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Whether you’re suffering from the common cold or in need of some snacks, Walgreens has America covered in terms of household needs. As the largest drugstore chain the United States in terms of sales, Walgreens prides itself on being a one stop shop for the consumer in a hurry. They also boast 13% of all prescription sales in the United States. Interested in finding a Walgreen’s location? With over 8,177 stores in the US alone, finding a Walgreens near you should be a breeze. Simply browse “Walgreens near me” on the map below and find a location in your neighborhood!

Originating in 1901 in the South Side of Chicago, Charles R. Walgreen had the noble notion of building a pharmacy for the people. By 1909, Walgreen had acquired a second location and by 1915 there were a total of five Walgreen’s drugstores. In the beginning, Walgreen offered luncheon service and soda fountains at his six unique locations. He also began to make his own line of drug products, an innovation that quickly set him apart from the pack.

Today, Walgreens prides itself on offering its own line of household products, pet products, and snack products. Find a Walgreens near you and discover just how convenient your friendly neighborhood drugstore can be.

Wallgreens Near Me – Find it on the Map

Wallgreens Near Me – Wallgreens Trivia

What was the name of the official chain of Walgreen’s restaurants?

When browsing Walgreens near me, you might not be thinking about dinner, but at a point in the 1970s, Walgreens took a stab at offering free standing restaurants to its pharmacy patrons. Dubbed as Wag restaurants, these family style restaurants were open 24 hours a day and sought to bring families together over a solid meal. While Wag restaurants ultimately fizzled out, Walgreen’s expansion was anything but a dud. Throughout the 70’s and 80’s, the chain opened hundreds of locations throughout the US.

wallgreens near me

Many Walgreens locations keep late hours and a few even operate 24 hours a day. With Walgreens, convenience is the name of the game.

True or false: Walgreen’s fills around 894 million prescriptions yearly.

True! In 2015, Walgreens filled a whopping 894 million prescriptions at its 8, 173 store locations throughout the US. Since the beginning, the Walgreen’s family has prided itself in offering a convenient place for the average American consumer to get their prescriptions filled. Offering a prescription savings club, low cost immunizations, and one on one chats with pharmacists; it’s no wonder Walgreens fills more prescriptions than any other pharmacy chain in the US. While searching for Walgreen’s near me, consider just how innovative their prescription process really is. You can even get a prescription refill started online before even stepping foot inside the door.

True or false: The average American citizen lives within five miles of a Walgreens.

While searching Walgreens near me you shouldn’t have any difficulty in finding a location that is convenient to your area. Walgreens prides itself in having locations within five miles of the average American. This means that most consumers have access to unmatched prescription benefits, household items, and friendly informed pharmacists. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself near a Walgreens, be sure to join their Balance Rewards Program where you can earn freebies, coupons, and discounts on top items! Join up and experience the savings that a Walgreens member can truly enjoy.

Wallgreens Near Me – Wallgreens Facts

Walgreens Invented The Malted Milkshake

While you won’t find a Walgreens that offers a milkshake while searching “Walgreens near me,” in 1922, Walgreens was known for its amazing soda fountains and lunch counters. The pharmacy chain is even credited with inventing the now iconic malted milkshake. Made with double rich chocolate malted milk, Walgreens customers reportedly stood three and four deep around the soda fountain consuming the rich and delightful shake. By 1926, Walgreens opened its 100th location, bringing the malted milk shake to the masses!

Walgreens Was The First Pharmacy Chain To Implement Child Resistant Bottles

Long before Walgreens was required by law to offer child resistant bottles, the brand put its prescriptions into containers that were not easily opened by children. In 1968, Walgreens decided to put a focus on child safety and putting families first. The chain has always put a focus on safety, innovation, and offering cutting edge products to its massive range of consumers. In searching “Walgreens near me” we think family safety is certainly something to a consider and one more reason to put Walgreens at the top of your pharmacy list!

Fast Facts About Walgreens

With thousands of locations, finding a Walgreens by browsing the Walgreens near me map should be easy, but first it’s important to get your facts about this pharmacy brand straight. Here are some quick facts about this incredible chain.

1. The typical Walgreen’s store is 14,500 square feet and offers a whopping 18,000 items for sale!

2. Walgreens interacts with 8 million customers in store and online everyday.

3. Walgreens.com launched in 1999, offering consumers a new way to have their pharmacy needs met in a changing world.

4. The average Walgreens store employs 20-25 employees.

5. Alaska received its first Walgreens location in 2009!

6. Walgreens acquired Drugstore.com in 2011.

7. Walgreens boasts 85 million balance reward members. That’s a lot of savings!

8. Walgreens reached a whopping 1 billion in sales in 1975.

9. On November 21, 2013, Walgreens opened its first zero energy store.

10. In 1981, Walgreens launched Intercom, making it the first drugstore chain to connect all its pharmacy departments via satellite.

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