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Remember how fun it was to bounce around as a kid? It was just about as close to actually flying as you could get. Recapture that nostalgic feeling or give it to your kids by visiting a trampoline park. Trampoline parks are safe and fun ways to jump, leap, bounce, and simply enjoy life. Whether you want to partake in some trampoline park dodgeball or simply bounce your cares away, there’s a park near you just waiting to be explored!

Ready to find a trampoline park in your area? Browse trampoline parks near me on the map below and find the best trampoline parks within a few miles of your current location. Need more information on attire, cost, and even safety? Read on for the facts!

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What should I wear to a trampoline park?

When visiting a trampoline park- there a few things you should consider wearing and a few things you should ditch altogether. What should you wear to a trampoline park? Consider this as you search trampoline parks near me? First things first, always try to wear a tight t-shirt when visiting a trampoline park. You never want to wear anything strapless or loose due to the motion of bouncing, as it could force your top downward or up. The last thing you probably want to do all day is tug on your clothing, especially when you’re supposed to be having fun. By wearing a very tight or form-fitting shirt, you can flip, fall, and bounce without worrying about exposing anything private. Avoid wearing skirts or dresses when visiting a trampoline park. Make sure that you can wear something that covers the most amount of skin. Nothing is worse than having to sit out on all of the fun because you didn’t wear the right clothing. Shorts are also a frowned upon when visiting a trampoline park. Despite what you might think, most trampoline parks do not want you to wear shorts because they bare too much skin. By showing more skin, you make yourself more susceptible to trampoline burns or scrapes when playing. As far as pants go- wear yoga or cargo pants. Anything with a banded bottom would work as well. Try not to wear socks at the park and aim for slip on shoes, as you’ll have to remove them anyway. Keep in mind, socks can reduce traction, thus making you more susceptible to slips and falls.

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Trampoline parks are fun for all ages!

Can you wear jewelry to trampoline park?

As you search trampoline parks near me, you’re going to want to ditch the jewelry on your first visit. When getting ready to embark on a day of fun, it is best to remove any and all jewelry, even a wedding or engagement ring. Not only can these things get lost or misplaced while bouncing, but they can also pose a safety threat. Necklaces have been known to get tied up in equipment, making them a hazard to your safety. Large or oversized earrings can also pose the same kind of threat. It is also recommended that any bracelets, earrings, and rings be removed as well. Nothing can ruin your day faster than losing a favorite piece of jewelry. IT is better to keep it safe and off than on and lost.

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Age Restrictions

Much like any activity that requires some risk and a great deal of physicality, trampoline parks do boast some age restrictions. How old do you have to be to visit a trampoline park? Consider this as you search trampoline parks near me. In general, children under the age of three are not allowed at trampoline parks during normal hours. Children must always be accompanied by an adult and must wear proper attire. While this is not true of every trampoline park- some actually boast special hours or “tot hours” reserved for very young children. During these time periods, only children under the age of 4 are permitted to bounce. This means less risk for the children and a bit more fun! Parents are still required to chaperone and participate during tot hours. Due to safety risks, you will likely have to sign a liability release form prior to getting your bounce on.

Do trampoline parks have weight limits?

While trampoline parks do not want to discriminate against folks over a certain weight limit, many do have weight restrictions in place to protect other jumpers and the individual who is looking to participate. As you search trampoline parks near me, consider any weight limits that may be in place. Call beforehand to check an see if you meet the weight requirements. In general, most trampoline parks will not let anyone over the weight of 275 pounds participate. There are also some weight restrictions in the other direction. If your child is under a certain weight or age, they may also not be permitted to jump.

Do I need to pay to watch?

If you’re simply chaperoning a child or loved one, you may be wondering if you’ll have to pay admission to enter the trampoline park. While some parks will require you to pay admission for simply watching, most will not require you to pay a fee if you’re not actually planning on jumping. If you’re not sure what the upfront costs are at your local park, simply search trampoline parks near me and give them a call. Most parks are very up front about any costs for both participants and those who are simply chaperoning a child.

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