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Staying healthy and feeling good often requires more work than we’d like it to. Luckily, stores such as Vitamin Shoppe exist to help guide us in the right direction. From expert advice on vitamins and supplements, to a wide range of products of weight loss and management, it has never been more simple to stay fit and feel healthy.

Are you interested in finding a Vitamin Shoppe location near you? Simply browse Vitamin Shoppe near me on the map below and find a list of Vitamin Shoppe locations near you. Need a bit more information on Vitamin Shoppe? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and history on this healthful store!

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Vitamin Shoppe Near Me – Vitamin Shoppe Trivia

When was Vitamin Shoppe first founded?

While it may seem like Vitamin Shoppe has enjoyed a long and storied history, the store is technically still fairly young in its history. Consider these facts as you search Vitamin Shoppe near me. Jeffrey Horowitz first opened Vitamin Shoppe in 1977. The first store was located on the East Coast in New York City. The goal was to create a one stop shop for health conscious individuals to procure quality vitamins and supplements at prices that weren’t out of reach for the average working guy or gal. Growth was initially quite slow for the brick and mortar locations, but with the 1980s, other sales entities were booming. In 1981 the brand published its first catalog for mail order sales. This helped to keep the company afloat all while maintaining its market share. In 10 years, the corporation boasted 10 stores, all located within the New York City area. It wasn’t until the 1990s that it began expanding into the brand we all know and love today.

vitamin shoppe near me

Vitamin Shoppe is a mecca for the health savvy individual.

What allowed Vitamin Shoppe to be successful?

Like so many brick and mortar stores that floundered, the internet was a make or break invention. Luckily the internet boom that occurred in the 1990s helped Vitamin Shoppe to achieve its goals, launching its first ecommerce store 1998. At the time, physical growth was rather slow. Vitamin Shoppe only added 38 stores in 20 years and had failed to establish itself as a multi-channel retailer though it did enjoy a high customer lifetime value. The customers who did shop at the brand were in love with their personalized catalogs. It was this customer loyalty that kept Vitamin Shoppe from becoming obsolete during its infancy. With the addition of a web store, Vitamin Shoppe finally began to flourish. The brand has actually enjoyed the greatest amount of growth in recent years, particularly between 2009 and 2014. Currently the company has 500 stores and is continuously expanding into new markets and countries. As you search Vitamin Shoppe near me, think about what’s important to you in a vitamin store.

Vitamin Shoppe Near Me – Vitamin Shoppe Facts

The Greatest Challenge

Much like many niche stores that are in a specific market, the major challenge that Vitamin Shoppe faces every year is maintaining it’s piece of the pie. Keeping market share isn’t simple in the age of Amazon and big box stores. Other corporations realize a need for immediate supplements, fast delivery, and nutrition, which allows them to offer lower prices. While there are plenty of options in the vitamin world, the primary advantage of Vitamin Shoppe is that its brick and mortar locations are two thirds larger than GNC locations. Consumers crave spacious stores without the clutter or overwrought end caps. They want the ability to peruse at their leisure without sorting through a lot of junk along the way. This approach to physical retail has always served Vitamin Shoppe well. Not only are customers happier, but the extra space allows for an increased assortment of products, which also allows Vitamin Shoppe to sell its goods at a lower cost due to the volume of sales. Stores such as GNC are often much smaller, cluttered, and difficult to navigate. They also don’t boast the product numbers of a typically Vitamin Shoppe. As you search Vitamin Shoppe near me, think about what’s important to you in a physical store. Did you choose Vitamin Shoppe for convenience of because of size and selection?

Educating the Masses

A great thing you’ll learn about Vitamin Shoppe near me is that they strive to not just offer healthy products but to help individuals lead a healthier lifestyle. In an attempt to educate and inform, Vitamin Shoppe has created the What’s Good Blog. The What’s Good Blog is chock full of information on fitness, health, nutrition, weight loss, and even beauty. The point of the blog is to connect readers to quality and verified information. In a world where anyone can put a fact or write an article on the internet, knowing the source of your information is often half the battle. Visiting the What’s Good blog means you’ll have access to up to date and credible information on a healthy lifestyle.

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