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Travel can expand your world, open your mind, and introduce you to a whole new way of life. Booking a vacation rental rather than a hotel further allows you to immerse yourself in local culture and truly live like a local. With rentals in nearly every town, city, and country, you’ll find a home away from home no matter where you want to roam.

Ready to find a vacation rental near you? Simply browse vacation rentals near me on the map below and find a list of vacation rentals available near you. Need a bit more information on vacation rentals? How about tips on finding the perfect vacation rental for you and your travel buddies? Read on for tips, trivia, facts, and more!

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Vacation Rentals Near Me – Vacation Rentals Trivia

What is Airbnb’s most popular destination for 2019?

Looking to book a vacation rental in 2019? You may want to consider visiting Airbnb’s most popular destination for the new year. Where is everyone heading in the coming months? Based on booking and search activity, travelers are looking to go to Kaikoura, New Zealand more than any other place. Statistics showed a 295 percent increase in booking over the past year and a 210 percent rise in searches. While searching vacation rental near me, consider why New Zealand may be your perfect vacation destination. After suffering from an earthquake in 2016, Kaikoura is back and better than ever. With amazing train and transportation services, whale watching, and historic beaches, there’s a little something for every adventurer in this beautiful wonderland. If you’re looking to travel someplace new or simply get a change of scenery, why not choose New Zealand?

vacation rentals near me

A great vacation rental is affordable and like a home away from home!

True or false: Vacation rentals are more expensive than staying at a hotel.

In recent years, vacation rental services such as Airbnb and HomeAway have broadened the definition of what it means to travel on a budget. While some vacation rentals will cost much more than the average hotel room, in general, travelers can save a lot of money by choosing to go with an Airbnb or another vacation rental service. The reason? Vacation rental services need to stay competitive and tend to be a second income for those choosing to open up their doors. While you’ll obviously spend a bit more on a five bedroom house than a hotel room, you can easily rent tiny homes, apartments, and other options for below the average hotel in a touristy area. For example, you can expect to pay upwards of $250 a night for a hotel in New York City, especially if you want to stay in safe/tourist friendly areas. In contrast, the average vacation rental will come in at around $150 a night and offer you the option to cook at home and save a little dough on extras such as coffee or snacks. Obviously, you should always choose the lodging that feels most comfortable to you, but don’t shy away from searching vacation rentals near me due to price. Rentals are now more accessible than ever!

Vacation Rentals Near Me – Vacation Rentals Facts

Can you bring your pets to a vacation rental?

Let’s face it- we’re a society that loves our pets. If given the option, many of us would bring our four legged friends with us everywhere. Unfortunately, not every hotel is “pet friendly,” which often means spending money on expensive boarding kennels or pet sitting. But what about vacation rentals? Can you bring your pets to a vacation rental? Well, yes and no. Much like a hotel, some vacation rentals will allow you to bring a pet and others don’t. The main difference is that vacation rentals that do allow pets will often do so without charging any additional fees. Another bonus is that pets often feel more comfortable in a home like environment. A hotel can leave your pet feeling nervous or uneasy, especially since it is an environment with lots of noise and people in and out of surrounding rooms. Your pet will also be less confined in a rental, many will even include outdoor spaces so both you and your pet can get some fresh air. When searching vacation rentals near me, simply browse rentals that are pet friendly. If you’re not sure if a property is pet friendly or not, simply message the host and find out. Many that do not specifically say they are “pet friendly” will allow dogs under a certain weight limit.

Are vacation rentals safe?

Given the popularity of vacation rentals, the safety of these properties has recently been highlighted on many news programs and articles. Some people simply feel unsafe staying in someone’s private home. With that said, are vacation rentals safe? Yes, vacation rentals are generally very safe and involve very little risk. Simply do your research, carefully read reviews, and vet the property beforehand. A property with hundreds of positive reviews is typically a safe bet. One with zero reviews or just one review is a bit more of a gamble. Many vacation rentals are also professionally managed, which means there are many security features in place to protect both you and the property. Aside form vetting the property itself, do research on the neighborhood and know what you’re getting into. There are many researching tools available while searching vacation rentals near me. Do your homework and you’ll be enjoying the splendors of vacation in no time!

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