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Often times the best deal when looking to score a vehicle is to visit a used car dealership. Not only can you purchase relatively new leftover vehicles, but you can also snag a great deal on a slightly older model. Many used cars contain the same amenities as their newer counterparts at thousands of dollars less. If you want the best bang for your buck, a used car is often the way to go.

Are you interested in finding a used car dealership near you? Simply browse used car dealership near me on the map below and find a list of used car dealerships in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on used car dealerships? Read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the best used car brands!

Used Car Dealership Near Me – Find it on the Map

Used Car Dealership Near Me – Used Car Dealership Trivia

When was the first used car lot opened?

For many years, the only option for individuals searching for a used car was to purchase one directly from a friend or neighbor. Private sales used to be the norm. Though relatively easy, they didn’t allow for financing. This made it difficult for cash strapped individuals to purchase a used car as they often did have one lump sum available to get the car turned over in one shot. In 898, the first American used car lot debuted in 1898 in Catskill, New York. Dubbed the Empire State Motor Wagon Company, this used car lot was the first to offer quality used cars at a fraction of a new car price. Buyers immediately responded and the used car industry took off. Nowadays, the used vehicle market is substantially larger than other large retail sectors such as the school and office products market. Currently it is estimated that the used car sector earns around $370 billion a year in the United States alone. Consider these facts when searching used car dealership near me.

used car dealership near me

A used car is typically the way to go when it comes to purchasing a car.

How are used car prices determined?

While searching used car dealership near me, consider how many used car prices are actually determined. Several factors actually go into pricing a used car, a few of them may even seem a bit surprising. Of course mileage, age, and overall condition are large factors of price. However, used car prices can also be affected by factors such as geography. For example, convertibles tend to have a higher demand in warmer climates than in cooler areas. This means that convertibles will cost more in states such as California or Florida than they will in states like Ohio or Pennsylvania. Similarly, trucks and SUVS may be in higher demand in more rural areas, as there is a greater need for towing and hauling capabilities as well as AWD or 4×4 capability. Obviously the overall condition has the most impact on pricing. Condition is based on appearance, vehicle history, mechanical condition, and the amount of mileage on the vehicle. There are many theories as to how price is determined. One theory suggests that new car dealers can put more effort into selling a car and can therefore instigate a stronger degree of demand. A second theory suggests that owners of “lemons” are more likely to sell their than owners of functioning vehicles. Therefore, someone buying a used car may bear a higher risk of buying a lemon or malfunctioning car. The market prices adjusts to reflect these risks and the overall value of the car.

Used Car Dealership Near Me – Used Car Dealership Facts

Buying a Used Car

Odds are if you’re searching used car dealership near me, you’re looking to buy a used car or browse the lot. But why should you actually buy a used car? Read on for four reasons why experts agree that buying a used car is the way to go!

1. Sustainability

Buying a used car is highly sustainable. Choosing to buy a used car that gets good fuel mileage over a new car decreases environmental impact. Disposing and building an automobile has significant environmental impacts. The automotive industry has stated that between 12 and 28 percent of the carbon dioxide generated during a car’s lifetime actually occur during the manufacturing and shipment of a new car, rather than simply being driven. Every time a consumer buys a used car over a new one, that’s one less car headed to the scrap heap.

2. Value

When it comes to value, a used car is hard to beat. Remember- a new car loses value as soon as you drive it off of the dealership lot (as much as 15%). It doesn’t stop there, once a car is arounds four years old, it only retains around half of its value.

3. Dependability

While many individuals love to think that their new car offers more dependability than their used counterparts, experts disagree. Many used cars are are just as dependable, sturdy and well made as their shiny new counterparts. They’ve also been rigorously tested for years.

5. Safety

Buying a used car can mean purchasing a car that has been tested time and time again, both in a research setting and out on the actual road. Nothing provides as much insight into the safety and dependability of a car than actual user ratings. Newer cars don’t have the advantage of having been tested by thousands of American drivers.

Best Used Cars

If you’re searching used car dealership near me, you’re likely wondering what the best used cars are to purchase. According to US News and Kelley Blue Book, the best used cars are fairly consistent from year to year. The most dependable and highest rated used cars are: the 2011-2016 Honda Civic, the 2011 Volkswagen Golf, 2009 Toyota Highlander, 2010 Mazda CX-9. These cars have proved their value, safety, and dependability time and time again. Purchasing one of these cars definitely won’t result in any instant regret.

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