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American rental and storage company U-Haul has been helping individuals move with peace of mind and ease since 1945. For seventy years this brand has invested in a fleet of vehicles that has helped the average American transport everything from furniture to cat stowaways to their entire life in boxes. Are you interested in finding a U-Haul near you?

Simply browse U-Haul near me on the map below and find the nearest U-Haul rental facility to your exact location. Need a bit more information on America’s most trusted moving rental service? Read on for facts, trivia, and statistics on U-Haul!

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U-Haul Near Me – U-Haul Trivia

What year was the U-Haul graphic program born?

If you’re searching U-Haul near me, then you are probably familiar with those all too creative graphics found on the side of U-Haul rental trucks. These graphics were born in 1988 under the project called “America’s Moving Adventure.” Since the graphic program’s inception, over 250 different images have been created, each one honoring individual states and provinces. The graphics serve to salute the greatest parts of North America while bringing awareness to the inherent beauty and wonder of this great country. SuperGraphics in the past have included Mount Rushmore, The Grand Canyon, and Florida’s Space Shuttle program.

u-haul near me

U-Haul no longer just rents trucks and trailers, the company also offers roomy moving vans.

What did the U-Haul founder compare their trucks to initially?

Leonard Shoen and his wife compared the first U-haul trucks to the likes of the early covered wagons found on the frontier. After Shoen and his beloved attempted to move from Los Angeles, CA to Portland, OR in 1945, they found themselves coming up empty when trying to rent a one way trailer. Shoen, a Navy veteran, saw a big need in allowing families in a post World War II world to relocate on their own terms without hiring a moving company. That year, Shown invented U-Haul, allowing customers to rent trailers for just $2 a day.

Why are U-Haul trailers orange and white?

In searching U-Haul near me, you’re probably pretty familiar with the iconic U-Haul color scheme of orange and white. While this might seem like a simple aesthetic choice, the color scheme was actually born out of safety. At the onset of the company, U-Haul trailers were painted black. However, this proved troublesome when founder Leonard Shoen attempted to make a turn at an intersection and was hit by a four way vehicle. The other drive reported that he couldn’t see Shoen. The U-Haul owner immediately went about the business of copying the orange design seen on highway barricades so that the trucks would always be visible to other drives on the road. Safety first as they say!

U-Haul Near Me – U-Haul Facts

Moving Americans Thousands of Miles

While searching U-Haul near me, consider just how far U-Haul’s fleet has gone. The annual mileage of North American U-Haul, trucks trailers and even tow dollies could move an average family to the moon and back more than 10 times per day, every day of the year. The fleet could also travel around the earth 184 times a day, 365 days a year. That’s accumulating a lot of mileage.

Mom’s Attic

Ever wonder what the space above the cab of a U-Haul truck is called? The space has been deemed Mom’s attic. While the origins of the name remains a small mystery, the company has labeled the specific storage space above the driver’s cabs on trucks and vans Mom’s Attic. This area is usually reserved for more fragile and breakable items that would not survive in the body of the truck itself. According to U-Haul, items stored in Mom’s Attic are as stable and protected as they would be in the cab itself.

Edible Packing Peanuts

If you’re searching U-Haul near me, you very likely need to move something somewhere. While moving, you’ll likely encounter those ever present packing peanuts. After concerns of biodegradability in conventional styrofoam peanuts, U-Haul went the eco-friendly route and introduced an edible alternative in 1993. Their particular brand of packing peanuts are made of corn and potato starch. The peanuts completely dissolve and water, reducing environmental harm and the potential for children and pets to harm themselves by ingesting those enticing white peanuts. Several U-Haul employees have even gone so far as to eat the peanuts to demonstrate their edibility.

Friendly Feline Stowaways

U-Haul has cited in the past that it has a bit of a stowaway problem in the form of cats. Allegedly several cats have been discovered among boxed up belongings in furniture in U-Haul vehicles. One even used the truck as a makeshift delivery room, birthing a family of kittens as one couple moved to Florida from Utah. A cat that was missing for two years was found across the country tucked away in the safety of a U-Haul. Thanks to microchip the cat was safely returned to its owners.

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