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For the busy American, seeing a primary care physician isn’t always in the cards. With short office hours and expensive premiums, getting an appointment can be a real headache. Urgent Care centers seek to bridge the gap between a primary care physician and a visit to the emergency room by catering to a number of illnesses, injuries, and even offering on site lab work.

With longer operating hours and weekend availability, Urgent Care in the US is truly on the rise. Offering a scope of services much broader than that of primary care and payment plans for patients at every income level, Urgent Care is often the only option for many hard working families. Interested in finding an Urgent Care near you? Simply browse Urgent Care near me on the map below and discover a center in your area. Need a bit more information? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on Urgent Care in the US.

Urgent Care Near Me – Find it on the Map

Urgent Care Near Me – Urgent Care Trivia

What percent of Urgent Care centers are located in a suburban area?

If you’re searching Urgent Care near me and currently live in a suburban area, you’re in luck. According to recent studies, 75% of all Urgent Care centers located in a suburban area. 15% are located in urban areas and 10% are located in rural areas. The reason behind the surge in suburbia? These areas typically have higher concentrations of families needing care beyond typical office hours. These areas also tend to see a lot of sports related injuries, cold/flu symptoms, and individuals in need of payment care plans.

urgent care near me

Most Urgent Care centers are free standing buildings that boast long hours of operation and convenient weekend hours.

What percent of Urgent Care centers are open 7 days a week?

Seeing a doctor on a Saturday or Sunday used to be near impossible. Meaning if you were sick or injured on a weekend, odds are you were making a trip to the ER and dealing with some hefty wait times and a fat bill to boot. With Urgent Care, weekend visits are no longer an issue. 61% of all Urgent Care centers report being open 7 days a week, with most locations keeping hours past 7:00 PM. What does this mean for the average working American? It means suffering through an injury or illness is no longer a necessity if you happen to take ill at an inconvenient time. With Urgent Care, everyone has the potential to be seen, treated, and cared for no matter what hours they work.

What is the average wait time at Urgent Care?

While searching Urgent Care near me, you may be wondering how long you’ll have to wait to be seen. Luckily, the average wait time at Urgent Care centers across the country are around 20 minutes or less. In fact 69% of Urgent Care centers reported seeing patients within 20 minutes of their registration and sign in time. Only 28% of Urgent Care centers boasted wait times between 20 and 40 minutes. When you compare this to the average wait time of an ER or primary care physician, getting seen at an Urgent Care center is beyond simple. For the sake of comparison, the average ER wait time is around 90 minutes.

Urgent Care Near Me – Urgent Care Facts

Common Diagnosis

You can search Urgent Care near me for treatment of a variety of ailments and illnesses. The most commonly treated ailment at Urgent Care centers is respiratory infections. The most common procedure conducted at Urgent Care centers throughout the US was minor wound repair. Fewer than 4% of all patients who enter an Urgent Care require transfer to an ER. Young adults and the families are the most likely to utilize Urgent Care.

20,000 Urgent Care Physicians

In searching Urgent Care near me, you can rest assured knowing that there are over 20,000 Urgent Care physicians in the US. A vast majority of all Urgent Care centers, 94.1 percent, employ at least one full time physician. The most common speciality among physicians employed at Urgent Care is family medicine, followed by emergency medicine. Many doctors are also currently being trained to be Urgent Care physicians and treat a variety of common illnesses and injuries.

9,000 Urgent Care Centers

With over 9,000 Urgent Care centers currently located in the US, you should have no problem at all finding an Urgent Care center in your area. 40% of all Urgent Care centers are looking to expand to include a greater variety of services within the next 5 years. This expansive growth has everything to do with the demands of a changing workforce and the ever mystifying American healthcare system. While many primary care physicians will not work with an individual without insurance, Urgent Care will charge a flat rate for consumers who are currently without coverage or whose plan is not within a particular network.

Top Ten Multi-State Urgent Care Centers

No matter what state you’re searching Urgent Care near me in, you will likely be able to find one of these multi-state Urgent Care centers. Read on for the top ten centers in the US.

  1. Concentra
  2. Us Healthworks
  3. MedExpress
  4. Next Care
  5. AFC Doctors Express
  6. Fast Med
  7. Doctors First
  8. Patient First
  9. Care Spot
  10. American Family Care

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