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The local drugstore is no longer a place to simply pick up medications or a first aid kit. They’re one stop shops to help you keep your home running smoothly and without a hitch. For decades, Walgreens has been more than just a pharmacy. It has been a cornerstone of the communities in which it serves. Whether you need paper towels and vitamins or Halloween candy and soda pop, you can get everything on your list at a Walgreens. Ready to find a Walgreens near you? Simply browse Walgreen near me on the map below and find a list of locations in your local area. Need a bit more information on the Walgreens brand. Read on for facts, trivia, and insight into what makes this retailer what it is today!

Walgreen Near Me – Find it on the Map

Walgreen Near Me – Walgreen Trivia

How many Walgreens are in the world?

Think of Walgreens like your local corner store in the modern day. They offer more than just great prescription prices. Instead, they strive to offer you all of your household needs in a quick and convenient way. Just how many Walgreens are there in the world? Probably more than you thought! As of June 28, 2018, Walgreens operates around 9,800 drugstores in all 50 states, including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Of course, if you search Walgreen near me and can’t find a location in your area, there’s always Walgreens.com!

Are CVS and Walgreens the same?

Though Walgreens and CVS operate in a very similar fashion, they are not one in the same. Sure, they are both pharmacies that sell household goods, food, and toiletries, but these two retail giants are in no way affiliated with one another. Walgreens is an entirely separate entity and one that focuses more on being a “total package” kind of pharmacy. Walgreens sees itself as a place of convenience. Somewhere you can get cheaply priced paper towels while stopping for a gallon of milk. They boast amazing prices that are competitive with local grocery stores and strive to offer store brand items that can compete with any national brand. While you search Walgreen near me, keep in mind that Walgreens and CVS are not the same brand, they just utilize similar business models.

walgreen near me

From prescriptions to makeup, you can find it all at Walgreens!

Is Walgreens cheaper than Walmart?

Walmart as often known as the retail giant whose prices can’t be beat. Ever heard someone say “you should try Walmart” in regards to buying an item at a lower price? That’s because Walmart tends to run the market on cheap mass goods. However, not everything is cheaper at Walmart and to compete with this mega retailer, brands such as Walgreens have had to remain competitive in pricing. In a recent study, Walgreens proved to have the best prices on a total of three of the items being purchased. CVS was only cheaper than Walmart on one product. Still, Walmart proved cheaper for a majority of products looked at, especially toiletries and household snacks. Head to Walmart for major savings on a big shopping trip. Search Walgreen near me when you need something quick for around the house right now and want to save a few cents from the grocery store.

Walgreen Near Me – Walgreen Facts

What year was Walgreen’s opened?

Walgreens might not seem like an older chain with deep American roots, but this brand dates well back to the early 1900s. Charles R. Walgreen, the brands founder and namesake, first purchased a Chicago drugstore where had once worked as a pharmacist back in 1901. With this purchase, he started the Walgreen pharmacy chain. He was energetic and enthusiastic to bring his brand of drugstore to the masses. This soon lead to massive expansions into several states and larger cities. One of the things that Walgreens did early on that other drugstore chains did not was manufacturing their own line of drug products. This ensured high quality and the lowest possible prices for consumers.

True or false: Walgreens invented the Malted milkshake.

When you think of the 1940s or 1950s, does the thought of a group of school kids sipping on a malted milkshake at the drugstore counter come to mind? You might think that the popular and iconic malted milkshake was first conceptualized at a diner or drive in, but Walgreens is actually responsible for this great invention. Walgreens takes full credit for inventing the malted milkshake. The milkshake was such a success that customers often stood three and four deep around the soda fountain just to get their hands on a “double-rich chocolate malted milk.” If only you could get a malted milk after searching Walgreen near me today!

A non-profit drug store?

In the modern media, we often hear of drug stores and pharmaceutical companies being greedy or using the ailments of the masses to profit. Well, it wasn’t always this way and Walgreens was one of the first to set a different kind of standard in business. Back in 1943, Walgreens opened the very first nonprofit drug store. The 6,000 foot business was located in the pentagon. All of the profits from the store went right into the Pentagon Post Restaurant Council which supervised food service in the complex. The store operated well into the 1980s. If only more nonprofit drug stores would pop up today! You might feel a little better about spending your money and searching walgreen near me.

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