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As America’s top wireless provider, Verizon is known for its super fast LTE service, top of the line phones, and accessible family plans. With coverage reaching even the most rural areas of the states, it’s no wonder Verizon has been a preferred provider since it’s early inception.

Are you interested in finding a Verizon store in your area? Simply browse Verizon store near me on the map below and find a list of Verizon store locations closest to you. Need a bit more information on Verizon? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history on Verizon!

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Verizon Near Me – Verizon Trivia

When did Verizon first begin?

It’s hard to imagine life without Verizon if you’re searching Verizon near me. With that said, this corporation’s history is fairly new. Verizon Communications was first created on June 30, 2000 by the Bell Atlantic Corporation and GTE Corp. What is now known as one of the largest Mergers in US business history, Verizon launched with corporate bravado rarely seen in the common day. AT the time GTE was a major telecommunications company that boasted over $25 billion in sales in 1999 alone. Bell Atlantic was considered part of the original Bell telephone system and had generated revenue topping out at $33 billion in the years prior to the merger. Through the decades, GTE and Bell Atlantic had evolved and grown through multiple mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

verizon near me

Verizon stores are your best bet for advice, answers, and information on Verizon services.

What is the Rural America Program?

If you live in america, finding quality wireless coverage in a rural area isn’t always easy. In fact, early companies had left much of rural America in the dark when it came to providing fast and reliable service. This is why Verizon introduced the LTE in Rural America Program. The aim of the program was to accelerate the rollout and adoption of 4G LTE Services and extend benefits to those living in rural areas that didn’t have amazing access to fast LTE service. As a part of the program, companies lease spectrum from Verizon in order to offer 4G LTE services to their own customers. In this way, Verizon is definitely keeping America covered.

What is the name of Verizon’s fiber internet service?

If you’re searching Verizon near me, you may be in need of some super fast Verizon fiber internet. Verizon’s fiber internet service is known as Fios. This 100% fiber technology service carries a wide array of advanced digital services, including high speed broadband products and superior technology that proves far more cost effective than a majority of high speed internet services. If speed and reliability are what you want, Verizon Fios has got you covered.

Verizon Near Me – Verizon Facts

Doing Good For America

Consider this if you’re searching Verizon near me. Verizon currently employs a whopping 177,000 individuals, that’s around the population of Providence, Rhode Island. Verizon employees are known for their care, compassion, and know how on wireless topics. What their also known for is their charitable nature. According to company statistics, Verizon employees are credited with volunteering at total of 53,500 working days per year. That’s 428,000 hours. Their time is dedicated to helping nonprofits that exist in their local communities. Community outreach and giving back has always been a top priority of Verizon, who prides itself on being a big company, with a local reach.

The Newest Technology

If you’re searching Verizon near me in the hopes of having all of your wireless and internet woes solved, consider these facts. By the end of 2015, Verizon had fewer than one million customers who were still being served by copper wireline. Copper wireline is not as efficient as fiber optics and tends to slow down internet speed. There are now several areas where 18.6 million customers are being treated to high speed fiber optic services through FIOs. This is far above the competition.

The Powerful Answers Award

Verizon is a company built on innovation in both technology and business. To keep the ball rolling amongst individual, Verizon introduced the 10 million dollar Powerful Answers Award. The Powerful Answers Award was designed to spark innovative thinking and problem solving skills. It also aimed to generate ideas, solutions, and answers to some of the world’s biggest challenges. These challenges include problems in education, healthcare, and sustainability. Verizon knows that we all need one another to solve the planet’s biggest issues. With the Powerful Answers Award, individuals and businesses who can create lasting solutions or innovative tactics to solve issues are given kmoney to help make their ideas a reality. That’s using power and influence to make great and lasting changes!

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