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Finding a quality vet for your four legged friend isn’t always easy, but it is possible. With a wealth of options in the US and Vets that suit your particular lifestyle choices and beliefs, finding the perfect veterinarian has never been more simple.

Are you interested in finding a vet in your area? Simply browse Vet near me on the map below and find a list of vets located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on vets and pet health? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on this amazing profession!

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Vet Near Me – Vet Trivia

True or false: The Veterinary care industry is dominated by women.

Unlike many medical professions, the veterinary care industry is currently overwhelmingly dominated by women. Odds are if you’re searching vet near me, you’ll find a high number of female vets. It is estimated that 80% of all admitted veterinarian students in the United States are female. This is why many veterinary schools are actually beginning to offer scholarships geared towards bringing more men into the field and diversifying the vet practice. Currently four out of five veterinary students in the United States are women. Of course, veterinary care is an intriguing thing. A majority of vet patients are dogs and cats. These pets account for a majority of the revenue brought into veterinary practices throughout the United States.

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Keeping your pet healthy and happy is of the utmost importance!

Do vets really suffer animal related injuries on the job?

Yes! While every job has its own unique set of perils and risks, veterinary care centers seem to have a higher than average rate of incident. Even though most veterinary care centers, emergency vet care clinics, and pet wellness centers deal mostly with dogs and cats, they’re far from being considered the safest places to work. While searching vet near me, consider just how much your local veterinarian may endure on a daily basis. According to some statistics, between 61% and 68% of veterinarians admit to suffering from an animal related injury while on the job. Often times, these injuries can result in their own hospitalization or even a significant loss of work during their career as a vet. When animals are fearful, in pain, or even under stress they can often exhibit dangerous behaviors, even if it’s not in their typical nature. Because of this more than one out of every two vets will end up getting seriously injured at least once on the job.

How old was the dog’s oldest dog?

If you’re searching vet near me, consider this record breaking fact on dog age! While the lifespan of a dog can vary from breed to breed, some dogs have been known to persist well past their expected lifespan. According to the Guinness book of World Records, the longest lived dog on earth was an Australian Cattle dog named Bluey. Bluey reportedly lived to be 29 years old, that’s a whopping 13 years longer than an Australian Cattle Dogs projected lifespan. With health habits, routine vet checks, plenty of exercise, and quality food, dogs can lead long and happy lives without incident.

Vet Near Me – Vet Facts

The Vision of Cats and Dogs

One common idea that persists amongst millions of people is the concept that dogs and cats are color blind. Is this a true fact or a myth? This is both true and false. While searching vet near me, you’ll find that many veterinarians are learning that cats and dogs do in fact see colors. However, they don’t see the range of colors that humans can see. Dogs are thought to be red-green color blind, though it’s not exactly known of they can see certain hues. Though some dogs cannot see bright red, they will be drawn to darker reds and maroon colors. This indicates that though dogs may not be able to see every shade of every color, they may be able to pick up on certain hues that we once believed they weren’t capable of seeing.

A Dry Nose

Here’s a concept that has persisted for decades: a dry nose means your dog or cat is inevitably sick or becoming ill. Though a dry nose isn’t always an indication of illness, you’ll find while searching vet near me that many veterinarians agree that when dogs and cats are dehydrated or have an infection that their noses may become dry to the touch. Some can even appear a bit cracked or flaky. If you notice your pet’s nose is dry, don’t panic. It is not necessarily the only indicator of illness. Instead focus on the big picture. If your pet’s nose is dry, look for other symptoms of illness such as: lethargy, dry patches on the skin, restlessness, irritability, and a temperature above 101.5 degrees fahrenheit. Of times, a single symptom isn’t enough to cause alarm; however, several symptoms can mean a trip to the vet.

A Common Cat Myth

If you’re searching vet near me and own a cat, you likely believe that a purring cat is a happy cat. While this may be true part of the time, many vets cite that cats will also purr when experiencing pain. According to some vets, cats often purr to calm themselves down. The same way humans can pace or take deep breaths to calm themselves down when feeling anxious. Don’t be fooled by constant purring. The rule of thumb is if you can get your cat to stop purring, it’s probably okay and purring out of happiness or contentment. If your cat purrs constantly, never ceasing, take its temperature (a normal cat temperature is between 100 and 101 degrees fahrenheit). If their temperature is a bit high, call your vet and check into make sure your cat is feeling a-okay.

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