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Shipping and mailing can be a frustrating experience, but it doesn’t have to be. With UPS Drop Off, you can ease the headaches of traditional shipping services, by dropping off your packages rather than waiting in line for a face to face encounter. This saves you time, money, and lets you get on your way with as few headaches as possible.

Are you interested in finding a UPS Drop Off location near you? Simply browse UPS Drop Off near me on the map below and find a list of UPS Drop Off locations located in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on UPS Drop Off? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on UPS and their drop off services!

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UPS Drop Off Near Me – UPS Drop Off Trivia

Who founded UPS?

You can’t search UPS drop off near me without first discovering who founded the beloved company now known as UPS. James Casey founded the American Messenger Company (now known as UPS), on August 29, 1907 with his friend Claude Ryan. The company began in Seattle, Washington with $100 in debt. Most deliveries at this time were unfortunately made on foot. Bicycles were implemented for longer trips. The iconic brown trucks didn’t come along until much later in the brand’s history. The American Messenger Company primarily focused on package delivery to retail stores and special delivery mail for its largest client, the United States Parcel Service. In the name of innovation, the company acquired a Model T Ford in 1913 to serve as its very first delivery vehicle. At this time, Casey and Ryan also merged with former competitor Evert McCabe who was in charge of Merchants Parcel Delivery. At this point in time, consolidated delivery services were also introduced. This allowed one vehicle to combine packages addressed to a certain neighborhood, thus cutting down on delivery time and costs. In 1916, a man by the name of Charlie Soderstrom joined the business which allowed them to bring in more vehicles to help progress the ever growing business. In 1919, the company also expanded outside of Seattle and into Oakland, California. This is when they changed their name to the United Parcel Service.

ups drop off near me

UPS Drop Off locations make mailing easier than ever!

When did UPS begin delivering to the 48 states?

Nowadays, every state in territory in the US can search UPS Drop Off near me or have UPS deliver to their home. After UPS moved their headquarters to Greenwich, Connecticut in 1975, it began servicing all of the 48 contiguous states of the United States. The expanded operations in all 48 states made UPS the very first package delivery service to deliver to every address in the continental US five days a week. In 1975, the brand also established an international presence by expanding into Canada. By 1976, their growth continued and the brand established an outpost in Germany. UPS’ continuous commitment to innovation, change, and serving everyone possible has made them the number one delivery service in the world today.

UPS Drop Off Near Me – UPS Drop Off Facts

UPS Drivers Are Under Careful Watch

If you’re searching UPS Drop Off near me, then odds are you have a pretty decent relationship with your UPS driver. What you might not know is that your UPS driver, is almost always being watched. At UPS, time is always money, which means the company is obsessed with collecting and observing data in order to increase productivity. One minute per driver per day over the course of just one year, adds up to around $14.5 million in profit. If that same driver is idle one minute per day, that can add up to $500,000 of fuel at the end of every year. To ensure that driver’s aren’t idly sitting around, UPS carriers are asked to carry around a device known as a DIAD, which tracks their moves throughout the day. This is why you likely aren’t chatting up your UPS driver for 20 minutes at a time. Each driver typically makes around 200 stops before the end of the day, with each stop being carefully timed. Drivers are in trained to have a sense of urgency, no matter what kind of package a patron is receiving. Not only does the DIAD track drivers, but sensors within the truck can monitor everything from whether the driver has buckled their seat belt, to how hard they’re braking and accelerating. All of the data collected is then analyzed to increase productivity and decrease waste.

UPS Bootcamp

One more more thing you might not know about your UPS driver as you search UPS Drop Off near me, is that every driver is required to attend UPS bootcamp. Every single hired driver is required to attend and graduate from a special training class known as “Integrad.” This class teaches each driver everything they will need to know when going out in the field for deliveries. They learn how to handle heavy boxes, most of which are filled with cinder blocks to simulate the a real package. They’re instructed on how to start the truck with just one hand while adjusting their seatbelt with the other to save time. Each driver is also taught how to handle poor weather conditions on the “slip and fall simulator” which teaches drivers how to step in slick or icy conditions. The bootcamp even includes a miniature delivery route complete with fake tiny houses. Drivers make simulated deliveries at the houses and are timed for effectiveness and efficiency. Did you know being a UPS driver took so much work?

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