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If there’s one thing that can influence how your day is going to go it’s the weather. From how you’re going to dress to what you’re going to drive, the weather can have a massive impact on your day to day life. While weather forecasts aren’t always completely error free, they’re the best guidance we humans have in predicting our world.

Are you interested in discovering what the weather will be like near you today? Simply browse weather near me on the map below and find the conditions predicted for your area. Need a bit more information on weather? Read on for facts and trivia on weather!

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Weather Near Me – Weather Trivia

What do meteorologists call a bad forecast?

If you’re searching weather near me, then you’ve likely dealt with many bad forecasts in your day. In the meteorological world, getting a forecast wrong is considered a “bust.” But make no mistake, not all busts are created equally. If a local forecast calls for a high of 85 degrees F and the temperature only reaches 75 degrees F then that forecast is technically a bust. But it’s hardly a noticeable bust. If a forecast calls for flurries and you wake up to find your car covered under a few feet of snow, that’s a huge bust. Sure, the science of meteorology has come a long way in recent years. Each new advancement and tool helps meteorologist to understand a bit more about our atmosphere which can help them to anticipate the next move. Even so, technology can be wrong. And a few wrong readings can lead to a big old weather bust.

weather near me

Clouds can be a huge indicator of pressure in the air.

True or false: Old weather adages are often true.

This is true! While searching weather near me, look to the sky. Spend some time thinking about what it looks like and then consider a few of the old adages. For example, “red sky at night sailors delight” is fairly reliable, especially for weather systems that come out of the west. “Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning” is also a reliable adage. A red sky is caused by low angle light shining on the dirt and particles that are trapped by high barometric pressure. For high pressure to occur, the air mass need to be pushed down so it’s difficult for clouds to form. Low pressure allows the air mass to expand and for clouds to form and expand more easily. A red sunset typically means that there is a cloud free pressure system coming your way. A red sunrise means a high pressure system has passed and the rain is imminent.

True or false: Birds can be a great indicator of bad weather.

True! If all else fails, look the birds. Bird after all, have the best vantage point of all of us. If birds are seen soaring high up in the sky, then skies are likely to be fair and storm free. In storm systems, the falling air pressure can cause discomfort in birds, thus causing them to fly closer to the ground. If you see a phone line crowded with birds or a huddle of birds on the ground, storms are typically on the way.

Weather Near Me – Weather Facts

Human Error And the Weather

Of course while searching weather near me, you never want to consider the possibility that your local weatherman could get it wrong. Unfortunately human error can often play a rather large role in a failed forecast. Weather models are called “guidance” tools for a very specific reason. While they can give meteorologists an idea of what’s going to happen, it’s up to them to interpret the data and use their knowledge to figure out what’s right and what’s wrong. Because of this,there is a large amount of judgement that goes into predicting a forecast. It’s not uncommon at all for a meteorologist to get one wrong. Whether they’ve misjudged the timing of a warm front or have mistakenly brushed off a pocket of cold air that turned rain into ice. Human error must always be accounted for.

The First Weather report

While searching weather near me, you may be wondering who exactly wrote the first true weather report. The first weather report was considered a work of modern journalism and was issued by Daniel Defoe. Defoe is also the author of Robinson Crusoe. On November 24 1703, Defoe was taking a leisurely stroll in his London neighborhood when he noticed a change in the air. “The wind increased, with squalls of rain, and terrible gusts that blew furiously. The 300 mile wide storm that was approaching would bring utter devastation to London. Throughout the storm Defoe took notes, collected eyewitness accounts, and gathered all of the grim facts into one place. “ He then wrote up a journalistic piece on the storm. Many consider this to be the very first formal weather report.

Fast Weather Facts

Read on few a few lightning fast weather facts while you search weather near me. You won’t be disappointed!

1. Lightning often follows a volcanic eruption

2. The coldest temperature ever officially recorded was -89.2°C. That’s pretty darn cold!

3. A heatwave can actually make train tracks bend!

4. Mild autumn weather often means bigger spiders in our homes.Yikes!

5. In July 2001 the rainfall in Kerala, India, was blood red!

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