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For decades, Victoria’s Secret has bringing high fashion lingerie, loungewear, and bras to the masses. With chic European inspired digs, a variety of sizes, and a seamless buying experience, Victoria’s Secret has become the premiere destination for those looking to up their lingerie game without paying an arm and a leg.

Are you interested in finding a Victoria’s Secret location near you? Simply browse Victoria’s Secret near me and find a comprehensive list of Victoria’s Secret stores in close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on this famed brand? Read on for facts, trivia, and brand secrets. You might just learn something new to share!

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Victoria’s Secret Near Me – Victoria’s Secret Trivia

True or false: Victoria’s Secret was inspired by an awkward underwear buying experience.

Anyone who has shopped for lingerie at a speciality store has likely had more than one awkward experience. This is especially true for men trying to pick up something for the woman in their life. While everyone has had some weird experiences when it comes to lingerie, was the Victoria’s Secret brand actually inspired by one? Consider this as you search Victoria’s Secret near me. According to brand insiders, Victoria’s Secret founder Roy Raymond was first inspired to open up his own lingerie shop after a truly awkward department store experience. While trying to buy lingerie for his wife, Raymond was faced with racks of floral print nylon nightgowns and garish terry cloth robes. He also felt like an unwelcome sight to the female saleswoman working the floor. Upon having this experience Raymond decided to open a shop that was devoted to selling upscale lingerie in an atmosphere that felt inviting to both men and women. With a vision in mind, Raymond opened the first store in Palo Alto, California in 1977. The rest is lingerie history!

victoria's secret near me

Victoria’s Secret is known for it’s impressive lingerie and bombastic presentations.

Who is “Victoria” of Victoria’s Secret?

With a name like “Victoria’s Secret” you might wonder from time to time who this “Victoria” woman is and why she’s so secretive. Well, if you’ve ever pondered the existence of a mysterious Victoria, you’re not alone. So is there a real life Victoria? Simply put: no. After coming up with the idea for Victoria’s Secret in the 1970s, Roy Raymond picked the moniker “Victoria’s Secret” because he felt as if the name complimented the store’s classy and chic English inspired interior. The first store had dark wood, lush oriental rugs, and silk drapery hanging from the windows and walls. The store was refined from the outside, yet holding a sexy secret on the inside. There is no real life Victoria or even a woman who inspired the namesake, but there are still a few secrets being harbored by this popular brand.

True or false: Victoria’s Secret once had fake headquarters.

If you’re searching Victoria’s Secret near me, then you know the brand has gone to great lengths to keep up a particular image. But just how far was the brand once willing to go? In keeping up with its very upscale and British influenced image, the company once boasted a fake address as the location of its headquarters. In fact, it wasn’t uncommon to find the address, “no. 10 Margaret Street, London” posted on your catalogue. Weirdly enough, the address was a total fake and the company’s headquarters were actually based in Columbus, Ohio. Perhaps, Ohio just didn’t feel quite as glamorous.

Victoria’s Secret Near Me – Victoria’s Secret Facts

Shoplifters Love Victoria’s Secret

Everyone loves Victoria’s Secret, but possibly no one loves this chain more than a serial shoplifter. Consider this as you search Victoria’s Secret near me. According to statistics, Victoria’s Secret store are frequently the target of both petty thieves and large scale shoplifting operations. More so than any other store at the brand’s price point. From the year 2007 up until 2014, shoplifters reportedly lifted more than $20,000 worth of merchandise from a Fairfield, Connecticut location. In Florida, one thieving mastermind made a reported $53,000 by selling stolen Victoria’s Secret underwear online. Why is it so easy to steal from a Victoria’s Secret? Well, while it might not be simple to lift a padded bra, everything else in the store is pretty tiny and without bulky security tags. A pair of panties could easily be slipped into someone’s front pocket or even slipped under a shirt. Of course, a really savvy thief could even wear the merchandise out of the store.

An Upcharge For Bigger Sizes?

Here’s one thing to consider if you’re searching Victoria’s Secret near me. According to some brand insiders most locations will up charge women who need a larger size. Apparently women who require larger cup sizes will pay up to $4 more for a bra than a woman who fits into a traditional size A-D. This has lead to a bit of controversy from women of all sizes, the argument being that someone who needs a larger size should not be penalized by having to pay a heftier price. Others argue that a larger bra requires more material and therefore should come at a slightly higher cost than one that requires very little. Where do you stand on this argument?

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Need a little bit of inspiration before your next Victoria’s Secret shopping trip? Try watching the now famous Victoria’s Secret fashion show. This glamorous fashion show first debuted in 1995 and is considered the fashion world’s Super Bowl event. Some estimate that viewers tune into the show from more than 180 countries and territories all over the world. The show is always a guaranteed ratings boom, so much so that network CBS pays Victoria’s Secret for the rights to air the event every December. Set your DVR before searching Victoria’s Secret near me!

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