiast looking for a bit more information on the National Trails System. The trails system was established in 1965. The act helped to create a series of national trails in order to promote, preserve and give individuals an appreciation of outdoor areas and the historic resources of the nation. The act authorized a total of three types of trails: National Scenic Trails, National Recreation Trails, and connecting side to side trails. In 1968 an Act also created two national scenic trails: the Appalachian trail and the Pacific Crest trail. There was also a request for an additional fourteen trail routes to be studied for possible inclusion. In 1978, as a result of a study as to which trails were significant for their historic associations, a fourth trail category was officially added: The National Historic Trails. Since 1968, more than forty trail routes have been studied for inclusion in the system.

trails near me

Finding the right trail can mean hours of wonderful outdoor recreation.

Who helps to maintain the trails?

If you’ve recently gone hiking or are simply searching trails near me, you may be interested in who maintains and manages the trails we all walk on in recreation areas and states or national parks. According to statistics, volunteers put in 1.2 million hours of trail maintenance and management for the Forest Service in 2012. It’s estimated that the worth of these volunteers adds up to around $26 million. In 2014, more than 1 million hours of volunteer work were donated to helping maintain national scenic and historic trails. Without the help of these volunteers, many beloved trails would fall into a state of disrepair, as many parks aren’t granted enough funding to cover everything they need to do in the park on a yearly basis. The next time you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity, try dedicating some of your time to a local state park. Of course, there are plenty of resources available to find a wide range of trails throughout the United States.

Trails Near Me – Trails Facts

National Scenic Trails

In simply searching trails near me, you’re revealing that you have quite a bit of interest in hitting the trails and hiking your way to happiness. What are the National Scenic Trails everyone loves to talk about. They are the trails that have been established to provide access to the natural beauty, stunning vistas, and healthy outdoor activity. The National Scenic Trail system provides access to the crest of the Appalachian Mountains, to the Appalachian trail, to the Continental Divide Trail., and do the rocky mountains. You can also experience the stunning beauty of the Southern wetlands, the Gulf Coast, The Florida Trail. Or even the New York to North Dakota trail known as the North Country trail. You can also experience the vast diversity of landscapes of the southwest on the Arizona Scenic National Trail.

Outdoor Recreation Statistics

While searching trails near me, consider just how much the outdoor recreation industry has grown in the past several years. According to statistics, the outdoor recreation industry grew about 5% annually from 2005 to 2011, despite the sluggishness of the economy due to the housing collapse in the United States. In 2012, consumers spent more than $646 billion on outdoor recreation in America. When factoring in the total amount of economic activity, that number easily swells to $1.6 trillion and provides Americans with more than 12 million jobs. It is believed that by 2060, hiking will be the most popular activity amongst adults. Currently the Appalachian Trail receives more than 2 million recreational visitors annually.

Before Hitting the Trail

As you search trails near me, you may need to consider the essential gear you’ll need if you’re planning on going on a day hike or even going on a backpacking trek. According the the American Hiking Society, there are 10 essential items that you should have before a long day on the trail. If you’re embarking on a short day hike or one that doesn’t involve difficult terrain, make sure you have trail shoes. If you’re going to be on a more difficult hike with a lot of uphill climbing, consider investing in some sturdy hiking boots. Though we live in a digital world, don’t depend on your smartphone to get you where you’re going. Bring a map and a compass. Often times when deep in the forest, you won’t have a gps signal on your phone. Bring extra water and a way to purify it. Even if you’re just going out for the day, be prepared for the unexpected. If you get lost and run out of water, you’ll need a way to purify a natural stream or water source. Make sure you have enough water for your hike. Staying hydrated can prevent many issues later on. Carry some extra food. Many things can keep you out on the trail longer than expected, so it’s best to be prepared for wherever the day takes you. Bring rain gear and extra clothing. Though we’d like to trust our local weathermen, they can be wrong. Prepare for any kind of weather. Safety items such as whistle, a knife, and a first aid kit are also recommended for anyone looking to spend more than 3 hours on a trail hike. Lastly, bring sunscreen and a backpack or daypack to carry all of your gear in.

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