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A watch can often be an investment piece if you’re buying the right brand and style. Of course, this makes it important to protect your investment in any way possible, even if it means having your watch professionally repaired.

Are you interested in finding a watch repair facility near you? Simply browse watch repair near me on the map below and find a list of reputable watch repair shops in your area. Need a bit more information on watch repair? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and history on watches.

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Watch Repair Near Me – Watch Repair Trivia

When did watchmaking first begin in the US?

You may think that watchmaking was always around in the US, but that’s simply untrue. Consider these facts as you search Watch repair near me. In the earliest days of the watchmaking industry of the United States, the process was often hampered by a lack of metallurgical skills and the raw materials needed to make watches. Watches couldn’t really be made out of wood, as some of the earliest American clocks were. Because of this, many early American watchmakers were forced to import movements or parts over from England. These imports were disrupted by Jefferson’s embargo of 1807. This gave rise to the first serious attempt of American watch manufacturing with Luther Goddard and Sons out of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Soon after, Henry and James Pitkin became the first duo to attempt a more machine based mass production approach to pocket watches back in 1838. Though they used some imported parts in their watches, they are often credited as being the first American company to use American machine made parts to produce a total watch.

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Having a watch repaired is as simple as searching watch repair near me!

When did American watchmaking hit its stride?

Watch making in the United States didn’t really hit its stride until 1859. This is when the American Watch Company was producing distinctly one of a kind American watches and using very efficient machine based metalworking methods to make them. Their system was partly inspired by swiss models and partly inspired by recent innovations in the realm of American small arms manufacturing. Several more major manufacturers such as Elgin, Adams and Perry. By 1900, the stringent timekeeping demands of the railroads were seeking to shape the characteristics of the American railroad watch and the largest firms of all were producing hundreds of thousands of watches annually. Elgin and Waltham produced a million watches per year in the boom of watchmaking.As you search watch repair near me, consider which brand of watch you’re having repaired. Is it one of the earliest watch brands?

Watch Repair Near Me – Watch Repair Facts

Early American Watch Designs

If you’re searching watch repair near me, you may be wondering what some of the earliest American watch designs actually were. To be frank, early American watch designs were not particularly innovative or glamorous. You may be inclined to picture vintage watches as being very ornate, with engravings or particular designs, but this simply wasn’t the case for many early watch designs. Few new or unfamiliar mechanisms made an appearance in American watches during the early days of watchmaking. Eventually American watchmakers took a variety of watch refinements such as over coil hairsprings, balances, and the complete jeweling of train wheels to set themselves apart. In time these exotic additions became common in watches throughout the world. The earliest watches were typically of a size eighteen or large and often bore a full plate until after 1900. At this point in time the three quarter plate watches became the norm. Smaller calibers and a bar bridge design also emerged with each bridge locating several wheels instead of just one. This pattern turned out to be highly universal during the wristwatch age and continued to be popular throughout much of the early 1900s.

Watches Then and Now

Watches in the modern day come in just about every size, shape, and format. From digital and analog to a full on smart watch. There is no one size fits all watch as there once was. Something to keep in mind as you search watch repair near me is the type of watch you’re trying to have repaired. Does your watch contain any special design elements such as crystals or diamonds? Is your watch part smartwatch? Knowing the type of watch you have is instrumental in finding the right watch repair shop. Certain watch repairmen specialize in particular brands, styles, and types of watches. For example, you wouldn’t take a Fossil smartwatch to an antique Elgin watch repair shop. Odds are the watchmaker would charge you extra just for the time and frustration he would accrue. Just like in anything you’re having repaired, do your research, read online reviews, and consult with friends and family prior to making a commitment.

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