Veterinarian Pharmacy Near Me

Much like humans, our four legged friends can easily come down with a variety of illnesses or issues that require prescription medications. While many veterinary offices are more than happy to fill prescriptions right in the office, others will call in your pet’s medication to a veterinarian pharmacy nearby.

Sometimes, this can come at a lower cost to you since pharmacies tend to offer prescriptions at a slightly lower cost. Ready to find a veterinarian pharmacy near you? Simply browse veterinarian pharmacy near me on the map below and find a list of excellent pharmacies near you. You’ll be getting your feline or canine friend back on the road to wellness in no time! Need a bit more information on veterinary pharmacies? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more!

Veterinarian Pharmacy Near Me – Find it on the Map

Veterinarian Pharmacy Near Me – Trivia

Can a vet call in a prescription?

Say your dog has been feeling under the weather, but it is an illness that has struck before. You’ve been to the vet once or twice for the same thing and you know what may be the culprit. Instead of paying for a vet visit in addition to medications, can a vet simply call in a prescription? Consider this as you search veterinarian pharmacy near me. Much like your doctor can call in a prescription for you, a veterinarian can write or call in a prescription to a local pharmacy that stocks the medication you require.

Your veterinarian can easily provide you with a prescription so that you can get your medication from the pharmacy of your choice. This is especially convenient in the age of online pharmacies that sell pet medications at a discount price. Online pharmacies are especially helpful when it comes to prescription flea and tick medication that can often cost hundreds of dollars at the vet’s office.

Veterinarian Pharmacy Near Me

If your dog or cat is under the weather, find a veterinarian pharmacy!

How long does a vet prescription last?

Once your veterinarian has written your pet a prescription, how long is it good for? Consider this as you search veterinarian pharmacy near me. Much like you or I, prescriptions for pets don’t have a very long lifespan. In most cases, a prescription whether repeated or not, is only valid for 6 months from the time first prescribed. Sometimes, the time can even be less if specified by your vet.

For example, if your dog is on a long-term prescription medication, you could suggest a 2 months supply be repeated two times. This will allow you four months of medication before you’ll need a new prescription. If you’re not sure how long your prescription will last, simply check the bottle or tablet box. Generally you will see a number of allotted refills. Once your refills are up, you’ll need to visit your veterinarian for a new prescription.

Veterinarian Pharmacy Near Me – Facts

How much does a vet visit cost?

If your dog or cat is feeling sick, sometimes a trip to the veterinarian is in order. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the emergency funds available to pay out of pocket for a vet visit, especially since they often cost more than a human doctor visit. How much will the average vet visit set you back? Consider this as you search veterinarian pharmacy near me. According to statistics, the average price of a veterinarian visit in the US is between $50 and $80 for a general visit.

However, that price can quickly escalate to well over $250 should your pet require any testing or the keen eye of a specialist. Prescription drugs and even minor procedures can all add up rather quickly, making it difficult for many pet parents to keep up with the higher prices. What’s a well meaning pet owner to do? Well, you can start by doing your research. Not every veterinarian will charge the same standard rates.

You can also save costs by going to free clinics or visiting a low cost veterinarian present at an animal shelter or rescue center. Many are more than willing to see if your pet, especially if it is a life or death situation. Other veterinary offices offer convenient payment plans that allow you to break up payments over several months rather than laying down a big chunk of dough all at once.

How much does pet insurance cost?

Of course, if the cost of vet visits is on your mind or you have a pet that frequently requires veterinary prescriptions or care, you may want to look into pet insurance. Much like your health insurance, pet insurance is designed to help you cover the costs of medical emergencies, illness, and prescription drugs. How much does pet insurance cost? Keep these facts in mind as you search veterinarian pharmacy near me.

Individual costs for pet insurance can vary greatly based on your pet’s breed age, health, and the tier of coverage you choose to go with. In general, pet insurance for dogs will cost you around $22 a month, while pet insurance for cats will set you back around $16 a month. In the grand scheme of things, that’s far less than $1 a day for some peace of mind.

If you have an exotic pet, you’ll likely face higher costs than someone who owns a cat or dog, but you can still find coverage. Companies such as Pet Assure offer a wide range of plans for birds, reptiles, rabbits, and any other member of the animal kingdom you have in your home.

While you my hate the idea of adding another monthly expense to your laundry list of bills, knowing that your pet is covered should an unexpected emergency arise may be worth any fees you pay in the short term.

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