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Few things can bring as much contentment and peace as hitting a walking trail to get a daily dose of nature. Not only has walking been proven to strengthen your muscles and improve overall health, but spending time in nature has also been proven to reduce depression and anxiety.

Are you interested in finding walking trails near you? Simply browse walking trails near me now on the map below and find a list of walking trails located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on walking trails and their many benefits? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Walking Trails Near Me Now- Walking Trails Trivia

True or false: Exposure to plants in parks can boost immunity.

There are a ton of benefits to getting outside and hitting your local walking trail, but few are as important or as puzzling as the concept of plants boosting immunity. Consider this scientific study as you search walking trails near me now. In a recent series of studies, scientists concluded that when an individual spends time in natural surroundings-such as a forest, park, or any place with plenty of trees- they experience an increase in their immune function. This means that anytime you’re spending time in a green space, you’re also helping to boost your immunity and ability to naturally overcome illness. The reason behind the immune boost? Plants emit phytoncides, airborne chemicals that are produced by the plants so that they can protect themselves from rotting and from insects that could potentially be drawn to rot. This chemical is also beneficial to humans, providing major benefits to the immune system and overall health. In Japan, people visit forests to partake in a therapeutic practice known as “Shinrin-yoku” which loosely translates to “forest bathers.” Forest bathers take simply walk through forests and take in the natural surroundings.

walking trails near me

A walking trail is a great way to stay in shape and get some much needed time outdoors!

True or false: Sunlight is beneficial to human health.

Odds are when you’re on a long walk or sitting in the sunlight, you feel a warmth wash over you that can quickly translate to happiness. You might think this is just a temporary feeling, but scientists disagree. According to researchers, when sunlight hits the skin, it initiates a process that leads to the creation and activation of vitamin D within the body. That instantaneous good feeling that overcomes you when you sit in the sun is actually a beneficial biological process. Some studies suggest that vitamin D accrued from sunlight can help prevent osteoporosis and certain types of cancers. Other studies have indicated that vitamin d can decrease the risk of heart attack and even boost overall immune function. Of course, the amount of sunlight that you need is all dependent on your skintone. Light skinned individuals only require around 10 minutes of sunlight per day, while darker skinned individuals may need up to 20 minutes of sunlight for the same effect. As you search walking trails near me now, consider how much time you’ll need to spend in the sun in order to reap the benefits of your time outdoors.

Walking Trails Near Me Now – Walking Trails Facts

Need a Happiness Boost? Go For a Walk!

Any doctor or physician will tell you that going for a 30 minute walk each day can provide a whole host of health benefits. From burning calories to building strength, a daily walk can make a huge difference in your overall health. Now some scientists are suggesting that going for a walk and spending time in nature can also boost your mood and help curb symptoms of depression. Participants in the study each spent 30 minutes a day in nature, everyday for 30 days. After the conclusion of the study, participants found a significant increase in their sense of well being, a massive spike in energy, feelings of stress and negativity, less sleep disturbances, a greater feeling of productivity on the job, and an overall feeling of happiness/wellbeing. Spending time outdoors can give a major boost to anyone who needs a lift in mood or just to curb depression, coupling time outdoors with a walk can boast double the benefits. As you search walking trails near me now, consider spending at least 30 minutes a day on your walk. You’ll see instant benefits to your mood and your health!

Inspiring Creativity

Now that you know just how healthful it can be to spend just 30 minutes a day on a walking trail or searching walking trails near me now, it’s time to talk about inspiring creativity. Every now and then, all of us can fall into a creative rut. We feel uninspired and at a loss for ideas. This can lead to a feeling of hopelessness or lack of purpose, especially for those who thrive in a creative practice. What can be done to curb this feeling? According to a 2012 study, those who spent at least four days a week in nature, even if it’s just taking a half hour walk, feel 50% more creative than those who don’t leave the confines of their homes or offices. The study also shows that the benefits aren’t just immediate, but long lasting. Individuals who underwent the study were still experiencing a boost in creativity and inspiration three days after getting away from it all and immersing themselves in nature. The next time you’re experiencing a massive rut in creativity, try spending some time outside. Odds are, you’ll receive a boost in inspiration that will far outlast your walk outside.

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    Who invented the Spruce Shackham Pond Trail? Why not call it the FLT Onondaga Trail that is also the North Country National Scenic Trail. That is who built and maintains it.