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Do you need to send something quick? Can’t trust the post office to get your parcel there on time? Do you need your package delivered with a few extra conditions? Well, the UPS is always close at hand to deliver your items. Just take a look at the UPS Near Me Map below.

There, you will find all of the nearby locations, with their addresses, phone number and a link to the UPS website. You will also get the hours of operation for each branch, and just if you wanted to know, there are also reviews. Finally, with a few clicks, you can get directions to the location from where you are, so you can get there quickly and your package on its way.

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UPS Near Me – UPS Trivia

Store Hours

Most deliveries that are made to UPS are dropped off in store locations; however, store location hours can vary a great deal. Some open as early as 8am and close as late as 7pm; however, on Saturdays they normally have reduced hours, opening often at 10am and closing at 3pm; on Sundays, many locations are closed, but a few are open around noon and will close at about 5pm.

ups near me

The new UPS delivery bike! The recognizable brown color was chosen to help hide dirt.

So, depending on the day, be sure when you search UPS Near Me to check the hours of operations for the store you want to go to. If you aren’t sure you can always call the number listed for the location on the UPS Near Me Map.

UPS Pick-Up

If you aren’t able to make it to a UPS store, you can always schedule a pick-up. Just like they will often deliver an item, they can pick up items as well for shipping. To schedule a pick-up and to check shipping costs, visit

A brief history about UPS

The UPS (United Postal Service) was preceded by the American Messanger Company, which was founded by 19 year old James Casey. The company started in Seattle, Washington in 1907 and worked out of a basement. Primarily, it would receive and deliver messages, packages, baggage and even food. As automobiles were rare when the company was getting started, they used bicycles and feet as their main means of travel.

In 1913, the company purchased its first car and started to transition the business goals. It worked more on delivery of retail products and even started using motorcycles for delivering packages. At this time, the company also changed its name to Merchants Parcel Delivery.

In 1919, James’s company made its first branch in Oakland, California and changed its name to the present United Postal Services. From this beginning the company started to expand and grow in size. By 1924, the company had adopted the use of the conveyor belt and had already purchased a rival company in Los Angeles. By 1927, they had expanded their delivery services every major west coast city.
The growth of UPS continued for the rest of the 20th century. By 1930, they had expanded to New York and New Jersey.

It took until 1953 to get full service up and running in Chicago, but within 4 years, they had established a network of delivery for all the 5 states around Chicago’s branch.

After 70 years of James starting his own delivery company, UPS successfully offered full delivery services to all 50 states, successfully giving the ability for the company to offer delivery to all areas of America.

UPS Near Me – UPS Facts

Fun Facts and Trivia about UPS

With being in business for over 100 years, the history of UPS is interesting and fun. Here are 10 neat facts about the world’s largest private parcel delivery company.

1. UPS is the largest, private, delivery company in America. UPS delivers 60% more packages than its closest rival, FedEx. To say the least, it is a busy, busy place.

2. UPS employs more people than some countries have. With almost 400,000 employees on the payroll, that means that the company has more people than several countries. Iceland for example has only 330,000 people in it!

3. The company that UPS started off as, American Messenger Service, was started by two teenagers and some borrowed money.

4.UPS routes are designed to maximize the number of right hand turns. This is to decrease the amount of time waiting at intersections to make a left hand turn. By doing this, the drivers save time and waste less gas.

5. Want to earn a decent living? UPS delivery drivers’ average salary is almost $70,000 and mail deliverers make more than $50,000 per year on average. They are at the top of their industry standard and significantly higher than their competitor FedEx.

6. The majority of the stocks for UPS are owned by employees. This practice started back in 1927. Only ten percent of the stocks are available for the public to buy, which might help explain why the company takes such good care of its employees.

7. UPS delivered its 1 billionth package in 1946, shortly after World War 2.

8. UPS purchased its first aircraft back in 1981 and today as the world’s ninth largest airline with over 250 airplanes. This helps them deliver to 220 countries and territories throughout the world. Its original air hub was in Worldport Louisville, Kentucky and still acts as the main port for UPS today.

9. UPS has been voted the most socially responsible business for its efforts in sustainability. In addition to trying to decrease gas usage, they are working on switching their vehicles over to a hybrid fleet and using white roofs to help decrease vehicle temperature instead of relying on air conditioning. They donate a large amount of money, in 2001 the employees donated more than $50 million to the United Way. In addition, they support educational programs for students.

10. While it took the company to almost 40 years to deliver its first billion packages, on an annual basis, the company delivers 4.7 billion packages. That is 18.3 million packages every day. That is close to 13,000 per minute. To say the least, they are a busy company.

So, no matter where you need your package to go. UPS is a huge company that has got a lot of infrastructure and experience to help you get your package to its destination and a lot of local locations for you to drop off your package, just search UPS Near Me when you have something to be delivered. You could also just have them pick it up for you if you want.

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