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Veterinary medicine officially began in Lyon, France in 1761 when Claude Bourgelat opened the first veterinary school. The school initially focused on studying the anatomy and illnesses found in sheep, horses and cattle. Today when we think of a trip to the vet, we’re typically focusing on our four legged friends at home. Whether dealing with a sick pup or just seeking a check up, veterinary care now features a full gamut of services.

Are you interested in finding a vet near you? Simply browse vets near me on the map below and find a list of veterinary services in your area. NEed a bit more information on vets? Read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the top 3 vets in the US.

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Vets Near Me – Vets Trivia

What kind of animal do vets see most?

If you’re searching vets near me, then you’re likely dealing with a sick dog or cat. If so, you’re not alone. Dogs and cats are unquestionably the most popular house pets in the United states, with a whopping 32.4% of homeowners owning a cat and about 37.2% of homeowners having dogs. Because of this, advanced veterinary care centers end up taking care of a lot of dogs and cats. So much so that more than 80% of all total revenue earned by the veterinary industry is earned by taking care of dogs and cats.

vets near me

A veterinarian performing a procedure on a dog with the help of her vet techs and assistants.

True or false: The veterinary care industry employs more women than men.

This is true! Believe it or not, the veterinary care industry is almost overwhelmingly dominated by women rather than men. This is quite different than the medical industry. It is estimated that a staggering 80% of admitted veterinarian students in the US are female. This means that four out of five vet students are women. As the industry continues to grow, you can count on that number changing or evening out some.

Where was the first veterinary hospital established in the US?

While searching vets near me, you may be wondering where the very first veterinary hospital was established in the US. The first veterinary school established in the US was the Veterinary College of Philadelphia in 1852. The school operated until 1866. By 1883, the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania was opened and is the oldest accredited vet school that is till in operation. In 1863 the American Veterinary Medical association was established and the marrow of the animal care animal industry was set up in 1884 and in operation until 1900.

True or false: Vets can start practicing right after their graduation and licensure.

True! Unlike a medical physician, veterinarians can start practicing right after they’ve graduated and received their licensure. This is vastly different from a medical doctor who has to commit to an internship or residency program prior to being able to begin their professional career.

Vets Near Me – Vets Facts

Pet Parents Spend 15.3 billion on veterinary care per year

No one ever said that owning a pet was inexpensive, in fact, veterinary care is the second highest pet care expense there is just behind food. The reason that veterinary care is so expensive? Advanced treatments and new technology which allows for a greater degree of care for pets. Though it can be difficult for the average American to pay unexpected bills for their furry friends, they can rest assured in knowing that the veterinary care their pet will be receiving is top of the line.

60% of Pet Injuries Results in Bills of $200 or More

If you’re searching vets near me, get your bank account ready for a minor blow. While your pet is certainly worth any cost, pet injuries typically cost more than $200 (depending on your location and the severity of the injury). Pets are fearless and playful creatures. It’s arguably what we love most of them. But this can often lead to trouble. Even a well behaved indoor cat can get into trouble if it crawls into a tight spot or nibbles on the wrong kind of houseplant. Even changing your pet’s food too quickly can land them a trip to the vet.

1 Million Pets Are Insured in the US

While pet insurance didn’t used to be common, it’s becoming more common every year. As pet parents learn that their four legged friends deserve care on par with themselves, they’re willing to shell out the extra dough to ensure that one injury doesn’t end an otherwise amazing friendship.

Top Three Vets In The US

If you come across one of these three amazing veterinarians while searching vets near me, book your pet an appointment asap. Not only are these vets the best of the best in terms of care; but they’re the best in terms of compassion, billing, and in keeping pet parents informed on what’s going on with their beloved furry friends.

1. Montclair Veterinary Hospital, Oakland, Calif.

2. Dr. Kristen Cooke – University of Florida, Small Animal Hospital – Gainesville, Florida

3.Dr. Page Wages – CareFirst Animal Hospital, Raleigh, North Carolina

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