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When planning your wedding day, few things are as important as choosing the perfect wedding venue. Not only will your venue serve as the backdrop for all of the day’s festivities, but choosing the right wedding venue means accommodating all of your guests and making sure everyone is having a good time. Since no two wedding venues are created equal, you’ll have to employ a keen eye for detail when it comes to finding the right place for you.

Are you interested in finding wedding venues near your location? You’ve come to the right place! Browse wedding venues near me on the map below and find a list of wedding venues in your area. Need a bit more information on choosing the perfect wedding venue? Read on for tips, trivia, tips and more! You might just discover something to help you plan the perfect day!

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True or false: When booking a wedding venue, you should be flexible with your dates.

Every bride and groom likely has a time of year or date in which they’d prefer to get married. While it’s only natural to envision your big day with the perfect seasonal backdrop, it’s important to be flexible with your dates when you book a wedding venue, especially if you’re on a budget. Consider this as you search wedding venues near me. Wedding planning gurus agree, that date flexibility is key when saving money and still getting what you want out of a venue. Most venues will charge a much higher premium for weddings that take place on Saturday evenings. You can instantly save yourself some money by booking a wedding on any other day of the week. Thursday and Friday evenings are climbing in popularity as more and more brides are looking to get hitched on a budget. You can also save a sizable chunk should you book on the Sunday before a holiday. Savings aside, your guests also won’t be tasked with taking the day off of work. Be aware, some venues will charge more as they become privy to this trend. Your wedding venue will also cost substantially less if you choose to book during a non-popular season for the area you’re considering getting married in. For example, if you’re in a region with all four seasons, you’ll save some major dough if you choose to book your wedding in March or April rather than June or July.

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Finding the perfect wedding venue can make your day all the more magical.

True or false: Many wedding venues charge hidden fees.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a wedding venue and sticking to a budget, but there are also some hidden fees to take into consideration. As you search wedding venues near me, consider the hidden fees that many wedding venues will charge you. Many wedding venues will often quote you for the total sum of booking the venue, excluding the total cost per person with the 20% service charge or applicable state taxes. This means that the price you are presented with is not actually the price you’ll be paying. Make sure you have your quote include any service charges and taxes right from the start, that way you’ll know what you’re actually going to be paying for. Some venues will also charge for “extras” such as cake cutting, parking, and bringing in your own catering service. Make sure that you know about any extra fees or charges that could be accrued for these simple tasks.

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Advanced Booking Is Best

Given the amount of things that a bride and groom have to do before saying “I do,” it’s easy for tasks to pile up and fall to the wayside. Most couples put off booking their wedding venue until other aspects of the nuptials are taken care of. This can be a costly mistake. Dates at wedding venues tend to book up much more quickly than most people anticipate. If you know you’re going to go with a certain venue, don’t wait until the last minute to book, even if you’re having a long engagement. Instead, book your venue as early as possible. If you can swing it, try and book the venue a year or so before the actual wedding. Since prices tend to jump from year to year, booking ahead will save you some much needed dough. In most cases, you can expect 15-20% in savings by simply booking way in advance. Keep in mind, the dates will be firm after you’ve signed a venue contract. You won’t be able to switch or back out at the last minute without paying a hefty cancellation fee or the total cost of the venue for the day. As you search wedding venues near me, consider booking early.

Don’t Fear Negotiating

There’s a common misconception that negotiating or haggling a price somehow makes one seem cheap or frugal. In reality, negotiating is simply in one’s best interests, especially when it comes to booking a wedding venue. Consider this as you search wedding venues near. Almost every wedding venue has a set amount that they need to fulfill for a particular date, which can be influenced based on how many guests you will have attending your reception. If you offer to negotiate the minimum number of guests to a higher total, many venues will knock down your price per palate, especially if you are 100% certain you can fill a certain number of seats. You can also try and haggle with a sales rep by letting them know what your price range is. After they’re aware of your budget, ask if you can subtract extras such as seat covers in order to hit that number. This can be especially useful if you’re getting married during an off season or slow time of year. Keep in mind that if you’re getting married at a popular venue or in an a high demand season, you’re probably going to have to pay whatever the venue is charging per person. Don’t fear negotiating or asking for what you want after searching wedding venues near me.

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