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Since 1964, Wawa food markets have been a staple of east coast neighborhoods and cities from Philadelphia to New York. With low prices, fresh food offerings, and delicious made to order goods; Wawa has earned itself cult status with much of the American public. A trip to Wawa for out of staters is truly an experience worth bragging about.

Are you interested in finding a Wawa near you? Simply browse Wawa near me on the map below and find a Wawa in your area. Looking for a bit more information on this famous food market? Read on for facts, trivia, and little bit of history on this famous convenience store.

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Wawa Near Me – Wawa Trivia

True or false: Wawa’s history stretches back 200 years.

This is true! In your quest to find a Wawa near me, you’ll be surprised to know that even though Wawa didn’t open its first store until 1964, the history of the Wawa name and the people behind it stretches back 200 years. Wawa began in 1803 as a New Jersey iron factor. That’s about as far from food and tasty cakes as you can get. The factor was incorporated in 1865 by the MIllville Manufacturing Company. In 1902, Millville’s owner George Wood owned a milk processing plant in Wawa, Pennsylvania.As the milk delivery business dwindled in the 1960s, Wood’s very innovative grandson noted that customers were doing most of their shopping at supermarkets and believed that Wawa could also distribute it’s products in such a venue. Because of this the first Wawa Food Market (which of course included dairy), opened at 1212 MacDade Boulevard in Folsom, PA on April 16th, 1964. Of course, it still exists and operates to this day!

wawa near me

An old school Wawa before receiving modern cosmetic upgrades.

What does the name Wawa mean?

If you’re searching Wawa near me, you may be wondering how the brand got its unique and often difficult to pronounce name. Per an article in a 1989 Philadelphia Inquirer article on Wawa, the name is the word for goose in a Native American language, specifically the Ojibwa tribe, who settled in the Great Lakes Region. While it was the Lenape tribe that made it’s home closest to the actual Wawa flagship store, the term “Wawa” defined the brand as a whole and their commitment to fresh offerings.

How many made to order hoagies does Wawa sell per year?

Looking for a Wawa in your area in the hopes of grabbing one of their delicious handmade hoagies? You’re not alone. According to Wawa’s statistics, the chain sells an astonishing 60 million made to order hoagies annually in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida. If 60 million hoagies weren’t enough, Wawa also sells 195 million cups of coffee. That’s enough coffee to fill Shamu’s tank at Seaworld more than eleven times over. Wawa’s coffee is a signature proprietary blend that was first introduced in the 1970s and is only available in Wawa stores.

Wawa Near Me – Wawa Facts

Wawa University

If you’re searching Wawa near me in hopes of getting a job at this beloved market, be prepared to attend a few classes at Wawa University. At Wawa University, employees are guided through comprehensive training courses and continuing education programs. Employees learn at Wawa University both on site, and off site. They also learn while on the job, online, and in a traditional classroom setting. Wawa states that the goal of their University program is to meet an employee’s evolving training and educational needs. They seek to allow their employees to grow as people and as workers. From Brand Fundamentals to Career Enhancement, the courses offered at Wawa University give workers the opportunity to strengthen their future and ascertain career goals that will take them well into the future.

The Cult of Wawa

Some movies ascertain cult status, and apparently so do stores. For those who live in a state without a Wawa but have heard of the many amazing things Wawa has to offer, the marketplace has become a goal of sorts. In 2009, two Women from New York (A Wawa-less state), decided to put their love of Wawa to the test. On their quest, they proclaimed that they would visit every Wawa in existence. The chain also has a few celebrity fans including Jackass star Johnny Knoxville who has a Wawa tattoo.

Saved By Cigarettes

Though Wawa may be one of the most beloved chains on the east coast now, the famed brand did hit a few bumps in the road on the way to full on success. What managed to keep the brand afloat? Cigarettes. Anyone in the Wawa family would consider the mid-1980s as the dark days of Wawa, as the company quickly lost market share to supermarkets and fast food restaurants in the area. It wasn’t until Wawa began to lower prices on cigarettes to the lowest allowed by state in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania, that sales shot up to pre 1980 highs. While cigarette’s certainly can’t be attributed to the brands success now, they certainly helped to keep the young marketplace alive when the market was oversaturated and tough.

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