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With over 9,000 locations and offices in all 50 states and over 12,000 ATMS, the Wells Fargo brand has more stores in communities than any other US bank. With excellent customer service, cutting edge security technology, and low fee accounts; Wells Fargo has truly made themselves a bank for the people.

Interested in finding a Wells Fargo location in your area? Simply browse Wells Fargo near me and discover the closest Wells Fargo to your current location. Need a bit more information on this banking brand? Read on for fast facts, trivia, and statistics on one of America’s oldest banking chains.

Wells Fargo Near Me – Find it on the Map

Wells Fargo Near Me – Wells Fargo Trivia

True or false: Wells Fargo did not begin as a bank.

While searching Wells Fargo near me, you might be wondering just how this giant in the financial world came to be. Well astonishingly enough, when Wells Fargo was founded, banking was of secondary importance. The company first found its footing in 1852 to provide delivery services to people during the California Gold Rush. The brand acquired many stagecoach lines and even purchased the remains of the once storied Pony Express. The operation ran between St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento California. It was eventually rendered obsolete by the transcontinental telegraph line in 1861.

wells fargo near me

Wells Fargo still holds onto its history by including a nod to their stagecoach days in every one of their banking entrances in the US.

True or False: Wells Fargo was the victim of many robberies early on.

Sure, it might be a stereotype that banks are often held up, but Wells Fargo knows first hand just how wild banking can be. During the early years of this banking chain, holdups and robberies were a major threat. By 1884, its stagecoaches and trains were robbed a whopping 340 times, leading ot the deaths of 16 robbers and six employees. Eventually, the brand hired its own security team to meet the threat head on. Nowadays, technology has rendered such big threats pretty much obsolete for the brand.

True or False: Wells Fargo volunteers 1.23 million hours to various charities every year.

It’s always reassuring to know when searching Wells Fargo near me that not all banks are bad. In fact, Wells Fargo prides itself on being pretty darn good. The chain volunteers a massive 1.23 million hours to various charities and community projects throughout the US every year. Whether their helping fund a playground or helping to grow a neighborhood, Wells Fargo knows that communities are nothing without the backbone of the business community to support them. The brand has always put an emphasis on community first.

How many customers bank with Wells Fargo online?

While you might be searching Wells Fargo near me, some customers are simply logging into their computers for their banking needs. In fact, Wells Fargo’s online banking services boast 22 million users. Of those 22 million customers, 10 million are logging in with a mobile device rather than a traditional computer. The future shows itself everyday. While there is something to be said about the convenience of online banking, you simply can’t beat the personal interaction one can have with their bank and the reassurances they can provide.

Wells Fargo Near Me – Wells Fargo Facts

The Biggest Lender In The US

Whether you’re searching Wells Fargo near me to have your lending needs met or you just need to hit up an ATM, you can rest assured in knowing that Wells Fargo is the largest lender in the US. Among the 70 million customers of Wells Fargo, it is the primary choice for obtaining loans of all kinds; including student loans, mortgages and automobile loans.

Warren Buffet And Wells Fargo

Even though Wells Fargo is owned by a massive variety of shareholders due to its common stock, a vast majority of the company’s stocks are owned by noted billionaire and businessman Warren Buffet. In fact, Buffett owns an amazing 463 million of the company’s shares. That values his stake in the company at roughly $19.8 billion dollars. We think Buffet will be just fine financially for the foreseeable future (actually forever).

Fast Facts About Wells Fargo

When searching to find a Wells Fargo near me, you might want to know some fast facts about this financial company. Ready to wow your friends with some epic information? Read on for some fast facts about this iconic bank.

  • Wells Fargo was established in New York on March 18, 1852.
  • Wells Fargo is the number one small business lender in the US. They’ve been dedicated to helping American’s fulfill every dream, big and small.
  • Wells Fargo is currently headquartered in San Francisco, CA
  • Over 80% of Wells Fargo’s deposit-customer interactions are self-service.
  • Wells Fargo has achieved 14 consecutive quarters of earnings growth. That’s nothing to sneeze at!
  • Wells Fargo has over 70 million customers and serves one in three U.S. households.
  • Wells Fargo has a retail store or an ATM within two miles of nearly one half of the population of the United States.
  • One in 10 small businesses does business with Wells Fargo.
  • Wells Fargo is the largest residential mortgage originator and servicer, funding nearly one in four domestic mortgages .
  • Wells Fargo is the third largest full service retail brokerage.

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