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Looking for a career that won’t be hitting the brakes on growth any time soon? Truck driving is an in demand job that requires very little in the way of training and education. Starting salaries are competitive, as are the benefits. Whether you’re looking to go on long cross country treks or simply stay within your own state, there’s likely truck driving opportunities to be had in your local area. Before you can hit the gas on your career, you’ll probably need to attend a great truck driving school. Don’t get overwhelmed, it’s not like college and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Yet, most companies require certificate from one of these schools before hiring.

Ready to get your career started? Simply browse truck driving school near me and find a list of truck driving schools in your local area. Need a bit more information on truck driving? Read on for facts, trivia, and tips for getting into this field.

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Do you make good money as a truck driver?

Nowadays, making a good wage to support yourself or your family isn’t always easy. There are certain income requirements for buying a home or even buying a car. Meeting those requirements is tricky. Especially if you don’t have a formal education or a college degree. But college isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t thrive in an academic environment. Others simply lack the funds to go to a four year institution. These are all things that make truck driving such an appealing career. You don’t need a college degree to become a truck driver. After passing a few key tests at truck driving school and earning your CDL license, you’re ready to hit the road. The question is: do truck drivers make good money? Yes, truck drivers earn a nice living. According to statistics, truckers earn a median annual wage of around $37,930, which is $4,000 more than the median wage for all jobs in the US. The top 10% of truck drivers can earn more than $58,000. Most companies will also offer frequent bonuses and lucrative benefits packages. If you’re searching truck driving school near me, know that all of your hard work will pay off one day. You’ll earn a steady income and likely enjoy what you’re doing! After all, no two days on the road are exactly the same.

truck driving school near me

Truck driving school helps prepare students for life behind a big rig!

What is truck driving school like?

Now that you know what a truck driver earns, you probably want to know what truck driving school will be like. Well, a truck driving school is nothing like a regular school. You won’t be stuck behind a desk listening to a lecture for hours upon hours. Instead, you’ll take hands-on courses and lessons at a CDL training center. This hands on training will get you behind the wheel of a big truck with a certified instructor. Each day, you’ll train to earn either a Class A or a Class B CDL to help you start your career as a professional truck driver. Classes for weekly, which means you won’t have the semester constraints of a typical college or school. How long does it take to earn your CDL? Most truck driving schools can provide you with a CDL license in as little as 3 to 4 weeks. If you’re searching truck driving school near me, then you’re on the right track! In a few months, you might even be behind the wheel of a big rig!

Truck Driving School Near Me – Truck Driving School Facts

A Truck Driver Shortage

Right now, there’s a massive truck driver shortage in the United States. While this may be bad for trucking companies, its good news for you. After searching truck driving school near me and earning your CDL, you’ll likely land a job within a few days or weeks. But if driving is so lucrative, why is there a shortage? Well, for starters, the improving economy. After a terrible recession, America’s economy is finally starting to turn around. As a result, the country is steadily increasing its production and distribution of goods. Think of just how many items Amazon ships out in a single day! This means someone needs to ship those goods to hubs all across the country. A growing surplus means a high demand for truck drivers to deliver those goods and keep the flow of inventory moving. Another reason for the high demand? Many truck drivers are reaching their retirement years. Those who first became involved in the trucking industry in the 70s, 80s, and 90s are looking to retire and enjoy their golden years. While these truckers have more than earned their reset and relaxation, their absence leaves a rather large gap in the agency. If the retiring drivers aren’t covered or replaced, then goods won’t get where they need to go. Right Now, the average truck driver is 49 years old. That leaves a lot of room for some younger truckers to get in on the industry while it’s hot.

A Job That Can’t Be Outsourced

Here’s the thing- we live an age where businesses love to outsource to other countries. Outsourcing is bad for employees and good for those at the top, as it means paying lower wages to workers in less developed nations and earning more profits for the fat cats in charge. Many jobs can fall victim to outsourcing, but truck driving cannot. No one can take your trucking job and ship it overseas or replace you with artificial intelligence. This means there is job security in the trucking industry for decades to come. As you search truck driving school near me, think about the peace of mind you will experience knowing that your job is steady and will be here for as long as you want it. Not only are truckers needed all over the country, meaning you have some freedom to move, but they are fought over by many major carriers. Trucking keeps the economy moving forward. No one is going to outsource this gig in the near future.

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