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When you need to get a evaluation of a cold or a shot and you don’t have a family doctor or you don’t want to head to the hospital, your best bet would be to head to a walk-in clinic. All types of walk-in clinics provide basic medical services such as routine vaccinations, evaluations of flu symptoms and treatments for less severe physical injuries. They are best to visit when you can’t visit your primary doctor. If you need to head to a walk-in clinic but you’re not sure of what’s around, just search walk-in clinics near me to find the closest location.

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How many walk-in clinics are there in America?

It’s quite impossible to calculate an exact number when determining everything but it is estimated that is around 11,000 walk-in clinics in America. The type of walk-in clinic that make up the largest percentage happens to be urgent care centers with an estimated 9,000 locations nationwide. The next prevalent type is retail clinics with about 1,443 locations.

walk-in clinics near me

You can expect excellent treatment at most walk-in clinics

What’s the difference between urgent cares and walk-in clinics?

There’s actually quite a difference between the two whether you know it or not. A walk-in clinic were initially intended to serve the people who were uninsured and under insured so they could at least have a basic medical service that was other than hospital emergency room. Walk-in clinics are usually set up to offer treatment for common and rather non-life-threatening conditions such as burns, sprains and minor infections. Some walk-in clinics may also offer vaccinations, pregnancy tests and routine physicals. Walk-in clinics do not take appointments at all.
What an urgent care happens to be is like a walk-in clinic but with enhancements. Urgent cares can treat more serious illnesses and injuries and they can help take off some of the burden of more expensive hospital emergency care services. They also tend to offer extended hours and weekend services. Urgent cares tend to be staffed by physicians and can provide x-rays, administer IVs and treat minor and moderately severe trauma for non-life-threatening conditions.

How popular are they getting?

Walk-in clinics happen to be getting very popular and it’d be no surprised if they put your family doctor out of business. Retail health clinics are now popping up everywhere and you don’t even need an appointment. As more and more patients flood the medical system, especially with new health reform, heading to a retail health clinic or urgent care may be your best bet. If you’re in need of some non-life-threatening medical care, search walk-in clinics near me to head to your closest location to get checked out.

Walk-In Clinics Near Me – Walk-In Clinics Facts

In 2012, urgent care centers had an average of about 357 patient visits per week which is about more than 160 million visits annually for all urgent care centers combined. The convenience of urgent cares are not lost to people. Sixty-nine percent of urgent care centers have wait times of usually less than twenty minutes while twenty-eight percent have wait times somewhere between 21 minutes and 40 minutes and three percent have a wait of more than 40 minutes.

The median compensation range for urgent care physicians is around $170,000 to $179,000.
Visiting an urgent care over an emergency room will definitely save you quite a bit of money. A study shows that while it may cost you $166 at a physician office and around $570 for an emergency room visit, it only cost about $156 to visit an urgent care center.

While physicians at urgent cares can prescribe most medicines, they can’t prescribe every type. Many urgent care clinics have their own pharmacy so they’re able to prescribe medications like antibiotics, short-term pain medications, one-time maintenance medications, allergy and asthma medications, antiviral medications and medications for stomach conditions.

While visiting an urgent care center can really help you out, it should not replace primary care. It should only be used when you’re not able to see your primary doctor. A study has shown that most millennials and younger Gen-Xers were more likely to rely on urgent care than primary care. Again, it’s best to have a primary doctor to look after you on a regular basis instead of relying on the medical attention of a urgent care center. If you can’t head to your primary doctor and need to get checked out, just search walk-in clinics near me to find the closest location.
It has been shown that two percent of patients who end up visiting an urgent care facility will need to be transferred to an emergency room.

Most current urgent care centers and retail walk-in clinics have been around in operation for about seven years.

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