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Groceries are an essential part of everyday life, yet, too many grocery stores don’t offer the food options or budget friendly essentials that many individuals are seeking. Vons is the exception to the average grocery store. With variety, affordability, and apps that make shopping easier than ever: Vons has sought to enhance the average grocery store experience to new levels. This western US chain is truly the epitome of grocery stores.

Are you interested in finding a Vons near you? You’re in luck! Simply browse Vons near me on the map below and find a list of Vons locations near you. Need a bit more information on Vons? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and history on Vons grocery stores.

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What it is the history of Vons Grocery?

On your quest to find a Vons near me you may be wondering how this grocery chain got its start. Like so many stores of this kind, Vons came from humble beginnings. In the early 1900s, downtown Los Angeles more like a small town the city we know and love today. In this small town, Charles Von der Ahe opened a 20 foot wide groceteria on the corner of 7th street and Figueroa with the simple $1,200 he had in savings. The small store was a neighborhood staple, catering to the needs of local families and hometown folks. Von der Ahe pioneered a method known as “cash and carry” which was an ideal alternative to the “charge and delivery” services most grocery stores carried at the time. His cash and carry method proved successful, with many individuals favoring a hands on approach in which they could quickly pick up groceries and pay with the cash they had on hand. By 1928, Vons expanded to include 87 stores. Charles Von der Ahe, sold the chain in 1929, but four years later, in the midst of the depression, his two sons Ted and Will re-started Vons.

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Not only does Vons boast spacious stores with lots of parking, but their selection is unbeatable!

When did Vons open its most ambitious store?

When Ted and Will Von der Ahe restarted Vons, it experienced non-stop growth and innovation for 70 years. However, it was in 1948 that the brothers opened their most ambitious and state of the art store on the corner of Santa Barbara and Crenshaw in Los Angeles. Thanks to the still fledgling introduction of pre-packaged foods, the brothers were able to offer self service produce, a meat department, and a deli department. This marked the advent of the first true supermarket. Not only did this location hearken to the grocery stores we know today, but it established the chain and lead to explosive periods of growth during the 1970’s. At this time Vons branched out to include 159 stores and 16,000 employees. The growth made Vons the #1 grocery retailer in all of Southern California. In 1996, Safeway acquired a 35% stake in Vons, with the two companies merging fully in 1997. Vons currently stretches from San Diego to Fresno, from Clark County, Nevada to the. Millions are served by the 273 stores peppered throughout Southern California and Nevada.

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Continuous Growth and Innovation

If you’re searching Vons near me, then you are probably familiar with the chains epic take on marketing. Vons prides itself on including a marketing area that comprises some of the most affluent, culturally mixed, and affluent communities in the United States. And just how does a grocery store reach these communities? Through innovation and a lot of creativity. Not only has the Vons strategy always been to provide for the needs and wants of these communities by offering the highest quality goods and produce at competitive prices, but the chain has sought to continuously keep up with the changing needs of the public. As Southern California changes, so does Vons. Vons even allocates resources to insure a continuous pace of replacement stores and remodels to keep the Vons experience as fresh and exciting as ever.

Enhancing the Grocery Shopping Experience

Face it, grocery shopping can feel far from exciting most days. Mostly, it just feels like another chore to conquer and check off the to-do list. Vons knows that there are many things you would rather be doing than pacing the aisle of a grocery store, which is why the brand tries to enhance the shopping experience for a more pleasant and convenient environment. Vons has introduced its shoppers to services such as banking, one hour photo centers, professional pharmacies, dry cleaners, and customer service kiosks which offer copying and faxing. In offering a number of resources, Vons is helping you to reduce the number of stops that you have to make each day. Vons has also never forgotten it’s roots. With a commitment to quality and variety, almost every Vons store offers a full service deli, fresh from scratch bakeries, and complete floral departments. Vons has also begun to offer Safeway Select; a line of premium quality products that encompasses over 1200 private label items. Aside from offering a large variety of goods, Vons is also one of the only major grocers to deliver in many major US cities and suburban areas. Customers can easily order at any time from their home office using the website or Vons mobile app. If you’re searching Vons near me, consider all of the ways in which this grocer is seeking to optimize your shopping experience.

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