Used Auto Parts Near Me

Car parts can cost a pretty penny. With increasing labor costs and the general cost of parts, saving money when fixing your car is an absolute necessity. Luckily, there are a number of ways to cut costs, including buying used auto parts. Whether you’re looking to repair a blown gasket or simply restore a classic car, opting to buy used car parts instead of buying new at an auto store is a great way to save money and still get quality parts.

If you’re looking for used auto parts, you’ve come to the right place. Simply browse used auto parts near me on the map below and find a list of used auto parts shops/yards in your local area. Need a bit more information on used auto parts? How about some tips on saving money? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

Used Auto Parts Near Me – Find it on the Map

Used Auto Parts Near Me – Trivia

How many cars are junked each year?

Think of the number of cars on the road each and every day. Of all those cars, many will end up being scrapped for parts. Just how many cars end up being junked each year? Well, probably more than you think. According to some statistics, around one million cars are scrapped each year.

At the scrap yard, many of these cars will be stripped and salvaged for parts. After that, most will end up being crushed to save on space at the yard. Cars that are stripped for parts are often in good condition and the parts are deemed to be in working order. This is great news for you. If you’re searching used auto parts near me, you can rake up the savings by buying used parts at half of what you would pay for a new part in store or at the mechanics.

Used Auto Parts Near Me

Why buy new when you can save money on used auto parts?

What percentage of a car is recyclable?

You might think that 100% of a car is recyclable, but that’s simply not the case. Not every aspect of a car can be reused and recycled. What percentage of a car is able to be recycled? Consider this as you search used auto parts near me. In Europe, around 75% of a car is able to be recycled.

This means that the ASR items 25 percent of the car on a whole. Estimates say that most recycling facilities will recycle up to 95 percent of a car by weight. 90 percent of all aluminum of a vehicle is recovered and recycled. What about in the US? Well, the United States has similar recycling standards. Expect to go by the same 75% rule of thumb as you search used auto parts near me.

True or false: Used Engine oil can be recycled.

It goes without saying that not every aspect of a car can be recycled, but what about used engine oil? To many, used engine oil is something to be tossed out. In reality, motor oil never wears out, it simply just gets dirty. With that said, used engine oil can and should be recycled. Disposing of motor oil in the wrong way can lead to contaminated soil, streams, and groundwater. If you’re not sure what to do with your used motor oil or you’re searching used auto parts near me, search for certified collection center while on the hunt for your parts. A collection center will clean the oil so that it can be reused.

Used Auto Parts Near Me – Facts

Save Money, Go Green

There are two important things in everyday life: saving money and going green for the environment. Luckily, searching used auto parts near me touches on both. When you choose to buy used auto parts rather than purchasing new parts from an auto store or mechanic you are saving a lot of money. Depending on the overall age and the type of part you require, you can expect to save between 20 to 80 percent by simply going with a used part instead of a new one. Consider the savings just by opting to do a bit more legwork.

Additionally, choosing used parts is a simple way to help protect the earth and go green. The reason? When used auto parts aren’t purchased or reused, they spend their life span sitting in junkyards and rusting. Landfill space is already scarce and growing more scarce by the day. These parts don’t break down easily on their own, which means they’ll sit there and sit there for hundreds of years. Instead of letting these parts go to waste, buy them at a discounted price. Help the environment and your pocketbook by simply searching used auto parts near me. Your wallet will thank you!

Keep Age In Mind

There’s just one thing to keep in mind while searching used auto parts near me: the age of the parts you are buying. While buying used auto parts can be thrilling, it is important to keep your eye on quality and age. Most of the parts you’ll find at a junkyard or salvage have been sitting there for quite some time. Due to being exposed to the elements, some of these parts may have already seen better days.

Others are simply too used to go on to a second life in your car. Before you shell out the dough for a used car part, find out how many miles it was used for. If that information isn’t available, at least find out which model year vehicle it came from and just how long the part has been sitting on the lot. Some parts, may not even be in circulation any longer, which means it could pose a safety risk if installed in your vehicle. Other parts are simply too rusted or damaged to function the right way. Stay informed on your quest to find used auto parts and you’ll always find the right parts for the job.

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