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Looking for a classic burger? Maybe you want some fries or a frosty. Well, you can get it all at your local Wendy’s. Just take a look at your Wendy’s Near Me Map below. It will show you all of the Wendy’s in your area for you to check out.

Just click on a location and it will tell you the address of the restaurant, the phone number and the hours of operation. You will also be able to find reviews, just in case there is something you need to know about the place, and a link to the company website. You will also be able to get directions with a few clicks, so you can be on your way to a nice and hot meal.

Wendy’s Near Me – Find it on the Map

Wendy’s Near Me – Wendy’s Trivia

Wendy’s Hours of Operation

You will find that Wendy’s has a wide range of hours between the different locations. Most locations open at 10am, but there are a few that open as early as 7am. In a few rare cases, there are some that open as early as 5am. You can also find a range of closing time, depending on the area, it may close as early as 10pm or as late as 2am. Friday and Saturday evenings, most locations tend to be open a bit later for those who are enjoying the night. If you are really lucky, you will be in an area that has a 24 hour location.

wendy's near me

Wendy’s can be found all over the world. It’s square burgers are popular everywhere, so even in Japan you will be able to enjoy your Frosty.

Wendy’s History

The first Wendy’s restaurant was opened in Columbus, Ohio in 1969. The restaurant was created by Dave Thomas, after being inspired by a restaurant in his hometown. The restaurant inspired him to use square burger patties, that allow the customers to easily see the meat they are eating, and the thick milkshake that Thomas adopted as the Frosty. It only took one year before a second location was opened within Columbus. Following that, the company started to grow and expand quickly.

In 1972, the company started it’s first television commercials, titled “C’mon to Wendy’s”, which were aired in Columbus. In the same year, the company started franchising, getting stores to open within Indianapolis, Indiana.

In 1975, the company made its first jump internationally, opening a location in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The following year the company made 2 other major developments. It celebrated its 500th location in Toronto, Ontario. The company also started offering its shares publicly, offering only 1 million shares at $28 a piece.

In 1977, the company put out its first national network commercial broadcast, aiming itself to be in a position to become a national brand. The following year, the company celebrated its 1,000th store opening in Springfield, Tennessee. It only took 2 more years to double that number.

Today, the company has made several large changes. In 2008, the company merged with Arby’s, this was a merger that it has still maintained, after its failed merger with Tim Hortons, the Canadian Coffee Shop that it had merged with for eleven years until breaking up in 2006. In 2010, the company started offering entrée salads, to expand upon its previous salad bar offer.
Today you will find over 6,500 locations worldwide for Wendy’s, so you should easily be able to find one when you search Wendy’s Near Me.

Wendy’s Near Me – Wendy’s Facts

Wendy’s Facts and Trivia

Wendy’s has developed a major share in the fast food restaurant and an even bigger one in the burger industry. Here are some amazing facts about the company to enjoy.

1. The original Wendy’s store location in Columbus, Ohio, which opened in 1969, managed to stay open for 38 years, but finally closed in 2007. It had previously had financial difficulties and added a Tim Horton’s to the location to help it out, but when the two companies separated that didn’t keep helping it anymore. So, the company finally let it close.

2. Wendy’s was the first major fast food chain to offer the 99 cent value menu, back in 1989. Burger King and McDonalds adopted it later on. Back when it was first offered, you could get your 5 nuggets or maybe a Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe for just 99 cents. The menu had 7 items at only 99 cents that you could select from.

3. Are you feeling really hungry? Well, Wendy’s has a secret menu item that you may want to try. It is called the Home Run Burger, and comes in as a one pound beef patty for you to try and tackle. So, be sure to give it a try if you are really hungry.

4. David Thomas started his franchise experience before opening Wendy’s. He started off as the owner and manager of a KFC franchise in Ohio before branching out into the burger market. He also was the one to suggest that Coronel Sanders appear in the KFC commercials, where he has made many appearances since.

5. One of Wendy’s breakthroughs was the introduction of the Drive Thru window, that actually works well, back in 1971. The difference that they added was a separate grill dedicated to the drive thru to help speed it up and centralize the labor for that window.

6. One of Wendy’s most famous commercials came about in 1984 when it created the catch phrase “Where’s The Beef?” To argue that with their burgers you were always able to see it nice and clearly sticking out of the bun with its square sides.

7. Wendy’s is a hugely international restaurant with over 6,500 locations around the world. You can get your baconator in 30 countries. So, no matter where you search Wendy’s Near Me from you are bound to find one close enough to visit.

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